"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Possibility & New Hope With Sagittarius Full Moon

   The Full Moon occurs eleven minutes after midnight tonight, technically tomorrow, at 23 degrees of the Mutable Fire sign Sagittarius. If you've been reading my Blog over the last three and a half years, you know that I occasionally include the Sabian Symbol of pertinent New and Full Moons. Please refer to Lynda Hill's website http://www.sabiansymbols.com/ for more information on the origin and meaning of these insightful symbols!!

   Leading up to the Full Moon today, we had an early morning challenge from the Moon to nebulous Neptune, making it hard to distinguish between reality and the dream-time when we awoke!  Two harmonious aspects between the Moon in Sagittarius, action-oriented Mars and innovative Uranus put an active and seeking kind of spin on the rest of the day. Being proactive and moving fearlessly out into the world today will help you move in a forward direction. Uranus provides a unique new view of the world through friends and associations , as well as unexpected opportunities. Just remember that Mercury is retrograde and don't go making big sudden changes quite yet... preparation and information gathering are necessary for when the time is right!

   Now back to this Full Moon and its' Sabian Symbol: "Immigrants Fulfilling The Requirements For Entering A New Country"... This symbol speaks to new possibility, hope for better things and a new way of life. As positive as this is, there is work to be done in order to move into a new reality... hence "fulfilling the requirements". A Full Moon is indicative of an opposition to the Sun, presently in Mutable Gemini, so consideration of that energy is also pertinent to making the most of this Lunar phase. The dance between airy Gemini and fiery Sagittarius is seen through the mind's focus: the sociability and restlessness of daily thoughts versus the seeking and philosophical pursuits of the higher mind. The Sabian Symbol of the Sun at 23 degrees of Gemini is "Three Fledglings In A Nest High Up In A Tree", which speaks to both the need for immediate information, being brave and trying out one's wings, and the quest for a new life.

   Fulfilling requirements involves gathering information, paperwork, asking questions and adhering to necessary guidelines in order to get where we want to go. Don't be in a rush, especially with Gemini's ruler, Mercury, backtracking through Cancer and about to re-enter Gemini on the 17th where it will remain until July 13th! What do you still need to find out, who do you need to contact and what agreements need to be rehashed before you can step into new territory?! Rushing headlong, eloping, escaping or jumping ship are not advised at this time.

   There are the aspects overnight and throughout the weekend that make this a potent Full Moon. First, Venus in Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio a couple of minutes before the exact Full Moon for a possible battle of wills over "yours, mine and ours" (my way or the highway...) Do you want to be right and left alone, or to work in partnership? Will you take the bait and rise up against "the opposition"... OR... will you agree to meet in the middle, make some concessions and compromise? I realize that for some people, things have been coming to a head and it may in fact be time to separate from constricting relationships or situations that are holding them back. This Full Moon can highlight those issues and shed light on new ways of moving forward, whether alone or in tandem.

   Another factor involves aggressive Mars once again squaring off with Pluto on Saturday, which is particularly ominous for volatile world situations and unbalanced power struggles. If you are in a threatening relationship, seek help and don't allow yourself to be manipulated by fear. This is a time for becoming disentangled and positive forward movement!  Capricorn Moon on Saturday struggles with Pluto, Mars and Uranus to maintain or regain control. Do what is necessary while you bide your time. Remember, you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar! By evening, Luna finds an opportunity for successful achievements and more harmonious relationships, especially if one used more honey than vinegar.

   Have a great weekend and remember to keep your head in the stars, your feet on the ground and come from the heart~


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