"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sun In Pisces, Mercury Retrograde & A Virgo Full Moon... Time To Stay In The Moment And Go With The Flow~

   The Sun entered the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, on February 18th, bringing an overflow of creativity and inspiration to the forefront that will last until March 20th. As the mutable Water sign, Pisces usually operates behind the scenes and prefers not to be in the limelight. You may feel the undercurrents of Pisces' fluidity as intuition, impressions or even a feeling of being off balance. Use this time to explore your own creativity in the arts, whether music, painting or photography. Also, feel free to take a break and retreat when emotions become overwhelming.

   Giving yourself permission to not always know what is around the bend, but to flow into it, is the Piscean way to go. It's also a great time to discover talents hidden beneath the surface, buried perhaps in echoes of the past. Many are uncovering the joys of painting or music that they relished in years, or lifetimes, gone by. Music and poetry are other examples that can be released when listening to your inner muse. People are generally more sensitive and compassionate under Pisces, making this a good time for sharing and understanding. It is also easier for those with escapist tendencies to get lost in fantasy, drugs or an alcoholic fog, so use your discernment along with your intuition.

    The much maligned Mercury retrograde phase began yesterday and continues through March 17th. The turn-around of this mercurial energy is necessary for regrouping so that mental processes aren't worn too thin as we jump from one plan to another. The problems that arise from delays, breakdowns in communication and mechanical or moving parts create the frustrations that have given Mercury retrograde such a bad name. Just remember, we can't be fast-forwarding all the time without some time out to review, redo and renew! If you research what you think you need to buy, or need to arrange, and dot all your i's and cross all your t's, you could feel better about this reprieve.

   Treading water in Pisces means that Mercury can connect you with your inner knowingness as you explore the subconscious realms. It may be a bit unsettling to those who are used to being more clear-cut and direct in their communications. However, actually allowing situations to unfold as they will, then intuiting which action or direction to take will help you to find the right words when you need them. It's an especially ripe time for writers to be more creative or for anyone looking to find another approach in their interactions. Nostalgia can run rampant, so digging out the old photos and actually putting them into that album that's collecting dust on the shelf, would be a wonderful pastime while Mercury flows retrograde through Pisces.

   Tomorrow's Full Moon in Virgo, the mutable Earth energy, serves to balance out all the water flowing from its' polar opposite place of the Sun in Pisces. Virgo illumination brings a chance for scrutiny and to see how well you've been organizing your dreams and visions. It also puts the spotlight on health and nutrition, as well as boundary-setting and skill-building. So take some time to see where you may need to tweak your hopes and dreams to ensure that you reach your goals proficiently. The lunar phase
 we enter now asks us to consolidate and make use of what we gathered as we began two weeks ago, not to start new projects, but to continue perfecting and polishing. Just don't be too hard on yourself in the pursuit of perfection or over analyze your every move or you may find yourself tossing and turning during many a restless night. Strike the balance between dreams and practicality!

   Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!



Friday, February 8, 2013

New Moon In Aquarius & The Chinese Year Of The Black Snake

  The Sun in Aquarius is joined by the Moon early on Sunday, exact at 2:20am EST, for this month's New Moon, also kicking off the Lunar New Year which is known as the Chinese New Year. The year of the Snake is said to bring major developments in science, research and technology. Reflecting on the past, and asking important questions along with some shrewd planning, could bring significant gains later on this year! In the meantime, let's see what we have to deal with this week.

   At this darkest time of the Moon, just before it aligns with the Sun, we often experience a kind of holding pattern or a feeling of "what's next?" Today's Mercury (communication and movement) conjunction with Mars (energy and direction) in watery Pisces can add to that sense of unknowing. Pisces goes with the flow intuitively and planets moving through here are more highly attuned to impressions and emotional sensitivity. Pay attention to others around you who may be feeling insecure and try to be sympathetic and understanding. If you're the one experiencing these feelings, it may be a good time for a  retreat to a more spiritual sense of well-being - find a refuge where you feel more comfortable.

   Tomorrow, February 9th brings a challenging amount of feelings and communication all vying for attention, thanks to a square from fast-moving Mercury in Pisces to expansive Jupiter in Gemini. The elements of Air/Gemini and Water/Pisces are certainly on our radar screens with the BIG storm bearing down on the Northeast tonight... wind and water!! Then very early on Sunday, the aggressive action planet Mars will take his turn squaring off with Jupiter, another Pisces/Gemini aspect that will demand action! Pay attention to feelings of frustration and watch your words because once you release them, they'll be gone in the wind and who knows where they'll end up?!

   The official New Moon happens early on Sunday morning and brings together the outward energies of committees, groups and humanitarian organizations with instinctual behaviors, impressions and nurturing emotions. Whatever you FEEL drawn to doing that helps others or moves the collective forward, you can begin it between the New and Full Moon on February 25th. Find your people, your friends or associates and get together to brainstorm, plan and make things happen over the next two weeks. New solutions are necessary now!!

   The beginning of the work week finds us dealing with group needs and limited funds or secret agendas, as gentle Venus in Aquarius squares off with conservative Saturn in Scorpio. The affectionate nature of Venus here, is concerned for the welfare of all rather than an individual, but Saturn has to do some soul-searching to make a creative solution that works for everyone and not just an elite few.

   Take advantage of two harmonious interactions that intellectual Mercury makes on Tuesday, the first bringing an opportunity to make a big change that affects the status quo by lining up with transformative Pluto. The second aspect is a flowing trine to Saturn that will help bring gains through communication and research. Whatever you do that day, please don't squander any opportunity to release the past, or anything outmoded, including relationships that no longer serve, and make progress in building solid new foundations.

   Wednesday and Thursday show Mars taking more positive action by paying attention to undercurrents of the collective needs of the whole in order to address those issues you identified that need attention in the paragraph above. Just reread it with an eye to the future and you will know where you need to act compassionately and intuitively!
      Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!!