"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pathways Astrology: Winter Solstice Followed By New Moon In Capricorn

Pathways Astrology: Winter Solstice Followed By New Moon In Capricorn:    Happy solstice everyone! I celebrate this turning point in the year due to the return of the Light and the days getting longer, however i...

Winter Solstice Followed By New Moon In Capricorn

   Happy solstice everyone! I celebrate this turning point in the year due to the return of the Light and the days getting longer, however incrementally short the lengthening of the days are at first. The Sun leaves the fire of Sagittarius, ending the Fall season, and enters earthy Capricorn, beginning Winter here in the northern hemisphere, at 6:03pm. The new emphasis is on practical matters, especially those involving business concerns and/or career pursuits. This is the time of year to take care of securing everyday necessities, as well as all matters that involve persistence and patience. Since Capricorn has to do with the skeletal system and the teeth, it's a good time to set up doctor and dentist appointments.

   With Saturn as the ruler of Capricorn, we are reminded that time is of the essence, structuring our time, seizing the day. Once you've accomplished your to-do list each day, practice patience and avoid falling into pessimism if things aren't going as quickly as you would have wanted. Do what you can and leave others' responsibilities up to them. However, if you have a nagging feeling that you forgot something, a phone call, a meeting or a chore, take care of it, then relax. Capricorns aren't known for being being in touch with their feelings so they sometimes have to work at relaxing and knowing when to call it quits!

   The New Moon follows closely on the heels of the Solstice at 8:36 pm when the inner and the outer align and it's time to focus on your wish list of pragmatic goals. Set aside some time tonight to write down what you'd like to accomplish in the year ahead, because it's Capricorn's energy that carries us into 2015. If you have a reasonable plan of action with guidelines to follow for the new year, you'll feel better about where you're headed. Don't worry about what others plans are, stick to your own as much as possible!

  A look at the New Moon chart shows a concentration of Capricornian energy in the area of the 5th house of creativity. That, combined with Jupiter sitting on a Leo ascendant, can give you a lot of optimistic ideas that you  need to somehow explore and find a way to get out to the general public. The sticking point in this chart is communication... you want to come across like you know what you're talking about, so make sure you've done your research, then trust your inner authority!

   The revolutionary planet Uranus goes Direct today and that can throw an unseen monkey wrench into today's already void-of-course back drop. Do what you can, allow time for everything you need to do and expect one or two interruptions or surprises today. Who knows, they may be of the more pleasant variety! In the meantime, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~

  Happy holidays!!



Friday, December 5, 2014

Pathways Astrology: Gemini Full Moon December 6th

Pathways Astrology: Gemini Full Moon December 6th:    While it may appear that the Moon is Full tonight, the actual time of peak fullness is tomorrow at 7:27am EST. That doesn't mean ther...

Gemini Full Moon December 6th

   While it may appear that the Moon is Full tonight, the actual time of peak fullness is tomorrow at 7:27am EST. That doesn't mean there won't be a lot of connecting, talking and socializing going on tonight, because there will be; when the Moon is in Gemini, you can practically feel a buzz in the Air! This mutable sign's influence can have people seeing both sides of a situation, feeling intellectually stimulated and possibly unable to make of one's mind.

   Whether you have social engagements to keep, writing projects to complete or plans and connections to make, your mind will be actively going from one thing to another. Be aware that spontaneous verbal expressions and restlessness are also likely and vow to watch the thoughts that fly through your mind and out your mouth, as they may be very temporary and not serve any real purpose. Practical matters often get put aside when the Moon is in Gemini. Try to keep a balance between talking and doing.

   The opposition of Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini is a Fire/Air polarity and the chart for this Full Moon shows five planetary energies in Fire signs right now. That's a whole lot of inspiration and excitement! There are a couple of planets each in Air and Water and only one - Pluto, in Earth. The aspiring influence of the Sun seeks truth and answers as a way to move forward and the Sagittarian energy is very needed. However, with rhetoric apt to be idealistic and spontaneous, a heavy dose of pragmatism may be lacking. Aggressive and action packed Mars just moved into Aquarius yesterday, the group sign concerned with humanitarian pursuits, where it is igniting our values as a society. We need to collectively look to the future and leave behind the separating paths of the past that brought us to this point. Us and them needs to be replaced with we as we use new language that acknowledges our mutual existence on Mother Earth.

   Another factor prominent today, but still influencing tomorrows Full Moon chart, is a harmonizing aspect between Mercury and Uranus, again highlighting communication and new thinking. Mercury is running with the Sun, so this aspect also took place between the Sun and Uranus last night. With the "messenger of the Gods" and the Sun, life-giver and leader, both opposed to the Moon, it would be very wise to acquire some balance in listening and speaking. Blurting without listening to the other is what separates and just keeps people apart. Taking turns allows each one to have a say and be heard, then there may be mutual understanding on which to build for the future. It is time to acknowledge and honor our differences, yet put them aside when looking at the bigger picture, which is that we are all on this spaceship called Planet Earth together!

    Until next time, remember to keep your head in the stars, your feet on the ground and your hearts filled with Light and Love~


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sagittarius New Moon On The Heels Of Sun's Ingress Into Sagittarius!!

   Welcome to a double dose of fiery enthusiasm this morning! The Sun left the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio and entered the Mutable Fire Sign/Sagittarius, at 4:38 am, followed just 3 hours later by the New Moon coming together at 00 degrees, 7 minutes of Sag. That's a whole lot of excitement to wake up to. There are some cautionary notes here as well, but first the good news...

   Feelings are lifted, expectations are high and faith in moving toward some of our goals is restored as the power of the Sun in this third Fire sign helps us adapt to situations. The sign of the Centaur is represented by aiming his arrow high to go in the direction of his aspirations with complete faith in the outcome. Although the path the arrow takes may not be assured, the outcome will be in keeping with providence. It is uncommon that the Sun and Moon both enter a sign so quickly at the same time. Adding to the adventurous spirit of both Lights setting off on their quest hand-in-hand, so to speak, is the fact that the New Moon takes place in the first degree of Sagittarius, giving us a really full month of exploration!

   The inspiration of Sagittarius is akin to the faith of the Fool, combined with the strength of the Lion and the knowledge of the Hermit. These are all attributes necessary to set out on one's journey toward self exploration, for while we may think we are going out into the world to seek fame, fortune or honors, it is self-mastery that we gain when following our highest path and being true to ourselves. Relationships can be understood and rough patches made smooth if we but recognize that our path includes others and realize that there is enough of whatever we need to go around for all involved.

   Additionally, the chart of the New Moon shows Jupiter squaring off with Saturn, which is a reminder to work hard for yourself and not for recognition from others. This is one of the cautionary notes I mentioned earlier.  Due to the expansive nature of Jupiter (aka Cosmic Santa Claus), the tendency is to get very optimistic and overly eager while pursuing our dreams. Cautious optimism is the rule of thumb when infused with an abundance of Jupiterian energy, such as is presented at this New Moon. All the positive attributes of Sag's ruler Jupiter, like optimism, expansion, inclusiveness and possibility, become dangerous when growth is unchecked and untimely. Like a balloon overfilled with air, your dreams can burst if overdone.

  The other thing to be aware of at the start of this New Moon cycle is that Mercury, the communicator and planet of agreements and interactions, is in a very stressful relationship to Jupiter. Be especially careful in biting off more than you can chew, particularly when it relates to commitments and negotiations. Remember Mercury is still in Scorpio and our financial and deeply personal partnerships can be very productive if everyone is on the same page, or they can be entanglements we wish we weren't caught up in. Mercury squaring off with ebullient, over-the-top Jupiter can increase your debts or provide you with the opportunity to dig deeper into mutually beneficial contracts, projects, etc.

   As you aim high, remember that while you're keeping your head in the stars, your feet need to be firmly planted on the ground!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Standing Firm At The Taurus Full Moon

   Today's Full Moon is exact at 5:23 pm EST at 15 degrees of the Fixed Earth sign Taurus and opposing the Sun at 15 Scorpio. This Earth/Water polarity speaks to practical and emotional needs. These are the money signs, mine/Taurus and yours and mine/Scorpio. Look for news of banking and financing. Try not to go overboard on any expenditures with both Lights squaring off with giant Jupiter, the planet of excess when negatively challenged.

   The issue may be feeling very extravagant or self-indulgent; either emotional connection to your budget can be very debilitating. Add Venus still sitting very close to the Sun in Scorpio and one can also be dealing with hidden motives or a sense of entitlement... watch out! This would be a good time to come clean with your real motivations and concerns, especially in key partnerships. You may think your partner can read your mind, but with the Full Moon in Taurus, that's not likely.

   There are several supportive aspects for healing and understanding today that benefit from interactions with both the Sun and Moon. The Sun sextiles Pluto (power and transformation), then the Moon sextiles Chiron for healing wounds and finally Chiron sextiles Pluto, completing the circuit as an opportunity for improving any situation you realize needs healing or forgiveness. Staying true to your values doesn't mean being unyielding. Letting go of past hurts can in fact liberate and make one feel whole!

   From Lynda Hill, we learn that the Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 15 degrees of Taurus is "A Man With A Silk Hat, Muffled Against The Cold, Braves A Storm". Keywords here have to do with hardship and discomfort yet a sense of optimism and an attitude of confidence for the future. It is time to forge ahead knowing life will get better in the future. To read more about the Sabian symbols for this lunar phase, click here: Lynda Hill's Sabian Symbols. Caution is advised about being too superficial or refusing to protect oneself.

  Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground, until next time~

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pathways Astrology: Venus Joins the Sun & New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sc...

Pathways Astrology: Venus Joins the Sun & New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sc...:    Today, October 23rd, the Sun, Venus and the Moon all enter passionate, watery Scorpio, in that order, within hours of each other. Then th...

Venus Joins the Sun & New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

   Today, October 23rd, the Sun, Venus and the Moon all enter passionate, watery Scorpio, in that order, within hours of each other. Then the New Moon Solar Eclipse takes place at 5:57pm amplifying the inner urge of persistent desire to create something with another. Hold your horses though, because we're still on the dark side of the Moon most of today. Also, even a day or two after a New Moon we are usually still operating in the dark. Write your wish list for the coming lunar cycle, plant your seeds and hold off until after Mercury goes Direct Saturday to actually agree to anything new, especially as it involves your precious resources.

   Scorpio starts it's process underground, slogging through the detritus hidden within to release fears, suspicions and jealousy. Once we have identified our shadow side and worked through it, we can truly claim our inner talents and what we have to offer. It is ourselves that holds us back, not others. Projecting our inadequacies, instead of acknowledging them and seeking to transcend the limitations we set for ourselves is the next step, after awareness, to actualizing what we want. Sometimes it takes professional help to get through this process; beginning it under a Scorpio New Moon and working through it in the lunar phase ahead is a wonderful time to begin this journey to uncover our hidden strengths and move toward our desires.

   Libra has pushed us to achieve harmony and balance during the past month. A review of your progress in regard to your relationships and keeping your own personal boat afloat on a daily basis, is a good idea today in preparation for upcoming projects, commitments or agreements. Find some quiet time today to make that New Moon wish list as you get ready to identify your deepest desires. Scorpio is a Fixed water sign with complex emotions and a passionate desire to create something meaningful. Once a scorpion stops stinging itself through jealousy or suspicion, they are free to forgive and forget. When the Moon is in Scorpio, it is best not to take things personally and to remember that emotions are at a fever pitch. Avoid social complications and scandalous intrigue of any kind.

   Let's look at Venus entering Scorpio today for the next three weeks. As Venus has a natural tendency for acceptance and creating beauty and harmony around her, her travels through Scorpio can be a bit mysterious, if not downright exciting! This fixed and watery sign can bring up an intense need for relationships, being secretive and/or forging new financial partnerships... all of which may appear obsessive to outside viewers!
   Mercury goes Direct on Saturday, the 25th, at 16 degrees of Libra and will be back to 2 degrees of Scorpio on November 10th, where he/she began backtracking. What have you learned about yourself and your relationships during the last three weeks? Hopefully you're feeling like you're on more of an even keel and ready to invest in new and more productive pursuits, as there could be a whirlwind of change, discussion and excitement in the coming weeks!

   Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~

Friday, October 10, 2014

Pathways Astrology: "Days of Distribution" Of The Full Moon's Illumina...

Pathways Astrology: "Days of Distribution" Of The Full Moon's Illumina...:    Yes, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse was the day before yesterday and I couldn't finish writing my Blog due to a painful injury to my rig...

"Days of Distribution" Of The Full Moon's Illumination

   Yes, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse was the day before yesterday and I couldn't finish writing my Blog due to a painful injury to my right index finger. So, I am now modifying the post I started, to discuss what is called "the days of distribution" while trying not to type with the splinted finger! Hopefully, you got to read someone else take on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, but I will paraphrase my thoughts on how these energies can affect us as while under the influence of the days of distribution.

   As you are no doubt aware, this was a powerful Full Moon with some very positive, as well as challenging, aspects still playing out on planet Earth! The enlightenment on the Aries/Libra access is about balance, fairness and harmony, especially in our significant relationships. Whether you are in a one-on-one personal partnership or not, you still have others in your daily life... family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. So, what realizations have you come to regarding the need for compromise or diplomacy in your key partnerships?

   With the Aries Full Moon in close proximity to unstable and surprising Uranus, and both opposite the Sun (life force) conjunct Venus (values, needs, money, love) in Libra, it is hard not to jump into action over what we perceive as necessities to right the ship in the area of imbalances. While indecision or inaction is often a Libran characteristic, the ability to weigh out the pros and cons is a good thing before taking action, especially when feeling pressed to do something while Mercury (communication, agreements, etc.) is in retrograde motion!

    The chart of the Full Moon held a Grand Trine in Fire between ebullient Jupiter in Leo, action-oriented Mars in Sagittarius and the Moon/Uranus conjunction in Aries. That's a lot of inspiration, hope and desire to flow with positive and forward-moving conviction in the direction of our goals! This Grand Trine also included the polarity of the Sun/Moon opposition, making another favorable aspect called a kite, with the apex of the kite being the Libra Sun. Look for your opportunity to make headway in relationships that are supportive and balanced.

    The other planetary aspects of the Full Moon chart still sending out underlying vibrations and cause for concern are four stressful squares from transformative Pluto to the Sun, Moon, Venus and Uranus, denoting the obstacles to our growth and where we need to focus our efforts to make positive changes to help bring these disparaging forces together! Let the Moon's light illuminate what is most important to you and who or what you need to either let go of, or bring along, as you move in the direction you choose to go. Just make sure you're not hitting your head against an old wall, as you look for the doorway to your renewed harmony. Trying to make something happen or control the actions, thoughts or feelings of another is strictly off-limits!

    A reminder here that we are just in the first week of Mercury retrograde, which doesn't go Direct until the 25th. That means, do your research, finish up old projects and don't start important new things for several weeks. This is the time to slow our thoughts down for introspection, not to go hurrying off in a new direction!

   In the meantime, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground! 




   The two days following

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumnal Equinox & Libra New Moon

   It's that glorious time of year in the northern hemisphere when we being to seek balance and harmony once more after a hectic summer season. The Sun moved into Libra on Monday night, September 22nd, then very early today, the Moon joined the Sun for the Libra New Moon. I'd like to be able to say everyone could breathe a sigh of relief, if only everyone agreed to play fair. Alas, not all those in charge of mundane issues consider playing fair... What's a sentient being to do?! If you're reading this, you can decide to seek balance for yourself, regardless of others' intentions, because as we have all experienced, change begins with us!

   With the Sun and Moon at the first degree of Libra and aligned with Venus, Libra's ruler, values, money and love are highlighted this coming month. Who are you spending your time with, what are you spending your money on? Who do you love or want to be with? These are the inner questions behind the outer efforts to maintain or manifest harmonious relationships. Whether love relationships, business partnerships or the people you see around you at work or play every day, take stock of the imbalances and your role in creating more harmony.

   Attributes of this Cardinal Air sign are thinking, logic, relating, debate, judgement, partnership and balance, among others. Where are you feeling out of balance, out of sorts, out of touch or overwhelmed...? That's where to begin - regulating any excesses and being open to making space in your life for others to offer you what you need or want.  Acceptance, forgiveness, compromise and healing are also attributes of Libra, for in order to regain harmony, one must find a way to accept one's short-comings as well as those of others.

  Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~


Monday, September 8, 2014

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces

   The Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Virgo bring awareness to our health and well being both physically and emotionally. This is the Harvest Full Moon, the time to reap the rewards of nature and our gardens.The growing season is coming to a close in the Northeast and many families are enjoying the goodness of foods grown without pesticides and unnecessary chemicals. If you don't have the choice of a farmers market, community garden or your own backyard vegetable plot, try to make wise choices at the grocery store, especially avoiding prepared foods and those products with GMOs, additives and preservatives. The closer you get to nature, the more healthy you'll be!

    The Moon opposes the Sun tonight at 9:38pm on probably the last clear night of the week and if the weather forecast is correct, a great time for viewing the Full Moon and gathering together with like-minded others for ceremony or meditation. The Pisces Full Moon reminds us to send healing prayers out to all of humanity, especially those who are suffering, alienated or in emotional distress.
 We are all on this ride together on planet Earth and once we individually realize that there is enough (money, love, resources...) for all, healing can take place. Praying for those who cause us pain or suffering through their ignorance of this fact will help the Light to dawn in their hearts while increasing yours.

   Aspects from the Moon to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all day remind us that change and illusion are still factors in the circumstances of our daily lives. The more you can tune into your higher selves, the clearer you can be about decisions. If unsure, decide to do nothing for now, then as clarity returns, trust what you know to be real in the moment and do the best you can. Pisces Full Moon increases "knowingness" on a deep vibrational level that we call instinctual. This last sign of the zodiac isn't always rational but it will let you tune into the feelings that allow you to transition into the next right thing!

   On Thursday, the Sun aligns supportively with Saturn, the planet of response-ability. This is an aspect of opportunity and possibility which needs to be used not squandered on doubt of any kind! If  you have been doing your research, polishing your skills, or organizing your desk, since Sol entered Virgo on August 22nd, then this could be the time to take advantage of all your hard work and make a commitment to a partnership or a project.

   That active and aggressive planet Mars leaves Scorpio on Saturday for the adventurous sign Sagittarius for a few weeks. I don't know if this is good news or not... Mars in Scorpio can be rolling up the shirt sleeves to get work done on a joint project or too busy digging up dirt and causing hurt feelings. In Sagittarius, Mars can be spontaneous, truth-seeking or a zealot on a soap box!

Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~


Monday, August 25, 2014

Virgo New Moon

  The Moon moved into Virgo at 5:33am and will join the Sun at 10:13am, beginning a lunar cycle (month-long) of adjusting. Why, adjusting...? Because the four main Moon phases beginning today involve the Moon being in the four Mutable signs of the zodiac: Virgo New Moon, Sagittarius First Quarter Moon, Pisces Full Moon and finally, a Gemini Last Quarter Moon. The Mutable signs use information and resources gathered to organize, adapt and share with others. "How do we make this work?"  "What do we have that we can use?" These are the types of questions we'll be asking ourselves for the next few weeks.

   The seeds to be planted at this New Moon involve how best to hone our skills, make our daily schedules work and take care of our bodies and minds. Virgo is a discerning sign and can help you set boundaries and limits adding to the organizational skills of all at this time of year, not just Virgo natives. De-cluttering and weeding out are keywords here. Be honest about the last time you looked at that newspaper or if it's time to deal with that unopened stack of mail and keep the shredder going... reuse or take it to recycling!!

    Another aspect of Virgo to pay attention to is what we put into our bodies in the way of food, vitamins and drugs. Is it time to cut out massive amounts of sugar in the form of carbohydrates, not just in our coffee? Maybe that bottle of Omega 3 fish oil is calling to you for a reason! Perhaps it's time to visit your health care practitioner and see if you can cut back on prescriptions or get help with nutritional needs, as well as cutting down alcohol intake.

   This is a day with a mixed bag of cosmic influences, some positive, some difficult. Mercury (communication) formed a helpful aspect with Saturn just a bit ago this morning, helping us to take care of important business, set up meetings, make phone calls and get our priorities straight! A tricky conjunction of action-packed Mars joining with stern Saturn makes for a somewhat off-putting afternoon midday. It's best to put one foot in front of the other and not push your own agenda. Joint projects can benefit under this aspect if both parties involved have a common goal and work together to achieve it.

    Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Aquarius Full Moon

   There has been a lot of excitement, challenges and opportunities in the buildup to this Full Moon! August started off with a mix of positive and negative aspects between the personal planets Mercury (communication and interaction), Venus (love and values) and Mars (action and aggression) and the interpersonal planets Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (contraction), as well as a challenging square from Venus to Uranus (the revolutionary). While the planetary cycles don't rely on our calendar months, it is interesting when the month starts off with such noticeable energies. There is definitely a lot going on in the world, some of it good and some of it not so good!

   Things started out optimistically enough at the Leo New Moon on July 26th, as the sunny hope of summer fun, creative self-expression and/or daring new adventures set the stage for the month ahead. Then we had the intensity of the Scorpio First Quarter Moon on August 3rd, bringing doubt and an opportunity to rephrase our joint connections with others. The fixed quality of Leo's fire and Scorpio's water is now giving way to the equally fixed nature of the Aquarian Full Moon. People can definitely get their back up in very willful ways under this airy, detached and unconventional sign!

   What is being illuminated will show up in your associations with people, especially new ones. Looking at new solutions to old problems is key under Aquarius. Since the Leo New Moon opened the door to expressing ourselves and our creativity, this Full Moon is the time to look at what ideas or knowledge is being shared that will affect the whole. The idealistic and revolutionary nature of Aquarius is unattached to emotion and best expressed through groups rather than individuals. Expect some wacky and/or assertive behaviors to surface today and over the next two days as the Full Moon energy continues being disseminated!

   This evening finds the Moon opposing Mercury at 6:12 pm, making for the possibility of mixed messages and beginning a void-of-course lunar period, lasting until 8:55am tomorrow when the Moon enters compassionate Pisces.  Try to end the weekend by expressing your gratitude and appreciation to friends and loved ones. A little does indeed go a long way! Expect a somewhat calmer start to the work week than the ending of last week was as the Piscean ruler Neptune, is joined by Luna. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition on arising as you may feel like you've been traveling through a fantasyland. Your subconscious will receive the message loud and clear and filter it to your consciousness if you ask or when you are ready to receive it!

  In the meantime, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~



Saturday, July 26, 2014

Leo New Moon Today!!

   This Balsamic Phase, or the "dark side of the Moon", has been especially interesting with the Sun in Leo and the Moon creeping up to join him there later today, at 6:42pm EST, you can feel the joy starting to break out even though you cannot see the waning crescent moon any longer and it will be another couple of nights until we see the waxing crescent moon appear! Giant Jupiter, conjunct the Moon just prior to it joining the Sun, adds to the sense of euphoria or larger-than-life emotions.

    The challenge is to enjoy oneself and ones' loved ones... see how that word is repeated... one... and remember that we are all "one", whether connected by blood or water (emotion). The bigger challenge is to avoid going overboard emotionally. This can appear as having too much fun or being willful and stubborn. Leo is the sign of drama and the King, and while Leos want their friends to have fun with them, they generally like to have it their way! Having Sun, Moon and Jupiter all together in Leo ratchets up the childlike awe and joy of life. Choose to be the fun-loving child, not the petulant child wanting their way, and you'll enjoy your friends and family more.

   Moving into opposition on Monday are Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn, which brings awareness to your financial picture, values and what is breaking down or needing to be re-built. This celestial polarity can be quite revealing as it puts stress on the weak spots and shows us where our strength lies. Tune into your intuition and really identify what is important and what either needs to be let go of or where you can build anew!

   Staying focused on your joy, creativity and expressing what gives you pleasure, while not hurting others, is the main function of the Leo New Moon cycle playing out over the next four weeks. Positive keywords are enthusiasm, creativity, drama, generosity and dignity. Negative traits are willfulness, entitlement, snobbery, dogmatic and patronizing. They are both available in bucket-loads in August... choose wisely how to best express your inner or outer Leonine personality and have as much fun as you can while including your loved ones!!

   Remember to keep your head in the stars and get your feet in the sand while basking in Leo's warmth~

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Full Moon in Capricorn, Mercury into Cancer & Jupiter into Leo

   July's Full Moon occurs at 21 degrees of Capricorn on Friday, the 12th at 7:25 am. There's a mixed bag of activity this day that has the Moon interacting in challenging aspects to revolutionary Uranus and aggressive Mars, as well as oppositions to the Sun (Full Moon) and expansive Jupiter.  The awareness that comes with these stressful planetary alignments at this point in the lunar phase ought to illuminate what needs attention in your life, especially in relationships, showing you where to act. Because the Moon rules instinctual behavior, you will also be shown where to detach emotionally from the problems so that you can accomplish what needs to be done.

   For anyone with planets at or near, the 21st degree of the Cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, you will experience a big push to take some kind of action. Look before you leap! The Cardinal signs have been getting a lot of attention the past couple of years due to major planetary transits through those signs. The good news is that Cardinal signs can take action and begin things. The bad news is that the outer planets are causing much of the upheaval in our day-to-day lives that is trickling down to individuals and making people feel helpless. It only feels that way! While you cannot single handedly change the government or the financial atmosphere, there are things you can do for yourself.

   Deciding to do only what you can do every day, as it comes, is your current assignment. Make sure that you take care of business first (Capricorn Full Moon), then balance that out with some self-nurturing time out. That may include a family BBQ, or dinner with friends, or an afternoon alone at the beach with a good book. Whatever gives you some comfort and serves to re-energize, not deplete you, is what you can do for yourself; work it into your busy schedule.

   The day after the Full Moon finds Mercury moving back into Cancer after a retrograde relapse into Gemini. You are now free to move forward on the things you found out, uncovered or had to deal with during June, especially as they involve home, family, where you live or real estate. For some, that will mean actively pursuing a new home and for others, it may be fixing up your nest or acting on the decision to buy or sell. You can now make agreements and sign documents that you've held off on during Mercury's retrograde phase.

   On Wednesday, July 6th, giant Jupiter moves into the Fixed Fire sign of Leo for the next year. This is a welcome relief after Jupiter's expansion of the waterworks in Cancer last year!! Children, creativity, drama, enthusiasm and determination are some of Leo's concerns. As an enthusiastic Fire sign, ruled by the life-giving Sun, Leo brings much to be hopeful and excited about. Cautions are pride, willfulness and a feeling of entitlement. When acting positively, Leo can be loving, offering support and encouragement to those who bask in the warmth of his light.

   Remember, keep your head in the stars, your feet on the ground and your heart open to Leo's Love & Light~

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Arthur May Be Gone, But The First Quarter Moon and Today's Alignments Won't Go Quietly!!

   It was a fast moving storm with very high winds and more water than we've seen in the Northeast for awhile. Now the sun is shining to illuminate the fallen branches and broken patio furniture... that's all I can see from my third floor window. I hope Arthur wasn't too rough on the sea shore!

   Today's celestial news came in this morning in the form of a First Quarter Moon, a square between the waxing Moon in Libra and the Sun in Cancer. Whenever we have this challenging aspect between the two "Lights",  illumination and growth are the focus with a necessary change the goal! The tension that built up prior to the exact square, at 8:am, put stress on the weak spots and hopefully gave you insight into what needs to change. Where did you experience this last night and early this morning?

   Adding to the interest today is a helpful aspect, a trine, between the Moon and Venus, setting the stage for a pleasant time midday. Take some time out to appreciate the beauty around you or to create some beauty and harmony with loved ones. Let this carry you forward through a possible upset or afternoon surprise coming in around 1:46p.m EST when the Moon opposes that upstart Uranus. Go with the flow as much as possible and don't be thrown off course by this new development, unless you need to take a different path, then go for it!

   We round out the evening with fireworks, literally and figuratively, as the Moon aligns with Mars, the fiery planet of energy, action and impulsiveness. Use this figuration to bring a burst of energy to a stagnant situation or relationship, but leave out the aggressive drama that Mars can add. Go for fun and/or romance instead!! Celebrate our freedoms!

Happy Holiday weekend everyone!! Remember, head in the stars, feet on the ground and enjoy the fireworks, if you didn't already have them in your town~

Friday, June 27, 2014

Cancer New Moon & Mercury Goes Direct Again July 1st

   This morning's New Moon in the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer comes one week after the Summer Solstice, signifying Luna's return to it's home sign and conjoining with Sol to put added emphasis on emotional security and one's nest. Whether you own or rent, you will be experiencing a greater need for making your home more comfortable or secure. For some, this will mean finding the right home for yourself, one that suits your needs in both a practical and nurturing manner.

   Another attribute of this placement is increased intuition and a pull to instinctual behavior, which may be difficult if trying to move out of old habit patterns. The Moon cares about how you feel, not what you do, so go easy on yourself and others, especially those in your home. Have a barbeque, splash in the water or give some loving kindness to someone on the ropes. Just watch out for emotional overindulgence and feeling sorry for yourself. Remember, Cancer is a Cardinal/active sign and can begin moving towards security!

   The Sabian Symbol for 6 degrees of Cancer, where the Moon meets the Sun, is "Game Birds Feather Their Nests". Lynda Hill says of this degree symbol, that there is a desire for security in an unstable situation; the readiness for new life and new beginnings is evident! The keywords offered here are: laying the groundwork; nurturing; creating a base where one can feel safe; landlords and tenants; nesting instincts and watching for danger. The "game birds" signify feeling expendable in some way, so the caution here is not to be afraid to venture out on your own and to avoid trying to take over someone elses territory. Link to Lynda's site: http://sabiansymbols.typepad.com/

   Four days from now, on July 1st, Mercury goes into Direct motion again. Whatever you've been backtracking/reworking on concerning agreements or plans since June 6th, you ought to be getting a handle on by now. After this time, the rewrites, new contracts and plans can start to be implemented!
This mercurial planet of the mind will go direct at 25 degrees of Gemini, moving forward to 28 degrees by July11th, where it makes a semisextile with giant Jupiter, a week before he leaves Cancer after his year-long stint there. This is when we begin to feel better about things working out and plans falling into place. Pay attention to your intuition then for signs of positive movement and the right path to proceed along.

   In the meantime, remember to keep your head in the stars, your feet on the ground and your heart open~

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pathways Astrology: Possibility & New Hope With Sagittarius Full Moon

Pathways Astrology: Possibility & New Hope With Sagittarius Full Moon:    The Full Moon occurs eleven minutes after midnight tonight, technically tomorrow, at 23 degrees of the Mutable Fire sign Sagittarius. If ...

Possibility & New Hope With Sagittarius Full Moon

   The Full Moon occurs eleven minutes after midnight tonight, technically tomorrow, at 23 degrees of the Mutable Fire sign Sagittarius. If you've been reading my Blog over the last three and a half years, you know that I occasionally include the Sabian Symbol of pertinent New and Full Moons. Please refer to Lynda Hill's website http://www.sabiansymbols.com/ for more information on the origin and meaning of these insightful symbols!!

   Leading up to the Full Moon today, we had an early morning challenge from the Moon to nebulous Neptune, making it hard to distinguish between reality and the dream-time when we awoke!  Two harmonious aspects between the Moon in Sagittarius, action-oriented Mars and innovative Uranus put an active and seeking kind of spin on the rest of the day. Being proactive and moving fearlessly out into the world today will help you move in a forward direction. Uranus provides a unique new view of the world through friends and associations , as well as unexpected opportunities. Just remember that Mercury is retrograde and don't go making big sudden changes quite yet... preparation and information gathering are necessary for when the time is right!

   Now back to this Full Moon and its' Sabian Symbol: "Immigrants Fulfilling The Requirements For Entering A New Country"... This symbol speaks to new possibility, hope for better things and a new way of life. As positive as this is, there is work to be done in order to move into a new reality... hence "fulfilling the requirements". A Full Moon is indicative of an opposition to the Sun, presently in Mutable Gemini, so consideration of that energy is also pertinent to making the most of this Lunar phase. The dance between airy Gemini and fiery Sagittarius is seen through the mind's focus: the sociability and restlessness of daily thoughts versus the seeking and philosophical pursuits of the higher mind. The Sabian Symbol of the Sun at 23 degrees of Gemini is "Three Fledglings In A Nest High Up In A Tree", which speaks to both the need for immediate information, being brave and trying out one's wings, and the quest for a new life.

   Fulfilling requirements involves gathering information, paperwork, asking questions and adhering to necessary guidelines in order to get where we want to go. Don't be in a rush, especially with Gemini's ruler, Mercury, backtracking through Cancer and about to re-enter Gemini on the 17th where it will remain until July 13th! What do you still need to find out, who do you need to contact and what agreements need to be rehashed before you can step into new territory?! Rushing headlong, eloping, escaping or jumping ship are not advised at this time.

   There are the aspects overnight and throughout the weekend that make this a potent Full Moon. First, Venus in Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio a couple of minutes before the exact Full Moon for a possible battle of wills over "yours, mine and ours" (my way or the highway...) Do you want to be right and left alone, or to work in partnership? Will you take the bait and rise up against "the opposition"... OR... will you agree to meet in the middle, make some concessions and compromise? I realize that for some people, things have been coming to a head and it may in fact be time to separate from constricting relationships or situations that are holding them back. This Full Moon can highlight those issues and shed light on new ways of moving forward, whether alone or in tandem.

   Another factor involves aggressive Mars once again squaring off with Pluto on Saturday, which is particularly ominous for volatile world situations and unbalanced power struggles. If you are in a threatening relationship, seek help and don't allow yourself to be manipulated by fear. This is a time for becoming disentangled and positive forward movement!  Capricorn Moon on Saturday struggles with Pluto, Mars and Uranus to maintain or regain control. Do what is necessary while you bide your time. Remember, you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar! By evening, Luna finds an opportunity for successful achievements and more harmonious relationships, especially if one used more honey than vinegar.

   Have a great weekend and remember to keep your head in the stars, your feet on the ground and come from the heart~


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sun In Gemini & Mercury In Cancer Going Retrograde

  While I missed writing about the New Moon in Gemini last week, due to dental surgery and impaired focus, etc. I still want to address the Sun in Gemini. As you know, the New Moon occurs at the start of a new lunar cycle when the Moon joins the Sun. That happened a week after the Sun entered Gemini, so while the lunar cycle from New to Full Moon is just beginning, the Sun is a week ahead in his cycle, with three more weeks to go in this sociable sign. The New Moon's emphasis on communication and agreements in the month ahead, gets a lot of attention as Gemini's ruler, Mercury will retrograde back into that sign on June 17th. More on that a couple of paragraphs below...

  The current transit of the Sun through the airy and adaptable sign of Gemini, from May 20 - June 21st, is a very busy time! Planning, organizing, connecting, talking and writing, as well as visiting and socializing, are all Gemini activities. This is mental energy, where logic and reasoning, study and information gathering happens. People are apt to be double-booking their time for two or more events happening at the same time. I know, because I just did that... fortunately, I caught myself before Mercury goes retrograde next weekend!

   The Sun in Gemini forms a favorable alliance with Uranus in Aries early Friday morning, the 6th, bringing an opportunity to make new connections or realize a breakthrough in a group project or endeavor. New insight or an aha! moment are possible. However, it won't just happen, you must take action in order to achieve your goal or move in a new direction. That may involve reaching out to others through phone calls, emails or visits. If you put in the time and effort, you could be rather pleasantly surprised at the outcome!

   Okay, on to Mercury retrograde... a little synopsis is necessary here. Inquisitive Mercury moved out of his/her own sign of Gemini on May 29th, where he/she had been happily making plans since May 7th, and entered the deep waters of Cancer. Due to Mercury's immanent retrograde (backwards) motion on June 7th, he/she will re-enter Gemini on the 17th, go direct again on July 2nd, moving forward and back into Cancer on July 13th. The thing to remember here is Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, in its' Rulership in Mutable Air, then in Cardinal Water, will be repeating itself in approximately three week intervals, between May 7th and July 30th when he/she finally enters Leo!

   The key focus now is on paying attention to your feelings as a source of information. In Gemini, information is gathered through the written and spoken word and socializing. In Cancer, information is gathered through the senses, especially the emotions. Pay attention during the next three weeks to your intuition and gut reactions to people, places and situations. Then as Mercury re-enters Gemini, become the detective of facts and written information. Did you miss something someone told you last month that could be important? Did you misplace important papers? Mercury retrograde is the time to review, renew and redo, no matter what sign it's in. Happy investigating!!

   Remember, keep your head in the stars, your feet on the ground and stay in your heart~


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Full Moon Activating Taurus/Scorpio Today

   This is the Full Moon known in the Eastern traditions as the Wesak Moon, representing the time when Buddha comes to bless the faithful and reconnect with spiritual neophytes, disciples and initiates. The emphasis here is on human souls striving to become living exponents of what is known as the Ray of Love/Wisdom. Our job as spiritual beings having a human experience on this "earthwalk" is be compassionate and strive through prayer and healing thoughts to uplift mankind and care for the planet.

   The exact time of the Full Moon, 3:16 pm, also begins a long void-of-course (VOC) lunar period that lasts until the Moon moves into upbeat Sagittarius in the wee hours tomorrow (1:44 am). The focus of this Full Moon in the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio, with the Sun in Fixed Earth/Taurus, is on maintaining your integrity, your values and your determination to smooth the way forward. Emotional imbalance can knock you off your path forward and upset the balance of important relationships, especially those people trying to help you achieve your goals. Scorpio is all about co-creation and this Full Moon will highlight how well you are doing along those lines.

   Helping us along today is a flowing Grand Trine in the Water signs, Cancer. Scorpio and Pisces. Water is the element of emotions and the unseen feelings that connect us with nature and each other. Joint ventures in creative endeavors and humanitarian pursuits benefit as inspiration flows from this cooperation of Jupiter's expansion in Cancer, the Moon in Scorpio and healing Chiron in Pisces. Harness this energy today to make progress in your endeavors!

   There are some challenging aspects today between Venus/Pluto and Mercury/Pluto. When Venus is in Aries, she can appear as too pushy, trying to get her agenda through, but hitting the Capricornian stone walls which Pluto is desperately still trying to defend. Tread softly and use Aries ability to try new tactics instead of butting your head against the same old belief system of power and control. Mercury in its own sign of Gemini just wants to cruise around and socialize with everyone, but is keenly aware of Pluto's defense mechanisms, like a goalie around the net, warding off any attempts at scoring... (hockey metaphor intentional... GO Bruins!) Instead, Mercury has to ask new questions in an attempt to figure out what it is that's really bothering others. It has been said that you're never upset for the reason you say you are... reading between the lines and not taking anything personally would be good today!!

   Remember to keep your head in the stars, your feet on the ground and your heart open~

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

   Happy New Moon everyone! Let the calm stabilizing energy of Taurus help contain your desires and secure your peace of mind as you seek to institute and preserve financial security. Your efforts get a huge assist from the Solar Eclipse energy that accompanies the monthly conjoining of the Sun and Moon early in the morning on Tuesday.

   Coming two weeks after the powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and the build up of pressure from the recent Cardinal Grand Cross, we have the opportunity to experience a renewed sense of grounding our values, our finances or both. First, we need to set our priorities by accepting what it is we value most at this point on our path.

   The Cardinal Cross is all about making needed changes by taking action. The Cardinal signs are the polar opposites in Fire and Air, Aries/Libra and the Water/Earth polarity of Cancer/Capricorn. These signs do not wait around for someone else to make the first move. When situations demand change, action is the only recourse for these Cardinal signs. You'll know what areas of your life have to undergo a transformation by the pressure that's been building up for a long while. It could be your self identity is changing and therefore, your relationships. Or, it might be that your efforts to provide a secure home are thwarted by the bigger picture of safety and security issues out in the world.

   Whatever areas of your life are causing you discomfort now, know that change IS happening all around you. The New Moon can help stabilize your security once you acknowledge where you need to let go and what you need to safeguard. Whether or not you feel completely happy, satisfied or fulfilled in you day-to-day life, isn't the question here. The question is "why aren't you happy, satisfied or feeling fulfilled?" The answer(s) to that question depend on the degree to which your life has changed in the last two and a half years. As situations have changed, so too should you have made necessary changes for yourself.

   What are you going to do (take action) to get peace-of-mind, financial security or the loyalty and affection of family and loved ones? The Taurus New Moon is a chance to restore your sense of self worth by recognizing what is most important or valuable to you , then working to build confidence, loyalty and peace of mind. Remember not to get too self-indulgent or to push too hard to get your way, as you could come across as being selfish and thereby alienate the important people in your life. Also, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra & The Cardinal Cross

   Today has been a powerful build-up to the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, which will occur overnight, exact at 3:42 a.m.  We have had two planetary oppositions, three squares and two unsettling conjunctions aligning in a challenging Grand Cardinal Cross that has been in affect for several days. When four or more planets are aligned this way, there is an outer pull in opposite directions, creating stress in four corners. The Cardinal signs are active signs which like to begin things; they are Aries and its' polar opposite, Libra, and Cancer and its' polar opposite, Capricorn.

   There are two other planetary aspects having a big effect on the current cosmic weather:  Communicative Mercury in fiery Aries, joins revolutionary Uranus, while transformative Pluto turns retrograde in motion today. Since moving into Aries a week ago at the First Quarter Moon, inquisitive Mercury has been busy contacting all of the planets involved in the Cardinal cross in one stressful aspect or another. Versatile and impressionable, Mercury in Aries' nervous energy can become even more excitable squaring off with effusive Jupiter in Cancer. Waterworks are bound to ensue as words and/or actions are apt to be flung about impulsively. Maintaining equilibrium and employing editing and filtering techniques are the tools to use this week, beginning today!

   Pluto's focus in Capricorn is on how power structures and infrastructures have been breaking down in the last several years. The quintessential question here is who has the power and/or, how do we regain control over our own lives? When the planet symbolizing power struggles, Pluto, turns inward for 5 months from today, we have some time to address these issues in our personal lives.
The search for regeneration needs to start with the self and how you maintain equilibrium, or where decaying structures which are no longer serving you need to be discarded.

   As you are probably aware, Uranus has been inching closer to its' fifth exact square to Pluto for a while now. This will happen in one week, on the 21st. As pressures on the Earth mount, physical forms may break down and there could be volcanic eruptions. Something has to give as freedom-loving Uranus in fiery Aries squares off with Pluto in the Earth sign Capricorn. The personal challenge is to tread softly while watching for signs that the transformative energies of change are indeed active in your life. There will be many triggers over the next few days from within and without and your mission is to stay calm and carry on. Meditation, prayer and a peaceful demeanor will help a lot.

   Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground and pray for composure~


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pathways Astrology: It's A Green Light For New Beginnings WithThe Arie...

Pathways Astrology: It's A Green Light For New Beginnings WithThe Arie...:    It's a brave new world when the Sun and Moon come together in Aries, especially when they align with revolutionary Uranus! Today'...

It's A Green Light For New Beginnings WithThe Aries New Moon

   It's a brave new world when the Sun and Moon come together in Aries, especially when they align with revolutionary Uranus! Today's New Moon at 2:45 pm EST takes place at 10 degrees of  the Cardinal Fire sign Aries. This is the time of year to put your energy into starting that one big thing you've been dreaming about all winter, and with the exciting assist from freedom-loving Uranus, you can clear the decks and make space in your life for it. Gather your enthusiasm, be brave, think outside the box and put your original idea out there!

   A few words about timing... wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to let your new plans out of the bag. Today is too soon and unstable of a day. With the Moon in Taurus on Tuesday and Wednesday, things stabilize and you can appear more balanced, less excitable. Now, back to today's energy...
we're definitely feeling energized by the arrival of Spring and the promise of warmer weather, AND there are three really tricky aspects from the Moon to exuberant Jupiter, eccentric Uranus and transformational Pluto after the New Moon this afternoon.

   The Moon squares off with Jupiter in Cancer a little after 5 pm tonight, increasing chances of over-doing, over-compensating or being just plain foolish. Avoid making any really important decisions, especially financial ones tonight. The other thing to watch out for, is overeating, over-drinking and any other exaggerated behaviors! This aspect is followed less than two hours later by the exact conjunction to Uranus for unpredictability, then two more hours until the Moon squares off with Pluto bringing up feeling of distrust and uneasiness. Keep a low profile tonight and ask yourself where you can see the need for some self change before engaging with the larger population.

   We have two weeks for the build-up to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra, during which we can  make our new starts and activate our lives in a forward direction, not looking back or regretting the past. This energy is all about jumping out of the gate, following your passion and expressing your original ideas and practical plans. There are very supportive alignments from Mercury to both expansive Jupiter and focused Saturn at this New Moon, giving you the ability to encourage others and show them how determined and responsible you can be. Be uplifting, not down-trodden and watch others smile and nod as you share your insights!

   A separating aspect between action-oriented Mars and beauty-loving Venus still has the impetus you need to help you move forward and impress loved ones with your drive. Just don't try to force others to see things your way, lead by example. Mars (directed energy) aligns with the nodes to help others see your enthusiasm and your determination and asks you to be self-confident and brave.

   All in all, this Aries New Moon ought to encourage and buoy you up for taking bold steps to move forward. If you're feeling stuck, get in touch with your emotions, acknowledge your feelings and have a heart-to-heart talk with your self about letting go of the past and exploring this much needed new direction in your life. Accept your feelings and remember that the nostalgic pull to stay where you are is due to familiarity and/or a sense of comfort with the known, then lovingly release ties that bind you to the past and know you are making space for new beginnings across the board - new relationships, new ways of seeing yourself in the world and new feelings of excitement and possibility! Now, prepare to go boldly forward...

   Remember to keep your head in the stars, your feet on the ground and your heart open~


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pathways Astrology: Virgo Full Moon - Paying Attention To The Details

Pathways Astrology: Virgo Full Moon - Paying Attention To The Details:    Today's Full Moon takes place at 1:08pm on the 26th degree of Virgo, a degree I am quite familiar with, as my natal Moon is situated ...

Virgo Full Moon - Paying Attention To The Details

   Today's Full Moon takes place at 1:08pm on the 26th degree of Virgo, a degree I am quite familiar with, as my natal Moon is situated there. When the Full Moon is here, that means the Sun is on the opposite point in Pisces creating the give and take of an opposition. Organization, weeding out and polishing our skills are some of the attributes of this Mutable Earth sign. Other positive key words associated with Virgo are integrity, discernment and analysis, while criticism, over-thinking and  perfectionist carry the  more negative traits of Virgo.

   We started out with the Pisces New Moon two weeks ago setting the stage for rest and retreat, some down time, reflection and letting go, a time of compassionate understanding and a feeling of connection with the greater whole. Building on those unseen vibrational connections with others, including animals and having two planets (Mars and Saturn) turn retrograde while giant Jupiter turned direct, has been the underlying theme since the beginning of the month. Saturn slowing down in mysterious Scorpio and Mars having to put the brakes on in Libra gives everyone a sense of time standing still while events in the world keep swirling around us.

   Where do you have to shift through information to discern your own needs of organization and orderliness? Perhaps you still need time to walk along the beach and clear your head or time to go through paperwork and finish those taxes. Saturn in Scorpio will help you uncover the missing paperwork when you put your full attention on it. It may seem that what you need is at odds with what the boss or others in power want right now, just do your best to keep your head down and get done what needs doing. Notice the details in your everyday life and keep polishing your own skills as you wait for the tide to turn.

   A few thoughts on a current event... a plane goes missing over the ocean thousands of miles away and we all wonder... how can that happen in this day and age of technological advances when private citizens can get an app for their cell phone that shows planes landing and taking off all around them?! Scorpio darkness and mystery adds to questions of Neptunian sleight of hand, or fogginess. Where did it go? Neptune in Pisces is conjunct Mercury in the Full Moon chart, adding haziness to possible deceit in what we are hearing. Keep shifting until you find your own truth and continue to tune into yourself and connect with inner guidance/compass for what your direction needs to be.

   We do indeed live in interesting times! Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground while checking in with your own heart~


Friday, February 28, 2014

Pathways Astrology: Mercury Direct Today, Pisces New Moon Early Tomorr...

Pathways Astrology: Mercury Direct Today, Pisces New Moon Early Tomorr...:   Hallelujah!! Mercury turned direct in motion today and it's very welcomed! The past three weeks has been a trying time of mixed messag...

Mercury Direct Today, Pisces New Moon Early Tomorrow And Mars & Saturn Go Retrograde

  Hallelujah!! Mercury turned direct in motion today and it's very welcomed! The past three weeks has been a trying time of mixed messages, missed communications and all sorts of phone and communication problems... and that's just around me. However, along with the crossed wires, I have gleaned bits of insight and been able to re-focus my priorities as I journeyed inward out of necessity. What about you, what did you learn or what were you able to redo in the last few weeks?!

   We now have the benefit of Mercury moving forward in freedom-loving Aquarius for the next three weeks, connecting us with groups of like-minded individuals and humanitarian pursuits! Let this underlying vibration of the intellect, innovation and original ideas carry you through the watery Piscean focus on emotional currents that will be the norm after tomorrow's New Moon in Pisces. It's okay to feel your feelings and to retreat a little before expressing or sharing with others. Take your feelings up to meet your head, then go into your heart to be sure it's what you want to say, be or do before you share it with others.

   The compassion and understanding of this Pisces New Moon is sorely needed on planet Earth at this time. This is the seed time to plant your concerns for those suffering individuals, forgotten animals and polluted waters on this amazing planet we call home. So far, we haven't discovered another one like it, and even if we had, it behooves us to care for our Mother Earth. Pisces is ruled by Neptune which brings a heightened awareness of service and sacrifice, as well as psychic impressions, spiritual insights and creative sensitivities. Let random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty be the norm in the lunar month ahead.

   A few words of caution here, especially for those impressionable Pisces out there... boundaries are necessary for Piscean vulnerabilities. The way to set them is to go to the opposite side of the coin, Virgo, and ask yourself what have I done to take care of myself today, or what do I need to do to protect myself in this situation, relationship, job, etc. When you know the answer, you'll have your limits and will be ready to deal with the less tangible needs of others. Sometimes, dealing with others when you feel fragile means not engaging at all, just retreating to rebuild your own strength. If this is how you feel, and you're sure you're not just in denial of what you need to do by self-medicating, hiding or running away, then by all means, take a time out and delve into your creative pursuits! I am finding painting and some poetry, reading or writing, to be very helpful right now.

  Looking ahead, we see Mars going retrograde in Libra on Saturday, March 1st, making action and energy slow waaay down to help you find the balance or harmony you seek, before putting it all out there in key relationships. In other words, don't expect things to go smoothly for the next two and a half months and don't be in a rush to push ahead or make anything happen! You have internal work to do first, then things ought to flow more easily after May 19th when Mars turns direct. Serious Saturn also goes retrograde on Sunday, March 2nd at 23 degrees of Scorpio for nearly five months, before turning around at 16 Scorpio on July 20th to continue cruising through this intensely passionate and co-creative water sign until December 23rd, when he enters the aspiring Fire sign Sagittarius.

   While Saturn (necessity) is retrograde in Scorpio, you need to review your business deals and any exchanges with others to be certain you are not just engaged with them to appease your desire nature, and/or that you aren't sacrificing your own values for the sake of pleasing someone else. It's also the time to clean up financial responsibilities, especially those related to loans, banking and taxes, even if it means setting up a payment schedule. Just do it - it's extremely important now! Be careful not to involve yourself with shady characters or unsavory business dealings and if already enmeshed, do what you can to disengage over the next few months. No acting needy or lusting after a desired outcome... let your integrity bring you your goodness. That's all for now.

   Just remember to keep your feet on the ground and your head in the stars and give your heart to the Divine~


Friday, February 14, 2014

Full Moon in Leo Today, Happy St.Valentine's Day!

   Here we are with a Triple Whammy... the Full "Snow" Moon in Leo, sign of romance and the heart, on a Friday, "Freya's Day" for Venus, the Goddess of Love and beauty... AND it just happens to be St. Valentine's Day!  Let your Love Light shine today and may it melt the snow and hearts of all around you and bring warmth to your day~

    The origins of this Feast of St. Valentine is based on the martyrdom of a Roman priest who was buried on February 14th, around 496 A.D. on the Via Flaminia. According to Wikipedia, Valentine was imprisoned for performing marriages for soldiers, who were forbidden to marry, and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted in the Roman Empire. I'm not sure what to make of that, except to say, it seems that there have always been those people who understand unconditional Love, and those who do not! Let's strive to not make a mockery of others' beliefs and behaviors when it comes to matters of the heart.

    The Sun in Fixed Air - Aquarius, being opposed by the Moon in Fixed Fire - Leo, raise the question... are you ready for it...?! why can't I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold, cold heart... courtesy Nora Jones. Time to meet in the middle everyone - I'm a big believer in releasing f.e.a.r. and replacing with love. AND, I understand it's a process that takes time. This Full Moon can show us how we're doing with the individual process of opening our minds and melting our Leonine hearts, while it reminds us that we're not alone (Aquarius). How are you doing with getting into your heart and loving yourself in order to love others?

   Other planetary aspects affecting us today, include a Moon/Saturn square and a Moon/Mercury opposition - say what you mean and mean what you say!! There's an element of responsibility here as well and I am delighted that the One Billion Rising Nantucket event is joining other OBR events around the world today - all voices, big and small, need to be heard... please read Horton The Who to get deeper insight into what I mean here. I love that book, and not just because I like elephants.

   Mars is very active tonight and getting good press from his association with the Moon around 7 p.m. and later with the Sun a little after 9 p.m. As you may or may not know, Mars has been in Libra for a long stretch and will remain there until the end of July, thanks to a retrograde cycle that starts March 2nd and continues through to the third week in May. That's a long time for the assertiveness of Mars to be trying to boss others around in Venus' Libra territory! What to do...? A positive use of all this energy can be reinforced tonight as people join together in supporting harmony, fairness and balance. But the effort to maintain progress needs to be guarded vigilantly by working together on a "we" agenda, not a "me" platform. 

Remember, to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Aquarius New Moon,The Chinese Year Of The Wood Horse, And Mercury Goes Retrograde

   Tomorrow's New Moon in Aquarius happens at 4:38pm as Luna moves into conjunction with Sol. There's always another way to view or verse what is happening between the planets. We are used to saying, "it's a New Moon", but when is the last time you actually thought about what that means? The monthly alignment of the Moon with the Sun means that the instinctual, feeling nature of the Moon joins with the out-going energy of the Sun, bringing what is inner together with the outer, providing a focus for the lunar phase of the month ahead.

   This month's focus is brought to you by Aquarius, the Fixed Air sign of unconventional ways of thinking. Natives of the 11th sign of the Zodiac are inventive, original and friendly, requiring independence and valuing freedom above all else, even as they share their oft-times revolutionary ideas of what is in the best interests of the community as a whole! Getting together with others to brainstorm solutions, especially new ideas for breaking through obsolete patterns of stuck energy, is where it's at during this New Moon phase.

   Expect to see or be involved in group activities for the sharing of goals and ideals within your community during the next two weeks. This is the time to plant new seed ideas for subsequent growth! Certainly, there will be opportunities for gathering in unison with others to support the rights of individuals, whether that be in committees, humanitarian organizations or anywhere else that people get together to make a difference and connect with others, like church or social groups. On Nantucket, there will be an opportunity to gather on Valentines Day in connection with others worldwide for the One Billion Rising event that supports justice for women and children around the globe. Click here for more information about the 5 pm gathering at the Atheneum Library on February 14, 2014: https://www.facebook.com/OneBillionRisingACK

   Networking is another means of sharing goals, thoughts and ideas with your friends and associates. The internet is one big web for reaching out and connecting with others through technology. Another way that Aquarian energy operates is via radio; information comes quickly and seemingly out of the blue through the airwaves. Intuition, invention and "just knowing" are other positive ways that information flows through this cool, winter Air sign. Won't you tune in to yours in the weeks ahead?! Logic and reasoning are also Aquarian hallmarks, so as long as you check your deep feelings at the door and don't expect any warm fuzzies from group members, you stand a chance of really accomplishing something for the greater good.

   According to astrologer Susan Levitt, the Chinese year of the Wood Horse begins on Friday, January 31st, bringing a chance for fast victories, unexpected adventures and surprising romances in the year ahead. Being decisive is a must in a Horse year as procrastination won't pay off. However, if not 100% sure in your decision, don't do it, because going down the wrong path will also be very quick! Energy is high and productivity is rewarded. It will be a year of BIG fluctuations in the financial markets, with wars and conflicts springing up around the world. Peace will return in 2015 during the Year of the Wood Sheep. Horse's cycle equates to June, or Gemini in Western astrology.

   Mercury turns retrograde on February 6th at three degrees of Pisces, going back to eighteen degrees of Aquarius before turning direct again on February 28th. During this three week time frame, do your research, review your plans and renew the commitments and connections that you already  made with others during January. Just avoid signing on the dotted line, making new commitments or buying cars, computers or any devices that have to do with communication and/or have moving parts. These things tend to break down during Mercury's retrograde cycle. No matter what you focus on, make sure you have all the necessary information to make smart choices!

    Remember, we live in interesting times, so stay in your heart, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground and know that all be be well!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pathways Astrology: Cancer Full Moon 2014

Pathways Astrology: Cancer Full Moon 2014:    The Full Moon takes place at 11:52 pm tonight, at 27 degrees of Cancer. When the Sun and Moon do their monthly do-see-do in the Cardinal ...

Cancer Full Moon 2014

   The Full Moon takes place at 11:52 pm tonight, at 27 degrees of Cancer. When the Sun and Moon do their monthly do-see-do in the Cardinal signs of Cancer and Capricorn, issues of home and security are on the table. It is time to take some action, or at least see if there is anything you need to begin looking at. Perhaps you need to focus on what can give you the most security and identify if that is in your professional life or at home. Maybe you're not having any issues, just enjoying home and hearth during these cold months, so you get to really feel the comfort your home and surroundings can give you. Pay attention to how secure you feel and you'll know where you need to take action.

   The Sabian Symbol for the Moon's placement at 27 degrees Cancer is A Violent Storm In A Canyon Filled With Valuable Homes, which seems quite intense. Weather is definitely a factor in many places around the globe right now, but this speaks to more than just the physical elements, it also addresses emotional and spiritual well being, particularly since safety and security are the key concerns of Cancer and Capricorn. Homes are valuable to whomever lives in them and the threatening storm can have an affect in any of these areas of well being.

    The Sun is opposite that degree at 27 Capricorn, for which the Sabian Symbol is: A mountain pilgrimage. What is involved here is a striving to reach the top, whether alone or with others who are also on a pilgrimage.  Is what you're trying to attain a career goal, business security or a successful passage through a time of great travail? No matter the goal, you will be  no doubt have company at various points along the way. How do these others fit into the bigger picture of what you hope to achieve?

   Another aspect to this Full Moon is the Moon's recent involvement with both Venus (money, love and values) and Mars (energy, aggression and direction). With Venus also in Capricorn and Mars in Libra,  there is more emphasis on your personal finances and who you choose to spend your time and money on. All four corners of the Cardinal axis are engaged by having planets in each of these Zodiac signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. Jupiter, still in Cancer and conjunct the Moon earlier today, just ratchets up the emotional quality of whatever issue you are dealing with.

   My advice would be to not overreact on any level just now, but to wait until things settle down a bit before taking a stance on where the breakthrough is possible. Venus and Mars will be stepping out, or more accurately, squaring off, with each other midday tomorrow so  you may experience another hit of who has the power right now, if it isn't you. New information or insights can arrive early Friday under the Leo Moon as Mercury and Uranus join forces for a productive possibility and are then both engaged by Luna as well. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity to present itself! 

  As always, the illuminating power of the Moon at this point in her cycle is showing you how well you planted your seeds two weeks ago at the New Moon and where you need to tend, water and weed in order to attain your business or career goals. With Venus and Jupiter still retrograde for the rest of January, the inner search for self-worth and emotional security is what matters most. 

  Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground as you seek this knowledge of self~