"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Balancing Act: Autumnal Equinox & The New Moon in Libra

  Welcome to the official start of Fall! The Sun moved out of the mutable Earth sign Virgo yesterday and into cardinal Air - Libra. As you may know, Virgo is an analytical sign that thrives on orderliness, whether in the home, office or intestines. Virgos strive for perfection while wanting to be helpful at the same time. When the Sun moves through this territory, we need to avoid letting criticism destroy any progress made, especially when directed at others.  Now that the solar energy has progressed from organization (Virgo), into the sign of balance (Libra), it's time to stop fretting over any unfinished or inconsequential details while we work with others to achieve harmony. 

  Venus, planetary energy of beauty, love and attraction, just moved into Libra, where she has ruler-ship and  will remain until Oct. 8th, lending a lovely air of refined enjoyment to the weeks ahead. Remember that Venus operates on the principles of attraction and receptivity so it is important to notice what it is you are attracting by the people and opportunities that appear now. How do they nurture you or help you to identify what you truly value?

  Fairness, beauty and sociability are hallmarks of  Libran energy and this active Air sign will exert great effort  to improve their environment or maintain equilibrium. It is important for them to enlist the aid of partners and friends to achieve the desired outcome especially if their project affects others. The easy-going and diplomatic nature of Libra can mask an aggressive side if things aren't going their way and when this happens, the more refined side of Libra retreats while they try to tip the scales back into balance the way they see fit! This is not an issue for the more indecisive Librans who are afraid to upset the harmony around them and may miss the opportunity to make something happen.

  With the Libran influence, there are always two points of view and it's important to listen to both sides of an issue. It is true that life can be like a seesaw, sometimes up, sometimes down, but Libra's job is to strive for and maintain that place of perfect balance found at the fulcrum. The difficult part is when we go back and forth getting first this viewpoint, then that one, over and over and not coming to some still point. When we get stuck there it is sometimes helpful to visit Libra's polarity, Aries and just "just do it" whatever 'it' is. We'll know real soon if we're headed in the right direction by the signs appearing in front of us; sometimes the momentum of making a decision is all we need to get us going again! 

   Monday finds us in a long void-of-course Moon phase as the Moon leaves Virgo for it's rendezvous on Tuesday with the Sun in Libra at the New Moon. Not the best way to begin a work week... on the dark side of the moon... a void-of-course moon... at the darkest time of the month... oh, what is a sentient being to do?! Why, lay low, of course, or finish things that need completing, or clean your desk, pantry or closets, for heavens' sake!! Whatever you do, don't ask anyone for anything new, or start a new project, or begin an important phase in a newish relationship or career goal.

   Oh, and don't get too excited about the Libra New Moon bringing all kinds of harmony Tuesday because the planetary aspects only highlight the need for balance... it doesn't show up on our doorstep without "issues" just because we'd like it too! Sorry folks, but my usual upbeat Sagittarian nature also generates truth-seeking and looking at the bigger picture. So, while we have the month ahead to focus on relationships and partnerships, whether personal or otherwise, the first relationship we need to put into balance is with the Self.  Little self meet big Self... how do you do?! What is your role in the scheme of things? Are you listening to yourself, living your truth, sharing with others, going out into the world honestly and with integrity?

   The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 5 degrees of Libra is "A Man Teaching The True Inner Knowledge of The New World to His Students". This symbol is filled with incredible meaning and I am going to offer you a link here to Lynda Hill's Sabian Symbols so that you may read about all that is involved at this New Moon and can plant your seeds accordingly. Just click on the above link to read more about it.

   The "issues" I was talking about on Tuesday, occur with some challenges to the Sun,(will, power, life-force) and Moon,(personality, subconscious, instinctual nature) in Libra from powerful Pluto, planet of transformation and also from Uranus, the planet of extremes and unexpected changes. Being as balanced and centered as you can be, beginning now, would be the best way to deal with the storms swirling around you. Some of these storms involve communication with loved ones or people you have agreements with. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, Mercury(communication and interacting) being very close to the Moon first opposes Uranus for off-the-wall ideas or sudden insights, then close to the Sun on Wednesday when he (Sun) squares off with Pluto for control of what you regard as your constitutional rights, pun intended. Watch out for the words coming out of your mouth if you're not ready to get into a power struggle over truth, justice and ... well, you know ... what you consider as your individual rights.

  Strive for balance, play fair and cherish your relationships, while remembering to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

On This Harvest Moon~

 The Full Moon occurs at 5:27am tomorrow - Monday, September 12th, with the Moon in the 20th degree of Pisces. As reinterpreted by Dane Rudhyar, the Sabian Symbol for this degree of the zodiac is a table set for an evening meal, which congers up the anticipation of meeting with others for nourishment. Further examination of this symbolism suggests fulfillment from the harvest of one's undertaking. There would be no Full Moon without it's dancing partner, the Sun, which finds itself opposite in the 20th degree of Virgo. The image here is a caravan of cars headed to the west coast implying a process whereby a group of persons link their consciousness and their energies to journey together and reach their goal.

  While harvests speak to reaping the fruits of our labors which are past efforts, the table is set for a meal that is to be enjoyed with others in the evening, it's something to be looked forward to with anticipation. The caravan also is about moving forward, away from the past, in a concerted effort to reach a particular goal. This symbolism speaks volumes  about what is being illuminated and presented to us on planet earth at this Full Moon. What has your hard work brought you? Is the table set so you can enjoy an evening meal? Where have your efforts joined with others' to attain a particular outcome?

  The Moon in this last, mutable sign of the zodiac is impressionable and prone to a heightened awareness of psychic or intuitive sensitivity. Often, people feel vulnerable as they connect more easily with the needs of others, sometimes losing sight of their own welfare. Spiritual insight is more readily attained when the Moon travels through Piscean waters and the feeling of wanting to withdraw from everyday activity is common. In times like we've been experiencing with the recent storm Irene and memories of past events on this date, nostalgia is rampant as feelings are stirred up.

  Midway through a lunar cycle is the time for honest appraisal of our perspective on how well we have done since the New Moon two weeks earlier, which happened to be a Virgo New Moon at the time Irene bore down on the East coast. I have personally seen many examples of organized clean-ups since the storm hit Vermont, as well as some serious "over-thinking" and worries about the future of our resources. These are indeed Virgo themes, but I like to remind people that we all have our limits and sometimes, we just have to ask ourselves, is this something I can do anything about, or is it someone elses' territory? I'm a big believer in one foot in front of the other and a day at a time in the button factory!! Plan A and Plan B also help in unsettled times.

  And now the Pisces Moon reflects our Oneness, our humanness as well as our Divinity. So, who have you gotten to know in your neighborhood or community recently, that you share something in common with? Amazing what you learn about people by doing a food drive, or sitting down to a long table set up on the town green for a meal together... or looking up the safest route for a caravan of vehicles to take supplies west. Pisces compassion aligned with Virgo refinement is all about adaptability and integrity. Being true to oneself while asking what you can do for another is an example of knowing we are all connected and still keeping healthy boundaries. We do indeed live in interesting times! Namaste~

Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!