"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Of Communication, Change & Confrontation

   While Sunday brings us the gentle Piscean Moon energy in harmony with Venus - great for nostalgic projects and sensitive connections with loved ones, don't expect the ensuing days to be so peaceful!  The week ahead is highlighted by Mercury, the ruler of communication and moving parts, being retrograde and joining forces with Mars, planet of action and aggression; and for the second of three passes - Pluto, powerhouse for change and transformation. Let the honest confrontations be introspection of a personal nature the rest of this month, showing you where your own change needs to take place and not giving this life-changing power away! Once Mercury goes direct at the end of the month you may indeed decide to take aggressive action, but I highly suggest you wait until the first of the new year to implement any BIG new changes.
  A word or two may be in order here regarding Mercury retrograde cycles.  Retrograde simply means the planetary energy is no longer moving forward from our perspective here on Earth and when that planet is Mercury, all manner of delays, breakdowns and/or break-throughs are possible in our daily routines. Being the closest planet in our solar system to the Sun, Mercury's orbit is every 87.969 earth days - that's fast! Due to the Mercurial effect on our thinking, talking and moving, we would be worn out if Mercury did not appear to slow down and give us a break three or four times a year... so I advocate "getting used to it"!
 Yes, I get phone calls from some of you asking if Mercury is retrograde and some times you are definitely tuned in and other times, it's just the end of the life cycle of a particular household appliance. And yes, when there are huge misunderstandings and all kinds of things are breaking down, notably computers and cars, it's a pain! However, being forewarned and planning accordingly can help you get through these annoying times more gracefully. So, Mercury's current retrograde period began on December 8th and ends on the 30th; in between now and then we have to be aware of the connections with Mars and Pluto.
  Monday can be a trying day, as we are under the First Quarter Moon when inner feelings of compassion and creativity come to the wall with the Sagittarius Sun and we are pressed to find a new doorway or opening for our forward-looking plans that may be at odds with just wanting to hide! Take it easy Monday because all manner of deep-seated feelings are swirling around in the cosmic soup and Mercury will make sure we find them as it collides with first Pluto, then Mars, all in the same day...
  First,  Mercury swings back to join Pluto Monday morning, where they already met Dec. 5th at the New Moon (see the N.M. Blog on the lower right side). Think about what has transpired this week to really make you squirm - where you might be ready for a change in career, business or how you see yourself having the power in your life to make structural changes that give you a better foundation on which to build your future. That's what you could be spending time on during this Mercury retrograde - asking yourself the bigger questions but not jumping to make things happen suddenly. As a matter of fact, be VERY careful with the thoughts you have about taking back your power, as they may become words that you won't be able to take back once given air time!
  Later Monday night, Mercury hooks up with Mars for making a plan on how to begin these structural changes. Write down your ideas and the steps necessary to re-build after Mercury is direct and Mars is still in Capricorn the first two weeks in January. Mars' quick actions aligned with Mercury's quick thinking can be good for implementing changes, but dreadful if not well-thought out with a Plan 'B' in case Plan 'A' doesn't work out. So, think about where you want to make things happen in a sound, fundamental way in your life and write down your ideas, but do not act hastily, unless it's life-threatening or affirming and necessary. During these times, there will be button-pushers and you know who they are! I suggest wearing many layers to conceal the buttons until you have your thoughts and plans clearly worked out for yourself, then if you need feedback on their feasibility, share them with a trusted adviser, colleague, or friend. It may be best however, to keep all this to yourself until after the start of the new year.
  Mars likes being in Capricorn, he entered this practical, earth sign on Dec. 8th and leaves there January 16th when he moves into Aquarius where he could get a bit out-of-control if he tries to act on every innovative, freedom-loving insight he has! In the meantime, Mars is like a master-builder in Capricorn, having the energy for construction, and can accomplish great things that have long-ranging affects, acting somewhat as a counter-point to Pluto's breaking down of what no longer works properly. As you may know, Pluto's long transit of Capricorn is undermining systems that don't serve any longer and in the United States especially, those systems needing change are government and the financial realms that control how people try to live every day. This affect is world-wide, but in the US charts, Pluto is transiting the second house of money; Pluto is power... who has the power? Wherever Pluto is transiting in your life is where you will be working on re-building your own power structure, hopefully for the better, over the next 15 years.
  The rest of the week, as the Moon is increasing in light, it moves through Aries, giving us the energy to deal with this season of high activity and then into Taurus, allowing us the opportunity to hold on to the purse strings and ask ourselves if this or that item is really necessary for spending hard-earned money on. Perhaps a plan to use what we have and enjoy ourselves closer to home is more appealing than any grandiose gestures this week - I wish you well in holding it all together!

As always, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.

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