"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Monday, December 18, 2017

Pathways Astrology: Sagittarius New Moon

Pathways Astrology: Sagittarius New Moon:    Welcome to my favorite New Moon! Okay, so it is right after my birthday and there are five planets currently in Sagittarius, but I do bel...

Sagittarius New Moon

   Welcome to my favorite New Moon! Okay, so it is right after my birthday and there are five planets currently in Sagittarius, but I do believe that everyone ought to be excited about this year's Sag New Moon. The synergy of the inner/Moon and the outer/Sun coming together in forward-looking Sagittarius lets us sow seeds of intention like never before. What do you really want to manifest?! Think it, see it, say it and feel it and you hold your future in your hands.

    As the optimistic and fiery sign of the zodiac, the home of the archer brings faith and hope to a beleagured world. Seekers after knowledge and defenders of integrity, Sagittarians understand the necessity of looking ahead with a trusting heart and an open mind. Not only are the Sun and Moon aligned in Sagittarius, so too are Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Be mindful of your thoughts and their power to create what you desire... another way to say that is be careful what you wish for!

   Two things happen this week that give added weight to this Moon. First, Saturn is leaving Sagittarius after 3 years, on Tuesday, Dec. 19th. and moving into Capricorn, prior to the Sun moving into Capricorn at the Winter Solstice on the 21st. All the soul searching honesty it took to get here needs to be acknowledged, before continuing the journey forward the future. Imagine you're standing at a threshold and look behind you to see the arduous work leading up to this point. Then turn and face the future and the hard work Saturn in Capricorn will demand over the next three years.

   All the planets in Sagittarius in the New Moon chart also align harmoniously with rebellious Uranus. Revolutionary and creative ideas facilitate spiritual answers to seeming roadblocks. Be brave, do the right thing and commit to making a difference in your life, your community and your world. After all, someone once said... the truth shall set you free! Be the truth and the light of the shining example for those closest to you that they may be empowered in their own lives.

   Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground... and may the force be with you~


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Gemini Full Moon

   Welcome to a Full Moon of conversations, possibilities and changing plans! With the Moon in airy Gemini, ruled by Mercury, the mood is light-hearted and sociable. However, Mercury goes retrograde just a few hours before the exact lunar opposition to the Sun, and that can cause confusion, especially if plans aren't coming together smoothly or decisions need to be made now. There is more to this Full Moon than that, but first a reminder of how to handle the infamous Mercury retrograde!

   Many people don't understand the best way to deal with Mercury Retrograde, and that is to think of everything as research for the final decision that can come in a few weeks. Yes, it's maddening to have to put plans on hold or have a computer or a car break down during this 3&1/2 week  time frame, especially if you have to deal with it now. Sometimes, the need for repair or replacement comes now, after the initial item was purchased during a previous retrograde phase. This insight into the cycle can be good to remember for future acquisitions... research now, buy later! 

   The Moon today is indeed busy, forming a couple of difficult aspects to ebullient Jupiter and artsy Neptune. There's a tendency to do too much with the expansiveness of our largest planet involved with the mood of the public. Personal feelings can lead to depression or confusion under Neptune's hazy influence today. Avoiding mood-altering substances and definitely carve out some time for peace and quiet for yourself. A walk on the beach or some yoga stretches and a meditation are soothing to the soul and a preferred way of dealing with any frustrations that arise .

   The most stabilizing aspect in this Full Moon chart is the conjunction of Mercury to business-like Saturn. The mind is focused on what you want to achieve and if you look back at the goals you made earlier this year and assess how you're doing with putting them into motion, this can be a good day for future achievements. Saturn will be leaving Sagittarius after three and a half years of focusing on the future, for his own sign - Capricorn, on December 19th, the day after the next New Moon. We are in the winding up period of setting goals and the hard work begins once Saturn enters his own sign for the next few years. Seriousness of intention is what it's all about now; if you want to achieve your goals, roll up your sleeves and get to work!

   Both Mercury and Saturn are in a harmonious dance with the revolutionary planet Uranus, putting new ideas, innovations and excitement on the table. Be willing to express those ideas that seem ahead of their time and share them with others because they may hold  the key for a better future for all involved. Saturn's ability to research and use resources, melds with innovation in a positively creative partnership now. You can get where you want to go if you can express your view of the future and offer a couple of steps for beginning the journey. Patience is involved.

   As always, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~




Saturday, November 4, 2017

Full Moon in Taurus

   Welcome to a very interesting Full Moon, exact in the wee hours overnight, at 1:23am EDT tomorrow. Are we feeling the affects of this potent energy here on Earth...?! You bet we are... with optimism and hope as well. You see, The Sun and Moon are aligned with Neptune and Jupiter in very positive aspects. Now, we know that Jupiter is expansive and can get overly exuberant while Neptune can be delusional, so we have to avoid getting too carried away emotionally.

   Neptune is very active in this Full Moon chart, bringing in the possibility of spiritual connection and increased compassion for the Earth and all her inhabitants. Those are very redeeming qualities much needed in these trying times. However, there are also the qualities of disillusion and deception on the opposite side of the coins of compassion and spirituality. While Neptune is harmonizing with the Sun and optimistic Jupiter there is a lot of reason to feel good about things. Maintaining one's sense of hope while not leaning too far in either direction, will help to navigate these uncertain waters all around us.

    The Moon is also making a positive aspect to Pluto, making it easier to know what makes others tick. This perception can be quite helpful for transforming relationships and knowing how to use one's authority or power constructively for the benefit of all involved. Pluto in Capricorn brings some intense leadership capabilities and a drive to make drastic changes, which are probably needed. If you have the resources to institute the necessary reconstruction of a plan, a foundation or a  goal, then by all means, start the reformation.

   Taurus Full Moon highlights stability and conservation of resources. Look at the gains you have made since the Libra New Moon and recognize your achievements as stepping stones to your future security. Connect with nature by cleaning up the garden or removing the dead branches from around your property. Look at your wardrobe and see how you can re-purpose some articles in new outfits, instead of just getting rid of things to make space for new clothes. Conversely, you might find you have household items or furniture that you don't really need and can sell. Put the saved money into an envelope for a rainy day fund.

   In the meantime, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Libra New Moon

   Get ready to explore the unknown and the excitement it can bring in trying to balance all that's going on around us! And yes, I'm talking about this afternoon's New Moon in Libra. The reason it's going to be so exciting is the opposition that the Sun and Moon aligning in Libra make to the maverick planet Uranus in Aries. An image here is riding a bucking bronco and holding onto your seat while enjoying the ride or balancing on your surfboard as you ride in the wave. However... we're not quite there yet, so read on.

   We are still in the Balsamic phase of the Moon, until the New Moon at 3:12pm EST, sometimes called the "sleep time". This began when the slim waning Crescent Moon was at 45 degrees behind the Sun, on the evening of Oct. 15th. I know several people who have expressed being very tired the last few days and thankfully listened to their bodies, allowing themselves to be more open to their dreams and intuition. Physical energy is low, while psychic energy is high in the Balsamic Phase, which lasts roughly for three and a half days. This is a great time to rest and reflect, to see if we have released everything necessary in order to begin anew. 

   Sit quiet, shut your eyes and ask your subconscious if you have to let go of anything else, clean anything up, or take care of any unfinished business before embarking on a new path. Once done, your intuition can lead the way to new creativity. Slowing down and being in the moment allows you to nurture and appreciate what you already have. The Balsamic phase is a good time to trim your hair, your nails or your lawn if you don't want them to grow back quickly.

   Now, back to the New Moon coming in in Libra and the alignment of solar and lunar energies! As Libra is an Air sign ruled by Venus, both intellect and beauty come together with the emotional need to find harmony. The groundwork is laid for a month of seeking balance and fairness or justice. Providing an assist here is the conjunction of the Sun and Moon to Jupiter, increasing an optimistic view of how things can be, with no limits on our vision of possibilities! Helping to keep things on an even keel and still be productive, is the waning square between Mars' drive and Saturn's limitation.

   Conflicts can arise from the opposition of Sun and Moon to revolutionary Uranus. Emotions are all over the place due to unforeseen circumstances arising. However, the opportunities that come with change can carry you closer to your ultimate goals... if you don't stand in your own way. Some people will fear losing their self-identity and/or their freedom (Uranus). Those with a stronger sense of self will realize that nothing anyone else says or does can take that away from them. Being mindful of others and ready to seize new opportunities for positive change is what this aspect is about. It's like being on a surfboard, waiting to catch the right wave and ride it. Cowgirl or surfer... take your pick!

  Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Aries Full Moon

   Another new lunar cycle, and in the first sign of the zodiac, ought to bring excitement and energy for beginning something new. However , the accompanying aspects of this Full Moon chart tend to point out the difficulties of current situations around the world and in our country. Instead of letting your enthusiasm wane, you could try looking at things from a new perspective.

   Aries has the energy of the self and the keywords "I Am". As self-oriented as this headstrong and temperamental sign can be, it would be wise to avoid those impulsive attempts at change that can only bring chaos and injury to the self and others. Don't bang your head against a wall or try to knock some sense into anyone else' nogin (head). It's good to begin moving in the direction you want to go in, as long as you're not forcing the issue and remember the rights of others!

   The Sun in the opposite sign of Libra highlights the need to maintain balance and harmony amid change, and can act as the counterpoint for any reckless behavior. Both the the Sun and Moon are square transformational Pluto, bringing the intensity of the situation into full view and maybe even to an impasse. Be firm and stand strong in your convictions, but please don't allow the emotional unpredictability of another to push all your buttons. 

   Venus and Mars are just beginning to separate from their alignment in Virgo. Use this aspect to help guide you to the most positive way you can improve your skills or work with others to make sense of a work or health situation. The issue isn't having to be perfect, but making steps toward forming a committed relationship. Progress not perfection!

   I guess the things to remember at this Full Moon is that we only have control of our own emotions and actions and not to inflict pain on anyone else. Also, it's okay to be who you are as long as you allow others to be themselves and neither of you is putting your expectations or impulsive behaviors on the other.

   Remember to be kind as you keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Virgo New Moon

   This will be a different sort of post for me. I am feeling the Balsamic Phase of this Moon cycle which is ending, very strongly. The low pressure and residual Solar Flares and Geomagnetic action all seem to have slammed into me, along with hurricanes, tropical storms, deaths and a myriad of transitions... some positive by the way. Also, I did 16 mini readings at the Island Fair this past weekend and I am more or less, talked out.

    So... I'll be stringing some words together which reflect the energy of this New Moon in Virgo. I hope you get something out of it. Think of it as an astrological poem.

Sun and Moon dance together as one in practical Virgo.
Earthy practicality seeks healing in opposition to maverick Centaur Chiron. Where do you hurt? How do you heal? Let me help you.
What do you mean you can't cope? Yes you can! You have the tools to help you adjust. Discernment... digestion... what feeds your soul, your body, your mind?! Take what you need and leave the rest.
Life is a dance. Practice your steps. Do your best. You will progress.

Neptune swimming opposite Mercury and Mars. Wait... what did you say? What way did he go? The fog makes it hard to follow.
Are you trying to confuse me, dazzle me with b.s. or deceive me?
When I wake up from this dream, will I know the direction home?

One foot in front of the other, a day at a time in the button factory... got it! Just do the next right thing. Progress, not perfection. 
Cleanse, release, organize and assimilate!

Venus and Saturn give assists to Uranus. Independence, inquisitiveness, ingenuity. Why don't you be you and and I'll be me? Maybe we could work together and maintain our separate identity. Stranger things have happened.

Just keep it real. Head in the stars, feet on the ground and hang in there.

RIP Lou. May you breathe easier now~


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pisces Full Moon

   This is a good day to lay low and follow through on things. With the the Full Moon illuminating the more sensitive side of humanity, our feelings of compassion and connection are at the forefront. The Moon in Pisces opposed the Sun in Virgo at 3:03am EST. This is the axis of cleansing and healing. Time to really batten down the hatches and organize your own stuff before taking on anyone else's!

   Pisces ruling planet, Neptune, is closely aligned with this Moon and adding the qualities of artistic urges, escapism and dreaminess to the day. If you can take the time to be creative or just listen to soothing or classical music today, do so. It's better to allow your energy to flow in that direction, rather than self-pity or drugs and alcohol. (Alcohol is a drug too, as well as a depressant.) Another aspect of Neptune/Pisces is the animal kingdom; perhaps your efforts could go to that realm.

  The Sun in Virgo is ruling the Full Moon chart, due to Leo Rising, and acting as a very strong polarity to the Moon and Neptune's pull.  With a harmonious connection to Uranus in Aries, also aligned with Mars and Saturn, the urge to fix something, or someone is very strong. You may get the insight along with having the energy to do this, however, it would be prudent to really think carefully about how your actions would affect everyone involved.

   There is certainly enough disconcerting weather swirling around us, both actual and emotional, so make sure you're feeling supported and stable enough before you go helping others. Take stock of your own reserves emotionally and physically and if you have enough to keep body and soul together, then you can assess how much or how little you can offer to others. Be as kind to yourself as you are to them.   

   Mercury, once again Direct as of Sunday, has been hanging out around the New Moon Solar Eclipse degree (29 Leo) of two weeks ago. Insights and original ideas may now surface that could be ahead of the curve, just in time to give humanity a boost of hope.

   Remember to keep your feet in your galoshes and on the ground, while your head is in the stars~


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pathways Astrology: New Moon Solar Eclipse/The Great American Solar Ec...

Pathways Astrology: New Moon Solar Eclipse/The Great American Solar Ec...:    The only path of totality for this eclipse is across the continental United States, hence the nickname Great American Eclipse! While we a...

New Moon Solar Eclipse/The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017!!

   The only path of totality for this eclipse is across the continental United States, hence the nickname Great American Eclipse! While we all know that an eclipse affects everyone, when it's path of totality follows a certain path, we must pay attention to its significance. The Solar Eclipse is exact on the 21st at 2:30pm EST. @ 29 degrees of Leo. People with Leo Sun, Rising sign or Moon may be especially affected by this New Moon. Also, those with late degree planetary placements of the fixed signs or  the other Fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, will probably be feeling the eclipse energy strongly as well.

   This can be a very powerful time of change for you personally if you are aware of the need to let  go of something so you can begin again after the New Moon. Eclipses have a way of ratcheting up the energy to make things happen faster. Therefore, be sure you are visualizing what you want to manifest and not your fears! If you have been preparing for a new beginning in some area of your life... job, relationship or finances, remember that the steps you take after the New Moon culminates can bring that to you in the near future, not necessarily in a few weeks, although it could happen fast, it will more likely be within the next six months. 

   The New Moon chart shows an exciting alignment of the Sun and Moon in fiery Leo with revolutionary Uranus in Aries, for a very harmonious relationship that can bring in surprises, new connections or the completely unexpected. This is a great time to ask yourself what you really want and to focus on that so you're not completely taken off guard when the new situation appears. If you've been doing the work of letting go of negativity and old  habits that don't serve you, you'll be ready for a revolutionary consciousness that will bring more authenticity into your life!

   Mars is close to, and will pass over the Moon's Node first, then the eclipse point on September 3rd, possibly stirring up angst and bringing more upheaval to our already unstable political environment. Your mission is to maintain as much calmness of mind and spread love and acceptance daily, until things begin to settle down. Going overboard emotionally only increases the time and energy needed to get back into balance. One can express ones' sense of moral outrage at atrocity by showing up and standing firm, without compromising ones' personal well-being or sinking to the baser level of those provoking hatred through their own ignorance.

   This can be a liberating New Moon Eclipse that can help move the world toward greater acceptance, understanding and awareness. Leo is the sign of strength, creativity and determination. In its negative mode, Leo is intolerant, dogmatic and entitled. Leo's real strength lies in the ability to love and encourage others. Let's all choose to be generous and expand our hearts to include others.

With childlike awe and reverence for all life, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.



Monday, August 7, 2017

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

   Today's Full Moon in Aquarius eclipses the Sun at 2:10pm EST, beginning a powerful two week eclipse cycle that affects us long into the rest of the year. The New Moon on the 21st of August is the other end of this potent path, but let's start with this Full Moon. 

   The Sabian Symbol for 16 degrees of Aquarius is "A Big Businessman At His Desk". The image here is of importance and seriousness, taking care of business. How are you managing your financial affairs? Do you need to take care of something?

   Perhaps your connections at work or in your community need attention. Aquarius is the sign of the group, epitomized by individual rights which support each person and in turn create a healthy whole. Being a vital part of the place where you live or work, is highlighted at this Full Moon.

   The Sun in Leo is closely aligned with Mars in the ninth house of this Full Moon chart, opposite the Aquarian Moon. Visualize charisma and enthusiasm holding hands with boundless energy and you have an idea of what Luna is up against for the last two weeks of her lunar cycle. In other words, take care of business before bounding off on an adventure or making castles in the sand.

   Eclipses are powerful movers for breaking through stuck energy, ending things and/or finding an opening into the future. Who are you hanging around with? Do they support your forward movement or are they like a selfish child pulling you back and trying to distract you from your goals? Take the steps now to clean up your desk, your act or your thoughts, so you are ready at the Solar Eclipse New Moon in 2 weeks to see what new inspiration encourages you!    

   In the meantime, take care of business, then have some fun in the sun and remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet in the sand~ 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pathways Astrology: Capricorn Full Moon

Pathways Astrology: Capricorn Full Moon:    Here we go folks, a powerful Full Moon culminated after midnight, exact at 12:07 am, EST. With the Moon in Cardinal Earth - Capricorn, op...

Capricorn Full Moon

   Here we go folks, a powerful Full Moon culminated after midnight, exact at 12:07 am, EST. With the Moon in Cardinal Earth - Capricorn, opposed to the Sun in Cardinal Water - Cancer, feelings are running like emotional currents toward what you want to achieve, want to secure or want to protect. There's every reason not to push the tide right now, but to take calm steps toward achieving those goals and not to let anyone push your buttons.

   The caution here lies in the Moon being conjunct that powerhouse transformer Pluto and both opposing aggressive Mars aligned with the Sun. The Moon has sway over the public and emotions, while Pluto is all about breaking down structures that aren't working and need to be rebuilt. These two celestial bodies couldn't be further apart!

   The moon is our satellite, orbiting our home - Mother Earth, and being so much closer, moves through a new sign of the zodiac every 2.5 days. She moves into Aquarius tomorrow. Emotions of safety and security arise with the Moon in either Cancer or Capricorn. The last two days have affected the public's concern over the well-being of the Earth. The reason it's so intense is Pluto's, (the most distant traveler in our solar system), extended stay in Capricorn for the last several years and where he will remain for a few more! Pluto here brings up the issue of who has the power and control over big business and governing structures and where they're not working and need to be changed. This is a part of the cycle of transformation that will make the world a much different place for our children and children's children.

   Mars is all about action, aggression and desire. He represents struggles and war and tends toward impulsiveness. The Sun represents energy, vitality and the will and tends toward ambition and self-expression. With the planets of energy and action aligned in Cancer, there's a push toward acting on our desires based on our emotions... not a lot of thought goes into these tendencies to just do something!  Again, who is pushing your buttons and how do you want to react, or not? Make sure your actions are well thought-out before you take them.

   How do you personalize all that? By maintaining as much peace and calmness as you can and not over-reacting to outside challenges. Turn off the news, turn down the volume on rhetoric of all kinds and ask yourself if you're alright right now. If you are and your needs are being met, even if you want something better, then steadily work toward your goals and don't act out of fear. Ignore the button-pushers and keep on keeping on! If you are not feeling safe and secure, take steps to regain your power. This is a time to feel empowered, to take steps to move forward. Whatever you do, stay positive and don't look back unless you want to go back to the conditions you're trying to change.

   In the meantime, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground... stay calm and carry on~

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Solstice 2017

   Welcome to the Sun in Cancer, heralding the Summer Solstice, the official start of summer! Cancer is a water sign and while we have seen enough rain for one season, a more enjoyable way to honor this active Water sign is to be more emotionally available to family and friends and to have cookouts, preferably at a beach or pond!

  Home and family play a key role in our lives during this solar month. Real estate or a new dwelling place may be an issue... or it could be you're having relatives visit. Whatever your personal Cancerian influence, remember that emotions will be running high and try to be nurturing. Another focus is likely to be around food and/or preparation; expect opportunities to eat out with loved ones or get together and cook up a storm!

   Mercury also moves into Cancer today, ratcheting up the need to get the mind and emotions in sync. Some people spend way too much time in their heads and not enough in their hearts. Along with that, feelings will be powerfully felt, thanks to the Moon exactly trining Pluto one minute after the Sun enters Cancer. Perhaps you can find a way to express deeply felt emotions that you haven't yet been able to share with someone.

     At any rate, we're into a new season... summer, yay!! Cancer leads the way, followed by fiery Leo taking over on July 22nd, then cerebral Virgo to organize things on August 22nd through to the end of summer, when the Sun will move into Libra at the Fall Equinox.  I hope you have some lovely things planned with your family or friends. 

    Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground, preferably the beach~


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sagittarius Full Moon

   Welcome to the excitement of a fiery Sagittarian Full Moon... at least it ought to be with the Sun opposite in sociable Gemini, both at 18 degrees, 53 minutes. Talking, planning, impromptu get-togethers, as well as various forms of entertainment and some over-the-top celebrations are likely, as people hasten to expand their horizons. However, the chart for this full moon shows many reasons for both cautious consideration and cautious optimism, before taking spontaneous action, no matter how exciting the times.

   The best reason to slow down and look at the bigger picture concerns Jupiter, natural ruler of Sagittarius and the largest planet in our solar system, which happens to be standing still, or Stationary at 13 degrees of Sag, and about to turn Direct one hour after the Full Moon. That means all the enthusiasm for expanding your ideas, travel, or learning something new, need to be approached slowly and methodically. Jupiter likes to go to extremes and do everything in a big way... described by words like huge, great and the best... remind you of anything?! But even Jupiter, being in Stationary position and slowly turning around, can't go running off just yet. Saturn responsibilities won't allow it.

   With the Moon aligned  closely to Saturn, it can feel like someone or something is hindering you or trying to contain your enthusiasm. Look at what has been simmering on the back burner for the past several months, while both Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction) were retrograde. Saturn is still retrograde for almost 3 more months, and will turn Direct the last week in August, which will likely be a turning point for all serious intentions.... (not to mention the August 21st New Moon Solar Eclipse)!

  The other aspect to consider now is the separating square from the Sun and Moon to Neptune. Hazy conditions are likely, with more to be revealed through careful research before getting to the true essence of any situation right now. Compassion and a willingness to listen are good stepping stones for following one's path and acheiving sought-after goals. On the other hand, if you're experiencing too much sensitivity or feeling overwhelmed with the weight of the world, it's okay to retreat, shut off the news and indulge in a bit of nostalgic movie watching. If that's not your thing, perhaps you could express yourself through music, writing or some other artistic talent.

   All in all, the upshot of this lunar phase involves awareness of limitations, confirmation of your goals and reassessment of how you can take measured steps to success. Let the current Venus/Mars sextile be the opportunity to attract resources while building on your strengths and asserting what is truly important to you!

   In the meantime, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Gemini New Moon

  Today's New Moon culminates at 5 degrees of the Mutable Air sign Gemini, at 3:44pm EST. The theme here is adaptability, communication, inquisitiveness and restlessness. Geminis can have a hard time making up their minds; like their counterpart Air sign Libra, they can see both sides of a situation. However, they tend to see ALL the possibilities and that can get confusing when having to make a choice!

   Ideas flow in and out of the mind under Geminis' influence, especially when the Sun and Moon are aligned. Make sure to write down the ones you like right away so they are not lost somewhere out there. Logic and reasoning will ensue if you spend some time doing research or asking a trusted confident for feedback. Make a New Moon wish list (written...) of all your ideas, a sort of punch list, to help focus on your goals for the month ahead.

   For the past month, Venus joined Uranus in the motivated and fiery first sign Aries. This has been good for new connections and new starts across the board, giving a breath of fresh air to our enthusiasm and jump starting entreprenurial endeavors. The caution here is not to exceed one's resources or get so excitable that the people you're appealing to, feel overwhelmed and just say no to your ideas. You may be at an incredible turning point, just make sure it heads you in the direction you want to actually move in.

   The chart for this New Moon shows an exact square between Venus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. The gentle attracting power of the Goddess of Love in the normally male-ruled first sign of the Zodiac, is challenging the more powerful forces of the status quo by coming up with some ideas of her own to put into action. If it's time for a breakthrough, this is a positive push forward. If you feel like you're beating your head against a brick wall, step back and wait until Venus moves into her more stable ruler-ship, Taurus on June 6th for a little over a month; she'll be able to stand her ground then.

   With Mercury having to slow down a bit while traversing Taurus until June 6th, when s/he moves into her own sign Gemini, this is the time to really get clear on your plans. Flesh them out and know what you want to say, step by step, point by point, so that you are ready to present your plan and rapidly put it into motion once Venus brings the resources to your door and Mercury brings the right environment to be heard.

   Meanwhile remember to listen and keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground! You'll be just fine~


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Full Moon in Scorpio

   Welcome to an intense Full Moon energy when the solar and lunar bodies join together tomorrow night at 21 degrees of Scorpio. With the Sun in the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus, opposing the Moon in Fixed Water - Scorpio, issues of desire, persistence, patience, reliability and purpose come to the forefront. Both signs can also be obstinate, self-centered and stubborn when pursuing their goals. The Full Moon increases these tendencies.
 Emotions run high, along with the tides, and secrets may be brought to the surface, revealing inner motives that may or may not be shared with partners. This is a very potent time for sharing and putting creative energy to work in business and personal partnerships. It can pay off handsomely when all parties are of similar intent. Otherwise, jealousies and insecurities can cause problems. If you are dealing with joint projects and such issues arise, exhibit as much patience as possible while trying to get to the bottom of things. Creativity and collaboration are the new necessary watchwords to keep at the forefront of your mind. In the instance of ones' values being compromised, it would behove you to remember what's really important for your sense of self-worth.

   Another factor in the Full Moon chart is the Moon's recent sextile to Pluto, the planetary co-ruler along with Mars, of Scorpio, and his role in this chart. Sextiles are aspects of opportunity that can bring harmony when acted on. The time frame for acting on this beneficial aspect would be today and tomorrow; taking a step to regain your initiative is what's important. You might say, it's time to do the hard thing in order to feel like you're stepping back into your power.

    Mars' placement in Gemini and importance in this chart, is seen as he aligns with giant Jupiter in Libra, forming a harmonious aspect that incorporates the element of Air. Communication and interaction are the key features of Air. Jupiter enhances any other planetary energy he comes into contact with and will make it larger than life. Not being careful with ones words, promising more than one can deliver, or overreacting to a perceived, or real, inequality are possible flare-ups under this alignment. Try not to let things get out of control, because it will be all too easy to do!

   Remember to keep your cool, observe and maintain your dignity and self-composure and to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Full Moon in Libra

Happy Full Moon in Libra everyone! Know that this is a very powerful moon, as it is aligned with giant Jupiter who is making a big deal out of drawing our attention to imbalances in our lives. We need to be aligned with fairness, justice and equality and this Full Moon will show us where we most need to pay attention.

   Your idea of justice may be different from mine or anyone else's. The point is to give others the benefit of the doubt when considering what their needs are. Libra is all about balance, so long as they get to keep their hand on the scales. This is where it can get tricky, especially with Jupiter's influence. Try not to go to extremes because the other part of the equation at a full Moon is the Sun ... which is conjunct freedom-loving Uranus.

   Breaking out of chains, restrictions of any type really, is what this polarity  calls for with Aries being activated by Sol and Uranus at the other side of the spectrum. It's like being on a seesaw with a bully on the other end... Will I go slamming to the ground and feel obliged to play their game, or will I try to maintain my composure and just refuse to sink to their level by playing dirty too?!

   With Capricorn rising in this chart, and it's ruler, Saturn, hanging out in the 12th house, your only authority should be your conscious self. Take the high road. Mars in Taurus may be discouraged and impatient to get moving, but  it wouldn't behove anyone to push right now. Another reason for patience is Venus retrograde in Pisces. Remember, Venus rules Libra and she thrives on her ability to attract rather than repel... honey...? vinegar...? you get the picture!

   Mercury is in retrograde motion as of Sunday, at just 4 degrees of Taurus, moving back into Aries on the 20th as a reminder to review plans for new projects very carefully before proceeding. Look at your finances, your values and what it will take to actually make some headway once mid May rolls around.

   In the meantime, consider the benefits of slowing down, getting things right and being prepared when Venus moves directly through her shadow phase May 13th, to take positive and informed action. Keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~


Monday, March 27, 2017

Aries New Moon

     The New Moon in Aries is exact at 10:57pm EST tonight. The lunar cycle is coinciding with the solar cycle that started the astrological new year a week ago at the Vernal Equinox, when the Sun entered the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries. All this energy for exploring new possibilities, taking new steps and being courageous is exciting, as long as we don't push our agenda onto someone else!

   In the New Moon chart, Venus retrograde is conjunct the Sun and Moon, reminding us to look inward at our motives for moving in whatever direction we think we want to go. Are we clear about our values and what's important to us? Who are we affected by, or what situations have had us spinning around lately? Mars is the ruler of Aries so his influence is strong, coming through the Sun, Moon and Venus all moving through his territory. Aggression, attraction, taking action or waiting for things to come to us... it's all in the mix with Venus and Mars on center stage!

  Ultimately, this is about the most personal of relationships, the one with ourselves. Maybe it's time to stop letting someone else push our buttons... just let them go their own way while we figure out the best way for ourselves. How do we maintain a sense of self  and still live in the world of today... let's hope gracefully and consciously.

    Also in Aries, Mercury is aligned with Uranus for some clear thinking and a possible new way of communicating and connecting with others, especially where we may be at cross purposes. If you've felt stuck in a mental attitude that isn't getting you anywhere, it's time to let go of outmoded beliefs and ask, study or explore your options, without making anyone wrong or putting anyone else on a pedestal. This lunar phase is about your new territory.

   While seeking your answers, remember to be gentle with yourself and keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.



Saturday, March 11, 2017

Full Moon in Virgo

   This Full Moon in Virgo wants you to take care of yourself, to strike a balance between your emotional needs and your physical needs. Yes, life can be overwhelming at times, and you have tools to help you maintain stability. Virgo wants to be decisive and do the right thing, yet with the Sun in Pisces, what that may be, is probably not clear. Piscean compassion is a good thing, but not when it confuses us or simply acts as a distraction.

   Virgo is also good at paying attention, sometimes too much... but the Full Moon illuminates where you need to take care of the details. This often involves health issues, mental or physical, and orderliness in our homes and work spaces. A good use of energy is to actively clean out closets, cupboards or pantrys, places where you store herbs and spices or grains. Another focus could be on your desk or office, wherever clutter has accumulated. Take the focus off what you have no control over, usually situations or other people, and organize your own space!

   In the chart for the Full Moon, set at 10:54am EST, Chiron and Mercury, co-rulers of Virgo are also in Pisces, conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon. If ever there was a clear indicator of the need for self reflection and healing, this is it. It's alright to acknowledge your intuition and emotions as long as you are keeping your thoughts in check.

   Another contributing factor in this planetary array is a square aspect from communicative Mercury in Pisces to responsible Saturn in Sagittarius. There's nothing wrong with focusing on the future, but choices may be too fuzzy for you to be definitive right now. This makes it more difficult to express your ideas clearly to others. You can wait until you've used the Virgo ability to look at all the details, then when you're ready, you can share your plan of action.

   Speaking of action... Mars recently left his own sign of Aries and has taken up residence in earthy Taurus for six weeks; don't push him or he can become very stubborn!  Instead , Mars here encourages us to put some effort into our financial picture or to look at what we truly value and where we are willing to put in the extra effort to make a more solid foundation for ourselves. Mars trining Saturn still, says, go ahead, take the time, especially while Venus is retrograde in Aries and will be until April 15th, making a detour back into Pisces from April 3rd until the 28th.

   I gave a Talk a couple of weeks ago Venus retrograde and I know there is a lot of information out there to read about how this is influencing our lives personally. I would encourage you to use the Virgo Full Moon energy to bring yourself up to speed on what this may mean for you. If I have time tomorrow, I'll try to write another Blog about Venus retrograde.

   In the meantime, remember to keep your head in the star and your feet on the ground. 


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces

   This is the second eclipse in two weeks and being a New Moon Solar Eclipse, the inner and outer energies of the aligning Sun and Moon are in sync and affecting everyone through mundane matters. A Pisces New Moon tells us we are looking at wrapping something up, winding down to let go and preparing space in our lives for something emerging at the Aries New Moon in one month.

   Pisces is about intuition, compassion and understanding. There are a lot of things going on in this mutable Water sign - Mercury, Neptune and Chiron are also swimming nearby, subtly saying pay attention to your dreams and  your intuition. Are there messages from your subconscious that you need to listen to? We're in a very foggy time, having difficulty distinguishing between reality and illusion. It's important not to jump to conclusions about anything until your feelings become clearer and you regain your true vision.

   At the time of the New Moon, Mars exactly conjoins Uranus at 21 degrees of Aries, adding to the precarious volatility and uncertainty of this lunar phase. It's true that Mars and Uranus can serve as a breakthrough where one is needed, so long as the energies are aligned with a conscious intent to begin something new. Just don't let outside pressures force you into hasty action with no clear vision as that can lead to disastrous effects.

   With a heavy concentration of planets in one portion of the sky, nine fitting in between Saturn at 26 degrees of Sagittarius and Uranus at 21 Aries, things can feel out of balance. The lone planet outside this 120 degrees, is Jupiter in Libra, acting as the handle to this basket of feelings, (planets in Pisces) wanting to make something happen, (planets in Aries). Jupiter reminds us that maintaining harmony and balance is the goal now, as we tentatively feel our way out through the fog and await certain clarity. Seek knowledge, seek the truth and decide not to overreact, especially to people and situations outside your control.

  Pisces reminds you to let your creative juices flow in whatever medium you chose, whether art, music or dance. This last sign of the zodiac also craves alone time, so... if you require peace and quiet, take some time out for yourself. Dare to follow your dreams and pick up their threads toward your personal desired outcomes. And while you're at it, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!


Friday, February 10, 2017

Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

    Welcome to Eclipse season! The first eclipse happens tonight just 11 minutes after the Full Moon is exact in the 23rd degree of Leo. A Lunar Eclipse enhances our ability to see how we best respond to situations and people outside of ourselves by getting to know ourselves better. Sometimes one thing has to end so another can begin and this is often prompted at an eclipse. The Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo highlights our connections with others and may show us new pathways and new friendships. The Leo Full Moon wants your inner child to come out and play, so plan an evening that allows you to enjoy yourself and express your creative side.

   A look at the chart for this Full Moon reveals some pretty exciting aspects between the planetary energies, with harmony and opportunity high on the list. Mercury (communication & versatility) aligns favorably with Venus (love & cohesion) a few hours prior to the Full Moon, bringing an opportunity to connect on a very positive level and bringing peacemaking into play. We all can use some of this harmonious energy in our personal lives.

   Next, I want to point out the very magical qualities of an aspect pattern occurring that is called a mystic rectangle. With the Sun and Moon at 23 degrees of Aquarius/Leo, plus Jupiter at 23 Libra opposite Uranus at 21 Aries, favorable aspects are formed consisting of two trines and two sextiles, hence the mystic rectangle. The effect is opportunity between flowing energies that can affect our relationships in a positive way. Reread the first two paragraphs and realize that now is your chance to make a significant leap forward for the better!

   We also have two kites occurring, (another helpful aspect pattern), that involves a Grand Trine in Fire signs.  The Leo Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries connect to ignite self expression and creativity, apply enthusiasm and introduce a spark of newness that can carry us forward with assists from expansive and optimistic Jupiter and the Sun in awakening Aquarius! If you have imagined it, need to express it and/or can taste it... go for it!!

   While dancing, painting, writing, loving, playing, creating... remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground, at least occasionally~

Friday, January 27, 2017

Aquarius New Moon

   It's an interesting New Moon indeed, that culminates at 7:07pm this evening! When the two "lights", Sun and Moon, join at the start of a new lunar cycle each month, they usually make several major aspects to other planets. However, this time they align at 9 degrees of the sign Aquarius, out of orb for aspecting the other planets!

   What can that mean for our focus during the current soli/lunar phase that kicks off the next month? It is my opinion that the Aquarian expressions of  freedom, individual rights, communication and knowledge will best be served by focusing our efforts through group energy in order to serve the greater good.

  The Moon takes the pulse of the public as emotional tides ebb and flow, so when she is joined with the Sun in the only Fixed Air sign of the zodiac, people have an opportunity to operate from an intellectual perspective rather than just reacting from their feelings.

   The impersonal nature of unconventional Aquarian tendencies may put some off at first, but it's the friendly, idealistic attitudes of this freedom-loving sign that draws others to ask how they can help further the cause! One individual can enlighten another and together a whole lot of like-minded individuals can reach a larger whole.

   Another interesting thing to note in tonight's New Moon chart, is the absence of any planets moving in retrograde motion. If all the planetary energies are in Direct motion, imagine what can be accomplished if we get out of our ruts and adopt a new point of view! The revolution sometimes needs to begin in our minds and hearts before constructive change can be made.

   So, while you are deciding how to make the most out of your part in your group, organization or community, you can send out thoughts and prayers for a beleaguered world, that we may remember we are all One.  Oh, and please keep your feet on the ground while your head is in the rarified air of Aquarius!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cancer Full Moon January 2017

   The Full Moon is exact at 6:34am EST on January 12th in the 23rd degree of Cancer. The Moon being in its' Rulership, the Cardinal Water sign, means emotions are ratcheted up along with subconscious instincts and a need to nurture and/or feel nurtured. There is no logic involved in how one responds to life under the watery influence of the Crab, only the emotions.

   Adding to the intense sensitivity of this Full Moon cycle is a grand cross in Cardinal signs. That is the Sun in Capricorn (Cardinal Earth), opposed to the Moon in Cancer (Cardinal Water), and Jupiter in Libra (Cardinal Air), opposite Uranus in Aries (Cardinal Fire). The Cardinal axis is where we can take action and with two oppositions and four squares, you can see where some conflict(s) could arise. The Sun here wants to be in charge; the Moon wants to just go home and cook or eat something; Jupiter wants to keep everybody happy and Uranus just wants to shake things up for a new start!!

   Also in the chart for the Full Moon, we see Venus aligning with Neptune and Mars, all in Pisces, thus adding to the vulnerability quotient. Pay attention to your intuition, listen to your gut and whatever you do, don't over-react and cause yourself or someone else any emotional wounds. People are usually sentimental under a Cancer Moon, yet fairly easy-going. If you feel like staying at home and hibernating while making a pot of chili or a batch of cookies, do it... and remember to share some with family or friends!

   If you can keep your focus on who and what matters to you, you ought to be able to navigate these sensitive few days around the Full Moon with a minimum of angst. We are building up our foundations for balance and harmony and this will require our innate faith in ourselves and others, so that we don't lose sight of the direction we want to move in as we navigate new and sometimes unforeseen waters.

  Remember to keep your head in the stars, your feet on the ground and your hand at the tiller while watching the tides and the wind. Wishing us all smooth sailing in the weeks leading up to the next New Moon.