"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Friday, March 20, 2015

Solar Eclipse New Moon & The Vernal Equinox

   Today's New Moon is exact at 5:36a.m. when the Moon joins the Sun at the last degree of Pisces, in the last sign of the Zodiac. The  Moon then quickly enters Aries less than an hour later, with the Sun following twelve hours later. This is indeed an auspicious day for understanding the end of one cycle and planting the seeds of a new cycle - welcome to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy International Astrology Day!

   New Moons are seed times and Eclipses add further, stronger punctuation to the possibilities and potentiality for the growth of new ideas and endeavors that will reap some rewards in six months time if we are diligent with our care and nurturence during that cycle. First, let us look at the last degree of Pisces and it's implication in this Soli/Lunar phase.

   The last degree of any sign speaks to the culmination of that sign's expression and as Pisces, the Fish, Mutable Water, winds down his swim through this area of compassionate and heightened sensitivity, we need to ask ourselves how we're doing synthesizing the spiritual and humanitarian insights gleaned over the last thirty days of the Sun's passage through Neptune's territory. Did dreams, impressions or fleeting memories add to your understanding of why you are where you are and why you are here now? Did you do your service to humanity without self-sacrifice, or did you overly identify with being a victim? Get right with yourself on what you need to let go of before jumping into the next cycle of new beginnings. 

   It might be a good idea to spend a half hour sometime today in reflective meditation of what you have gleaned of your spiritual path during the phase fading away, before jumping into new activity after the Sun enters Aries, fiery first sign of the zodiac tonight. Impulses are strong and lurking below the surface for setting off on a new journey, and the need for restraint today and tomorrow is evident as the Moon moving through Mars-ruled Aries until early Sunday, makes some challenging contacts with Pluto, Uranus and Mars Saturday. Sunday and Monday morning, before 10:30 a.m. are better times to start new endeavors.

   Spring starts as the Sun moves into fiery Aries tonight, with all the energy of youthful exploration and risk-taking! Like the Fool in the Tarot we are setting off on an exciting new journey. This day is celebrated as International Astrology Day and considered to be the start of the new year!  Make sure you are ready by getting your thoughts and intentions aligned with your best interests and what is in the higher good for all involved. Avoid running off with only your enthusiasm in your kit bag... pack some insights, intentions and tools in there too!

   Remember to keep your your head in the stars and your feet on the ground as this new phase begins!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Virgo Full Moon

   Today's Full Moon in Virgo highlights the need for discernment, setting healthy boundaries and taking care of our physical bodies. Some of you will recognize the need for eating more beneficial foods so as to get better nutrients in your system, while others will need to acknowledge they've done all they can and now have to retreat to regroup physically and emotionally. The caution here is not to be in denial and let helplessness overtake you. If you've been honest with yourself and have worked hard to set your house in order, then it's time for a rest. Otherwise, you can start the process by taking steps to clean out emotional clutter as well as your pantry!

   The Virgo/Pisces axis is a challenging place because of feelings that may bind you to others which can then have you doubting yourself.  After all is said and done, Virgo is the sign of integrity which is a necessary ingredient in any process of self analysis. If you're honest with yourself and not being overly self-critical in your quest for perfection, you will know which limits to set and which ones to let go of. One thing that has helped me through the years with my own Virgo Moon... is the Serenity prayer; here it is: God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; and the Wisdom to know the difference.

    In the chart of the Full Moon, for the Northeast, I see several planets at or very near the 14 degree mark of the Sun/Moon opposition. They are expansive Jupiter at 14 Leo, innovative Uranus at 14 Aries and harmony-seeking Venus at 15 Aries, as well as powerful Pluto at 15 Capricorn. These planetary energies form aspects called Inconjuncts, which translate to the need for adjustment and patience.

   Let's take a closer look at the relationships between the particular planetary forces. The Moon in Virgo is sitting in the 3rd House of communication, inconjunct both Uranus and Venus in Aries in the 10th House of career and reputation. This is a tentative position for the Moon while waiting to see what transpires from the sudden influence of Uranus. It's like saying, "and now for something completely different... " ! You know you're ready for a change but the manner in which it appears may be very surprising. Venus has already moved ahead, by one degree, to find a way to keep balance and fairness in the mix.

   Optimistic Jupiter in Leo is hoping that the Sun in Pisces finds an intuitive way to adjust to the coming changes, while at the same time dealing with issues of  who's got the power over your daily life... are you the boss of yourself or have you abdicated your right to transform your life in the way you envision it going?! These are not sudden thoughts or situations that you aren't aware of and ready for. The patience and waiting comes from having to adapt to outside forces and conditions over which you have no control. Remember the Serenity prayer in the paragraph above...? Reread it. Then, decide what you can and cannot do about what is being brought to light in your life, especially as it involves your career, business and happiness!

  Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~