"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Monday, December 27, 2010

Closing out 2010 & Preparing for 2011

Here are some thoughts I want to share with you about the cosmic weather as we close out the year:
  • patience is strongly advised in making any new agreements, major purchases or signing of contracts until January 4th
  • this last week in December brings more adjustments and balancing acts; follow through, don't initiate
  • it is time to make sure all our ducks are in a row for business and career plans and foundation projects in the new year, so we are ready to hit the ground running once all lights are "go"
   Lets talk about the astrological implications of the statements I made above and what the timing is. While Mercury will be direct on Thursday, Dec. 30th here on the East Coast,  patience is strongly advised in matters of communication, planning and  movement, and/or signing binding agreements. There are two reasons for this:  Mercury is still moving back over territory already covered, for you to take into account what you learned since Dec. 10th. (Please re-read Dec. 12th Blog for more in depth Mercury retrograde information.) As plans, contracts and short-term travel is all under Mercury's ruler-ship, I have been hearing lots of accounts of break-downs and delays over the last couple of weeks and particularly, changes in plans over the last couple of days; unfortunately, some people involved made big new purchases in the last few days. I only hope they were re-placing something bought during a previous retrograde cycle!

  The second reason you need to wait to initiate, we are in the Last Quarter Moon phase beginning today and lasting until the January 4th New Moon. The lunar light is decreasing and energy is waning - this is the time to look at your progress, organize your thoughts, desk or closet and get ready to start new projects next week! What do you need to do to complete something before you begin again? Is there some way to adjust or tweak the way things are going in something already started, or do you need to let something go this week in order to prepare for the next thing? These are the questions you need to ask yourself and act on right now!

  Another consideration for patience and steady progress is the Moon's entry into Libra this afternoon and its' squaring off with both Pluto and the Sun later tonight. If the Moon = feelings and Pluto = power and the Sun = life force, then... we feel better not getting into power struggles with people that may zap us of our life force/energy! Libra is the sign of balance, which desires harmony, especially in significant relationships. If you need to make a big change in your life to get your personal power back from someone trying to take control of your life, maybe this is the time to make plans without tipping your hand. Making a decision for yourself is one thing, taking action is another; when the time is right, you'll know it.

  Tuesday is the best day to work hard, although, with the Moon and Mars creating friction for each other, it may be exhausting and you may feel like you're not seeing any progress for all your efforts! Just know that whatever you focus on and put your personal energy into, is where you will begin to see results the first two weeks in January, after the 4th. Also, it's wise to accomplish as much as possible Tuesday, as we have an inactive, or void-of-course, Moon operating from 10:05am until 3:49pm on Wednesday, which is  not a good time to focus or expect things to go the way we need them to.

  A few words about the Moon being void-of-course, hereafter referred to as Moon VOC... When the Moon leaves one zodiac sign to go into another, there is a period of time during which the Moon doesn't make any aspects and we say it is traveling void-of-course. Think of it like a sailboat at sea, tacking into the wind and the wind dies and it turns this way and that trying to get a breeze for the sail, but there's nothing there to interact with - that's what the Moon is doing in her travels. She can't make contact with the other planets until she crosses into the new territory, so she is traveling willy-nilly... oops, we astrologers like to say VOC!

  After the Moon crosses out of Libra into Scorpio territory on Wednesday at 3:59pm, she stays in this secretive but co-creative Water sign until Friday, New Year's Eve afternoon at 2:57pm, when she enters Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac. Just know that people tend to be intense about their creations and projects under Scorpio Moon and try to lay low if you can... particularly if you have an agenda you want to push... or they do!! The one caveat here, when Scorpio intensity is softened, is if two people can work well together in a creative way toward a mutual vision.

  New Year's Eve and New Year's Day... the Moon is in Sagittarius, a party-loving sign, which also wants to do everything and tends to jump from one place to another quite easily; that's because expansive Jupiter doesn't want to miss out on anything! Please pick one party, one plan or one idea to focus on, as you transition from 2010 into 2011 and aim your arrow true so that you have the most enjoyment without wearing yourself out. As any of you fellow Sagittarians, or friends of Sags', know  :)...  it is often the Sag who leaves the party last or makes BIG pronouncements and resolutions that they sometimes cannot live up to. So, while we're under the Sag Moon, please don't let any of your friends drive under the influence and remind them not to make promises they cannot keep; this goes for yourself as well!

  I want to say I'm sorry I didn't get this Blog up yesterday, Sunday, but I was recuperating from a busy few holly-days and some kind of stomach virus, plus lots of coughing and I couldn't quite finish it. All better now and looking forward to a quieter week. Wishing you all the best in 2011, a year to build new foundations and/or stabilize the ones you have!

As always, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground. 



Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse & Winter Solstice All Wrapped Up Together!

  The coming week is highlighted and over-shadowed by several celestial events on Tuesday, the 21st. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a big deal all by itself... and then, throw in the Winter Solstice for added emphasis and we get a mighty powerful time indeed!  Making time to review the game plan for yourself in the coming year is what this energy is about. Think of this time as the doorway to the season of hibernation and an opportunity to go within to clarify how you  are doing with the goals you had previously set for yourself just two weeks ago at the New Moon. Are you taking some steps to move in the direction you want? Have you let go of unnecessary or unwanted influences that impede your progress? What new steps can you incorporate into your strategy for success?

  This kind of celestial occurrence, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, doesn't happen often and just four days before Christmas... well, there may be a whole lot of un-wrapping to do!! To encapsulate, let me just say that this week's energy is about your inner Light and the willingness to do the work ahead of you to achieve what it is you think you want in order to have peace of mind. That's a mouthful, so let me break it down for you...

  The Moon has to do with our sense of security and the Sun with where we direct our energy. They also represent our feeling nature and our self-expression respectively. What we're really talking about here is how the inner and outer are reflected both in ourselves and as shown to us by others - that's what a Full Moon reveals to us. But when the inner Light is eclipsed by the Earth moving between the Sun and the Moon, a shadow is cast over us and we have to trust our feelings to find our way in the dark.

  No need to panic here, just a chance to really get in touch with your true feelings and eliminate what isn't working for you. The Moon will be at the last degree of Gemini, an Air sign having to do with communication and agreements and the Sun will be opposite at the last degree of Sagittarius, having to do with long-range goals, philosophy and expansion. Ask yourself, what remains unsaid or undone, that you may need to express or complete before starting over? Just a reminder here, Mercury, ruling Gemini, is still retrograde, so don't make new commitments just yet; adopt a wait-and-see attitude until the New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 4th.

  The Sun has been moving through the fiery sign of Sagittarius, expanding our visions of the future and our sense of hopefulness. As it enters Capricorn, at the Winter Solstice, when the night is longer than the day, we have to prepare to roll up our sleeves and do the work it takes to get what we want for job, career or social standing. Capricorn's ruling planet is Saturn, who asks for "just the facts ma'am"... and is presently wending his way slowly through Libra seeking balance and harmony in relationships. I like to think of Saturnine energy as the response-ability we have to have in order to work with others and attain our goals. And, especially in Libra, that may mean not always getting our way, but being ready, willing and able to participate, co-operate and do our part in maintaining the equilibrium.

  Other aspects Tuesday lend impact to what we potentially create and they are Mercury squaring off with Jupiter and harmonizing with Neptune. Jolly old St. Nick (Jupiter) may be in a generous mood, freely handing out hopes and wishes, but be wary of over-indulgence and/or making promises (Mercury) you are pretty sure you can't keep.  In other words, watch out for the kick in that eggnog!! Softening the impact is Mercury's connection to Neptune, reminding us that if we can't imagine it, we can't have it... go easy on yourself and others and don't stomp on anyone's dreams, especially your own.

  After the Moon opposes the Sun (full moon), on Tuesday, it has a void-of-course phase until it enters watery Cancer for the next two days, highlighting home, hearth and food, not to mention, the emotions. Then the Moon, which rules the public as well, enters into fun-loving Leo on Thursday where it stays until early Christmas morning, when it again becomes void-of-course as it makes it's last aspect to dreamy Neptune, making us want to stay in bed with visions of sugar-plums...etc., etc...before it moves into fastidious Virgo at 10:14 a.m. A healthy brunch is in order Christmas morning as Virgo rules over the digestive tract; also remember to keep handy a garbage bag for all the trash from wrapping paper, etc. because orderliness is the way to keep the peace for the next couple of days.

  I wish you all a happy, healthy and merrie Christmas with whatever blessings of family or friends you have in your life! As always, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Of Communication, Change & Confrontation

   While Sunday brings us the gentle Piscean Moon energy in harmony with Venus - great for nostalgic projects and sensitive connections with loved ones, don't expect the ensuing days to be so peaceful!  The week ahead is highlighted by Mercury, the ruler of communication and moving parts, being retrograde and joining forces with Mars, planet of action and aggression; and for the second of three passes - Pluto, powerhouse for change and transformation. Let the honest confrontations be introspection of a personal nature the rest of this month, showing you where your own change needs to take place and not giving this life-changing power away! Once Mercury goes direct at the end of the month you may indeed decide to take aggressive action, but I highly suggest you wait until the first of the new year to implement any BIG new changes.
  A word or two may be in order here regarding Mercury retrograde cycles.  Retrograde simply means the planetary energy is no longer moving forward from our perspective here on Earth and when that planet is Mercury, all manner of delays, breakdowns and/or break-throughs are possible in our daily routines. Being the closest planet in our solar system to the Sun, Mercury's orbit is every 87.969 earth days - that's fast! Due to the Mercurial effect on our thinking, talking and moving, we would be worn out if Mercury did not appear to slow down and give us a break three or four times a year... so I advocate "getting used to it"!
 Yes, I get phone calls from some of you asking if Mercury is retrograde and some times you are definitely tuned in and other times, it's just the end of the life cycle of a particular household appliance. And yes, when there are huge misunderstandings and all kinds of things are breaking down, notably computers and cars, it's a pain! However, being forewarned and planning accordingly can help you get through these annoying times more gracefully. So, Mercury's current retrograde period began on December 8th and ends on the 30th; in between now and then we have to be aware of the connections with Mars and Pluto.
  Monday can be a trying day, as we are under the First Quarter Moon when inner feelings of compassion and creativity come to the wall with the Sagittarius Sun and we are pressed to find a new doorway or opening for our forward-looking plans that may be at odds with just wanting to hide! Take it easy Monday because all manner of deep-seated feelings are swirling around in the cosmic soup and Mercury will make sure we find them as it collides with first Pluto, then Mars, all in the same day...
  First,  Mercury swings back to join Pluto Monday morning, where they already met Dec. 5th at the New Moon (see the N.M. Blog on the lower right side). Think about what has transpired this week to really make you squirm - where you might be ready for a change in career, business or how you see yourself having the power in your life to make structural changes that give you a better foundation on which to build your future. That's what you could be spending time on during this Mercury retrograde - asking yourself the bigger questions but not jumping to make things happen suddenly. As a matter of fact, be VERY careful with the thoughts you have about taking back your power, as they may become words that you won't be able to take back once given air time!
  Later Monday night, Mercury hooks up with Mars for making a plan on how to begin these structural changes. Write down your ideas and the steps necessary to re-build after Mercury is direct and Mars is still in Capricorn the first two weeks in January. Mars' quick actions aligned with Mercury's quick thinking can be good for implementing changes, but dreadful if not well-thought out with a Plan 'B' in case Plan 'A' doesn't work out. So, think about where you want to make things happen in a sound, fundamental way in your life and write down your ideas, but do not act hastily, unless it's life-threatening or affirming and necessary. During these times, there will be button-pushers and you know who they are! I suggest wearing many layers to conceal the buttons until you have your thoughts and plans clearly worked out for yourself, then if you need feedback on their feasibility, share them with a trusted adviser, colleague, or friend. It may be best however, to keep all this to yourself until after the start of the new year.
  Mars likes being in Capricorn, he entered this practical, earth sign on Dec. 8th and leaves there January 16th when he moves into Aquarius where he could get a bit out-of-control if he tries to act on every innovative, freedom-loving insight he has! In the meantime, Mars is like a master-builder in Capricorn, having the energy for construction, and can accomplish great things that have long-ranging affects, acting somewhat as a counter-point to Pluto's breaking down of what no longer works properly. As you may know, Pluto's long transit of Capricorn is undermining systems that don't serve any longer and in the United States especially, those systems needing change are government and the financial realms that control how people try to live every day. This affect is world-wide, but in the US charts, Pluto is transiting the second house of money; Pluto is power... who has the power? Wherever Pluto is transiting in your life is where you will be working on re-building your own power structure, hopefully for the better, over the next 15 years.
  The rest of the week, as the Moon is increasing in light, it moves through Aries, giving us the energy to deal with this season of high activity and then into Taurus, allowing us the opportunity to hold on to the purse strings and ask ourselves if this or that item is really necessary for spending hard-earned money on. Perhaps a plan to use what we have and enjoy ourselves closer to home is more appealing than any grandiose gestures this week - I wish you well in holding it all together!

As always, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Moon in Sagittarius Today

   New Moons have combined solar and lunar energies, when what is within (the Moon) and what is without (the Sun) come together giving us an increased focus on the sign of the zodiac they are presently in. Today's New Moon is in Sagittarius, whose element is Fire - the fire of enthusiasm and optimism, as in "it'll be alright... there's an answer out there somewhere and I'm going to find it!"
  The new moon energy is one of "planting seeds in the dark", we don't see the silver sliver of the crescent moon for 2 more nights usually. Now is the time to ask yourself, what is it I want to learn about myself in the world, where do I want to travel, why am I so excited about this prospect or that? Under the Sagittarius New Moon, we're aware that our feelings are beginning to be more hopeful and we're starting to feel better about the deep introspection just completed when the Sun moved through Scorpio and into Sag!
  Sagittarius has the demeanor of seeking outside itself, to expand and include; it's one of the most future-oriented signs, along with Aquarius. This ninth sign of the zodiac has rulership over higher knowledge, philosophy and spirituality. It's an adaptable sign, able to apply what it learns while seeking and in true Sag fashion, sharing it with anyone who will listen! Other things under Sag's wings have to do with publishing, distant lands and travel. Sagittarians themselves (those born with the sun in Sag, from Nov. 22nd to Dec. 21st) need freedom to explore, think they have all the time in the world to do whatever they are presently enjoying and love a good party and laughter!
  So, where do you want to direct your arrows slung from the Sagittarian bow? Are you seeking a new job, place to live, relationship or just needing more freedom in your life... these are the forward-looking questions this new moon is asking you to consider, beginning today.  By the auspicious Full Moon lunar Eclipse on December 21st, also Winter Solstice and the day the Sun moves out of Sag into Capricorn, you'll have a clearer picture of how well you may have hit the mark - not that the seeking is over, just if you're headed in the right direction... more on that later!!
  One word of caution... some people think the day of a new moon is like getting the green light to jump ahead and Sag energy would love nothing more than to take off like a shot. However, remember that we're planting seeds in the dark and start off with a clear understanding of what it is you want to achieve, so that you point your arrows in the right direction. One way of  getting clarity is to sit down right now... (oh, you are?... OK...) and write your New Moon Wish list of all the Sagittarian quests, plans for the near and distant future and trips you want to take this coming year, keeping in mind that this is the energy of the next 30 days. I hope you use it well and enjoy your holiday events, sharing laughter with friends and loved ones near and far!

As always, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blogcast Welcome!

Welcome to my first blog! I will share information here that I hope you will find useful in navigating your daily life. By understanding the current geocosmic influences... Geo/earth and cosmic/sky.... affecting us here on planet Earth, we can have better awareness about ourselves and our relationships to each other, nature and the cosmos.  Written in plain English, this "blogcast", as I like to think of it, will speak to you primarily through the filter of Astrology, an ancient art and language that, to me, explains a lot about "why" this____ (fill in the blank) is happening now.

What astrology is really about is understanding the cycles of the planetary energies through the constellations and that the old axiom "as above, so below" is as applicable to this day and age as it was centuries ago. "How" astrology works hasn't been proven yet, but years of research and studies show that it does indeed work! I have my own vague impression of how it works which involves physics and string theory, but I don't know enough about it to be at all coherent, so let's just say it's a mystery for now!

I am writing this in the very dark time just before the New Moon, which means I am still literally "in the dark" about where I am going with this. Tomorrow... ah... later today, I'll blogcast my thoughts on the New Moon in Sagittarius occurring Sunday at 12:36 p.m. and what energies we have to work with for the next 30 days!

Hoping you enjoy yourself here as much as I intend to, I'll sign off the way I did in my column years ago ~

Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!