"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

   Happy New Moon everyone! Let the calm stabilizing energy of Taurus help contain your desires and secure your peace of mind as you seek to institute and preserve financial security. Your efforts get a huge assist from the Solar Eclipse energy that accompanies the monthly conjoining of the Sun and Moon early in the morning on Tuesday.

   Coming two weeks after the powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and the build up of pressure from the recent Cardinal Grand Cross, we have the opportunity to experience a renewed sense of grounding our values, our finances or both. First, we need to set our priorities by accepting what it is we value most at this point on our path.

   The Cardinal Cross is all about making needed changes by taking action. The Cardinal signs are the polar opposites in Fire and Air, Aries/Libra and the Water/Earth polarity of Cancer/Capricorn. These signs do not wait around for someone else to make the first move. When situations demand change, action is the only recourse for these Cardinal signs. You'll know what areas of your life have to undergo a transformation by the pressure that's been building up for a long while. It could be your self identity is changing and therefore, your relationships. Or, it might be that your efforts to provide a secure home are thwarted by the bigger picture of safety and security issues out in the world.

   Whatever areas of your life are causing you discomfort now, know that change IS happening all around you. The New Moon can help stabilize your security once you acknowledge where you need to let go and what you need to safeguard. Whether or not you feel completely happy, satisfied or fulfilled in you day-to-day life, isn't the question here. The question is "why aren't you happy, satisfied or feeling fulfilled?" The answer(s) to that question depend on the degree to which your life has changed in the last two and a half years. As situations have changed, so too should you have made necessary changes for yourself.

   What are you going to do (take action) to get peace-of-mind, financial security or the loyalty and affection of family and loved ones? The Taurus New Moon is a chance to restore your sense of self worth by recognizing what is most important or valuable to you , then working to build confidence, loyalty and peace of mind. Remember not to get too self-indulgent or to push too hard to get your way, as you could come across as being selfish and thereby alienate the important people in your life. Also, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra & The Cardinal Cross

   Today has been a powerful build-up to the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, which will occur overnight, exact at 3:42 a.m.  We have had two planetary oppositions, three squares and two unsettling conjunctions aligning in a challenging Grand Cardinal Cross that has been in affect for several days. When four or more planets are aligned this way, there is an outer pull in opposite directions, creating stress in four corners. The Cardinal signs are active signs which like to begin things; they are Aries and its' polar opposite, Libra, and Cancer and its' polar opposite, Capricorn.

   There are two other planetary aspects having a big effect on the current cosmic weather:  Communicative Mercury in fiery Aries, joins revolutionary Uranus, while transformative Pluto turns retrograde in motion today. Since moving into Aries a week ago at the First Quarter Moon, inquisitive Mercury has been busy contacting all of the planets involved in the Cardinal cross in one stressful aspect or another. Versatile and impressionable, Mercury in Aries' nervous energy can become even more excitable squaring off with effusive Jupiter in Cancer. Waterworks are bound to ensue as words and/or actions are apt to be flung about impulsively. Maintaining equilibrium and employing editing and filtering techniques are the tools to use this week, beginning today!

   Pluto's focus in Capricorn is on how power structures and infrastructures have been breaking down in the last several years. The quintessential question here is who has the power and/or, how do we regain control over our own lives? When the planet symbolizing power struggles, Pluto, turns inward for 5 months from today, we have some time to address these issues in our personal lives.
The search for regeneration needs to start with the self and how you maintain equilibrium, or where decaying structures which are no longer serving you need to be discarded.

   As you are probably aware, Uranus has been inching closer to its' fifth exact square to Pluto for a while now. This will happen in one week, on the 21st. As pressures on the Earth mount, physical forms may break down and there could be volcanic eruptions. Something has to give as freedom-loving Uranus in fiery Aries squares off with Pluto in the Earth sign Capricorn. The personal challenge is to tread softly while watching for signs that the transformative energies of change are indeed active in your life. There will be many triggers over the next few days from within and without and your mission is to stay calm and carry on. Meditation, prayer and a peaceful demeanor will help a lot.

   Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground and pray for composure~