"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse

  Welcome to the start of Eclipse season! Beginning with tonight's New Moon Solar Eclipse, followed in two weeks by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the27th, and finishing up with the August 11th, Partial Eclipse of the Sun in Leo, we are entering some powerful change flows. Eclipses only happen when the Sun and Moon line up exactly with the Lunar Nodes. Solar eclipses take place on New Moons, when the Sun and Moon align at the same degree of a sign and Lunar eclipses occur precisely at the Full Moon with the "Lights" in direct opposition to each other. Thank goodness these exact alignments with the Lunar Nodes don't happen at every New and Full Moon... or we'd have eclipses  twice every month.

   This Cancer New Moon Eclipse, earmarks a time of great potential for personal growth and/or major advancement both personally and professionally. Being a water sign, Cancer speaks to us from our emotions. Thoughts are not as important as feelings, especially as they involve home or family and emotional needs. Are you feeling supported, or are you still seeking the kind of love and acceptance that allows you to feel good about yourself and the direction you want to head in? This sense of needing something better can be experienced at work as well. Is your job fulfilling and stimulating, offering you opportunities for advancement, or are you feeling stuck because you can't express your talents? Look to where you feel the need for support and ask yourself how you can get it.

   On a larger scale, the news is filled with stories involving issues of refugees coming ashore everywhere in the world, with hungry children and fathers and mothers who just want to nourish and take care of their families, keeping them safe. This is just one example of where the changes reflected by this lunar cycle can flow. How are you affected by these concerns? What can you do... what will you do... to take care of yourself, your family or others'?

   The changes that societies and countries need to make around the compassionate care of all people... where we need to have the courage of our convictions and stand up for what is right, are boiling over and blatantly in our faces at this New Moon. The eclipse can help to jump-start major changes in attitudes if we each do our part in speaking up and saying "this is unacceptable". Courage, strength and inner fortitude are the tools to use for ushering in significant change.

   The chart for this New Moon shows a close opposition between the Sun and Moon with Pluto in Capricorn. That is not an easy aspect. One can feel powerless in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles coming from authority figures. It is necessary here to act responsibly in your own behalf, instead of just reacting to outside forces. Indeed, the changes you may need to make can be originating from within, with exterior reflections showing you your greatest tasks for claiming your own power. Outer circumstances usually teach us something valuable about ourselves and where we need to make changes. What may seem like someone else trying to take your power may be just the opportunity to realize where you've given it away.

   Another aspect to consider is the unseen, but felt beneath the surface, urge to let your creativity show itself. This is a Neptunian influence that can find expression once you've made some headway identifying what you can do, on whatever scale you can. Use your voice, your art or your music to uplift others and, at the risk of sounding cliche here... be the change you want to see in the world today!

   And remember, while keeping your head in the stars and your feet on the ground, that loving kindness always wins out in the end~



Wednesday, June 13, 2018

New Moon In Gemini

  Prepare for a very busy few weeks as the Sun and Moon align in the airy sign of Gemini! Writing projects,  studies and planning all thrive under this cerebral sign's influence. This is the time for writing projects, studying and planning, while the Sun is still in Gemini and the New Moon begins a 4 week lunar cycle of connecting and communicating. As an Air sign, "the twins" can be very sociable, talkative and wanting to be everywhere, all at once. It's important to focus on one thing at a time in order to accomplish your to do list.

   Mercury, ruler of Gemini aligns positively today with Uranus, his higher octave. This is good for thinking outside the box, brainstorming with committees or groups as well as meeting new people and sharing ideas. We also have a "mutual reception" between the Moon and Mercury which makes it easier to talk about feelings. That's because the Moon is in Mercury's sign and Mercury moved into Cancer yesterday, the Moon's sign. It's like being out of your element staying at a friend's house, while they are at your home - you will both look out for each others' home and be able to relate more comfortably due to a better understanding of how they live.

   Another ingredient of this New Moon is Venus leaving watery Cancer and moving into the Fixed Fire sign Leo tonight. Venus likes comfort and while in Cancer, she settled into her emotions... now she wants to express herself in outgoing Leo! Am I saying we might see some drama queens... possibly. However, I think it's more likely that people will be more magnanimous, caring for others and being helpful, especially when it comes to children. There is a strong desire for attention, recognition or romance with Venus here. Look to see where you have Leo in your chart to see what you may attract.

   The end of June finds action-oriented Mars  turning retrograde in Aquarius the day before the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 27th. This is a BIG turn of events and will have a strong affect on how you are able to direct your efforts, or not... this summer. Mars will be retrograde for all of July and most of August, backing into Capricorn on August 12th before turning direct on the 27th. Patience in looking at your goals is important this summer. Don't be in a hurry, because while you may know what you want, others have their own ideas. Being part of a group while maintaining your individuality is the challenge here... try not to burn too many bridges, unless they have long needed to come down.

  Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

It Is A Very Full Moon In Sagittarius~

This is going to be short and sweet and hopefully filled with some nuggets for you to contemplate. That's because I am in Chicago at the once-every-four-to-six-years United Astrology Conference, with about 1500 other astrologers!! So here are some key words for Sagittarius:

Travelers... education... higher mind... aspiration... adaptability... inspiration... expansive... encouraging... open-minded... outgoing... philosophical... excitable... enthusiastic... sincere... fun-loving and optimistic!!

Don't forget the less than stellar attributes that can emerge with Sadge, like... procrastination, tactlessness, dogmatism and at times, promising more than they can come through with.

In general this is a time to be buoyant, optimistic and allowing others as much freedom to be who they are... as you want. It's a great time to get outside and explore a new place in nature, or take a run, kick around a football or just be adventurous and discover something new about this great big, wide world we live in.

Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Very Exciting Taurus New Moon of 2018

   Yes folks, Taurus New Moon isn't just placid any more - thanks to the revolutionary Planet Uranus entering this solid Earth sign less than 4 hours post New Moon!! While a New Moon is still all about new beginnings, this one can be about an unexpected change coming into your life, whether for good or ill. Be on your toes and have a Plan B, as well as a Plan A. In other words, focus on your Taurean wish list for the lunar month ahead, moving in the direction you hope to achieve regarding love or money, or both... then let go of your expectations and see what the Universe has in store for you.

   This is where free will meets those situations outside of our control. The key here is to stay calm and look at your options -- you have plenty! Whatever you do, don't give in to despair. Things will change and situations are evolving. Remember that nothing happens without some context to our past and what brought us to the present. We know what we need to do and forging new pathways through tried and true connections with the opportunities presented can be liberating indeed.

   The Moon is exalted in this Fixed Earth sign of Taurus, so whatever feels like stability and where our resources can grow is what we want to cultivate now. Practicality and security are just two of the enduring attributes of Taurus. The chart for the New Moon at 7:48am EST also shows Mars (energy)  in Capricorn (ambitious) and in a very positive aspect to the Moon. The perseverance of this combination can help carry the day and build strong new foundations for securing your future well-being. The ruler of Capricorn, Saturn (common sense), is at home here and applying to a harmonious alignment with Mercury (planning) for focusing and concentrating our resources in a practical manner. There is much to be thankful for as we let go of the past and move into exciting new territory.

   Here's the cautionary tale in this unfolding drama... Mars, representing aggression, is challenging Uranus as he enters Taurus. This can cause upheaval, accidents, and shocks to individuals as well as to Mother Earth. This alignment will be exact on the 16th, also as Mars moves into Aquarius and is being felt already. Like any aspect involving an outer planet, the effects can be felt for days and even weeks. Mars needs to be directed so that his actions can be controlled and focused on working with others, especially in groups. New approaches that utilize the courage to make change happen, will be most effective, so long as they benefit the greater good and not just the individual.

    Helping to soften the upheaval is magnanimous Jupiter's waltz with caring Neptune, bringing emotional support of others, creativity and an abundance of kindness. If you care or can help someone in some small, or large way, don't be afraid to show it. In all of the potential presented by the universe now, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~



Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Productive Scorpio Full Moon

   Tonight, at 8:59pm, the Full Moon in Scorpio opposes the Sun at 10 degrees of Taurus. These Fixed signs of the zodiac are known for their creative abilities: manifesting resources in Taurus and co-creating deeper relationships in Scorpio. Since Scorpio is a Water sign and the Moon is all about feelings, things could get intense. Avoiding aggressive, moody people is a must, as well as staying away from suspicions and jealousy! On the other hand, the depth offered by the Scorpio Moon can help reveal hidden assets, skills or talents necessary for moving ahead with a joint project.

   Scorpio is also the sign on the ascendant for this chart, making the co-rulers, aggressive Mars and power-hungry Pluto, quite important players in any unfolding drama. Interestingly enough, these two rabble-rousers are hanging out with each other and only aspecting one other planet - Venus (love and/or money) in a difficult pattern known as a sesquiquadrate. This configuration has to do with the formation of a relationship between the two planetary bodies involved that results in a crisis requiring definitive action. So, ask yourself, did I just take on too much debt? What are you promising that you can't come through with? It's time to make a plan of action (Mars) to turn things around (Pluto).

   There are several really welcoming things going on at this Full Moon that will enlighten us if we look honestly at our role in what's happening.  The first thing is the Moon's conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio, enhancing our kindness quotient and ability to be positive. The second is the Moon's sextile with Saturn, helping us care for those we have responsibilities to. Saturn represents authority figures and whether we're being one or answering to one right now, we had better own it! As ruler of the pragmatic Earth sign Capricorn, Saturn says use your resources wisely, take one step at a time and be patient... you will see progress!

   There is so much going on behind the scenes, literally and figuratively, that's it's hard to make definitive plans right now. However, it's very important to know who you are aligned with, what your common goals are and what the next step is. I haven't seen a chart like this one in a long time, with so many aspect patterns, including a Grand Square pulling in all the Fixed signs, a Grand Triangle in Earth signs, morphing into a Kite pattern via sextiles to tonight's Full Moon in watery Scorpio, and a Yod, otherwise known as a Finger of God, that asks you to not over-identify with the group and instead to clarify your own course of direction. Allow, observe and be willing to take action when you see a clear path ahead.

   In the meantime, say little, be kind to one another and remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.





Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Exciting Aries New Moon Of Spring

   Tonight's joining of the Sun and Moon in the first sign of the zodiac is about the promise of Spring, new life and new starts. Aries is an action sign and this New Moon will bring plenty of energy during the next lunar cycle to take action and direct our efforts forward. Bringing an innovative, and possibly surprising, assist to the Sun and Moon, is their coming together in the same sign with that rebel planet Uranus. A willful, yet resourceful energy, Uranus can now help with new solutions to breaking old habits and solving problems.

   My excitement over this New Moon comes from its' potential for positive change and growth in a kind of out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new momentum. We can all use a change now and then and that's what the rebel planet can provide. Even though we don't always know what is coming and may not like what is presented to us, I believe on some level, we're ready for the shake-up. At this New Moon, ask yourself what do I need to begin and what direction do I want to move in? Then look for the appearance of a silver lining - this may be your chance to do something you've been wanting to do.

   There are two cautionary notes here. The first is Mercury's stationary position today as he begins to turn in direct motion in Aries Keep in mind that we have had to slow down our thoughts, plans and communication over the last three and a half weeks while the Messenger of the Gods has been retrograde. Proceed with caution using any insight into yourself that you have gained during that time. As Mercury leaves its' shadow phase on May 3rd, you ought to have a pretty good idea of what plans merit your attention. You may find yourself entertaining several ideas, but remember you are in a trial phase and not all ideas will stick. In a months' time, Mercury joins Uranus at the last degree of Aries, giving you an opportunity to assess how you're doing with new starts and getting ready to focus your resources on just one or two; in the meantime, you're relying on research to see where you might get your toes wet.

   The second thing to be aware of is that both the Moon and the Sun are coming out of an intensely challenging time, (a square to Pluto) that involves deep emotions, power and drama. It would be best to let go of the struggle and channel your pent up feelings, emotions and energy into a creative project, so that you don't alienate others. Power struggles are out, cooperation is in, and creativity is on the rise!

   Remember to make a wish list of steps to take for ushering in the New Moon, as you keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!