"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Friday, December 25, 2015

Cancer Full Moon Christmas Day

  Merry Christmas everyone and happy Full Moon in Cancer, the sign of home, family and nurturing! The renegade planet Uranus, turns to Direct motion as well; there may well be some Christmas magic afoot, so expect the unexpected. Weather patterns can be affected by the turnaround of this outer planet that acts independently, especially as it is interacting with Pluto.

   Being the Cardinal Water sign, this Cancer Moon brings a full house of feelings to the table, feelings of love and acceptance and/or emotional instability. Try not to add to others' insecurity whether gathered together or not. Emotions will run deep around, whether it's different versions of the same family story, or a forgotten memory that comes to light, so resolve not to let things get to you! A feeling of stability and/or security is pervasive today. If you are working for the greater good, chances are you will have much to feel good about.

   In the Full Moon chart, communicative and sociable Mercury in Capricorn harmonizes with ebullient Jupiter in Virgo. Practical planning and saying what you mean without belaboring the point or becoming too critical will serve you well. Make some pragmatic business decisions or start a well organized course of action toward your goals. This is also a good time to pay attention to dietary health... yes, I know it's the holidays... and one less cocktail or slice of pie could help you set up new habits.

  Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground as you are enlightened by your emotional needs today~


Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Solstice 2015

   Welcome to the Sun moving into Capricorn at 11:49 pm tonight, or, the Winter Solstice. This is the shortest day and the longest night of the year. As the days progress slowly toward the cross-quarter point of Candlemas, or Groundhog Day, the Light also increases, until day and night are of equal length at the Vernal Equinox. I always feel better knowing the Light is coming back, but first, we have to address the Sun at 00 degrees of Capricorn.

   The Light of the World, The Christ, The Son/Sun in the Cardinal earth sign Capricorn  brings attention to the necessity and responsibility of practical matters, resources, business and taking care of the body. Capricorn has ruler-ship over form and function and thus begins a time of increased effort to build solid foundations in these earthly realms.

   Where does Capricorn fall in your birth chart? What do you need to do to achieve personal stability and security in the world? These are necessary questions to ask at the start of this month long passage of the Sun through Capricorn as it sets the stage for your success. Ask yourself what is your response-ability to those who rely on you, whether family, community or the bigger picture on the world stage.

    What you begin now and work hard on will grow and increase your well being in the world. Take care of business, watch the daylight gradually increase and remember, Light always triumphs over darkness. See the Light, Be the Light and Spread the Light~


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Scorpio New Moon

   The Scorpio New Moon today allows us to plant seeds for new beginnings in relationships, both personal and financial. Scorpio's realm is joint resources and this can include banking, inheritances, mortgages or procreation. Anything that we invest in with others, that we feel passionate about, is under this Fixed Water sign's dominion. So when the Sun and Moon come together here, there's a whole lot of potential for co-creation!

   Scorpio is an intense, moody and persistent energy... and that doesn't detract one little bit from the potential creativity brought to bear when the Sun is in this sign and is joined by the Moon. There's an expression, "it takes two to tango" and I think that describes the Scorpio new Moon to a T. The inner and the outer come together to create a vision of incredible power. This is energy that must be utilized to manifest your desired purpose. Write your wish list and start manifesting!

   Mercury in Scorpio for deep communication, Jupiter in Virgo,  expanding integrity, and Uranus in Aries, exploring new ideas, all play supporting roles in the New Moon chart by acting positively with the Sun/Moon alignment. The cautionary note here is a challenging square from Saturn in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces. Trust in your own ability to be practical and to develop your spiritual and artistic abilities and avoid succombing to self doubt.

   The wild card in this creative soup is of course, Uranus, making tentative aspects to the Moon, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. As long as you don't think things will stay the same with every step you've made in your joint projects, and you don't let fear or suspicion get the better of you, your progress ought to be steady. However, expect to make adjustments, because the only guarantee in this chart is change!

   While navigating the emotional waters of shared desire under Scorpio's ruler-ship, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!



Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Taurus Full Moon

   Welcome to the Full Moon phase! Today's Full Moon is at four degrees of Taurus, highlighting the need for stability in finances and love. How are you doing with your personal and/or business relationships? This is the time to take a closer look at where you've made progress in the last two weeks so you know what path to keep moving on. If things aren't going the way you had intended or hoped for, then the next two weeks are for following through with small, practical steps.

   The Moon in Taurus is experiencing some stress in her interactions with Venus and Mars, aligned in Virgo. However, there is a clear desire for action at the personal level and therefore one needs to consciously take measurable steps toward the desired outcome, without becoming too dogmatic. This subtle, yet effective awareness can lead one into a more focused clarification of where you stand in relationship to others. Giving an assist here is a Moon/Neptune sextile, which very recently provided an opportunity for new awareness to emerge through artistic expression or spiritual awareness.

   Not to be left out of the current lunar activity, is the Sun in Scorpio, opposite the Moon, making his own aspects to Venus, Mars and Neptune. The Scorpio energy of the Sun lends itself to joint enterprise or intense personal connection, which is experiencing an awareness of interfunctional activity between itself and the personal planets Venus and Mars, connecting self to others. This exchange of energy wants to take some action. Sol, interacting harmoniously with Neptune, expands the understanding needed for growth here. Whether expansion takes place through compassion, creativity or a blending of energies, this is a most hopeful and helpful planetary aspect!

   Venus, ruler of Taurus, and Mars, holding her hand in earthy and practical Virgo, are both moving away from an alliance with enthusiastic Jupiter, also in Virgo. This is like an extra dose of wheat grass in your smoothie for giving you the necessary nutritional support to keep moving forward with gusto and confidence. The only cautionary measure here would be to keep checking in with yourself about limits and boundaries, yours and others; avoid overstepping or pushing your agenda!

   Commitment, challenge and optimism are still riding high thanks to both Venus and Jupiter's recent trine to transformative Pluto. Use the power of your dedication to what matters and what is right to keep making a difference in your world, your circle, your community and your relationships. You're feeling powerful right now and as long as you know you're not forcing others to your way of thinking, you can carry good will and practical action forward for some lasting changes. Mercury is interacting at cross purposes with Uranus so watch out for strange ideas or thoughts that only create upheaval and aren't actually ingenious remedies to old problems. If you do come up with an aha! moment, serve it respectfully with consideration for others' points of view.

   In the meantime, step confidently, with your feet on the ground and your head in the stars~


Monday, October 12, 2015

Libra New Moon

   Tonight's New Moon at 20 degrees of the Cardinal Air sign, Libra, brings together the mind and emotions to create harmony in our lives. Relationships are highlighted during the next month, whether significant others or people we interact with in our daily lives. Of particular importance will be partnerships and marriages. This is the time to sow seeds for balance, fairness and harmony. Additional focus will be on socialization and beautification of our work or living spaces.

   Prior to the New Moon at 8:06 pm, we find both the Sun and Moon separating from an opposition to rebellious Uranus. This planet's energy represents the individual, as well as ingenuity and inventiveness. What has recently been brought to light regarding yourself and your interactions with others will be a key to where you want to claim your freedom. The rights of the individual within a larger group have been given exposure and this new lunar phase wants to restore fairness wherever possible. This opposition occurred at the darkest time of the cycle, bringing up fears of a new beginning and the need to trust your intuition for how to approach it.

   Venus and Mars also align in the New Moon chart for the ability to influence others with assertion, charm and passion.  These two personal planetary energies engage in the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo, which brings integrity and vitality into the mix. This gives a boost to the Libra energy by focusing on what is really valued in personal relationships. Venus and Mars continue their travels together in Virgo through the first week of October giving us tools to assist in maintaining harmony.

   With Mercury and Saturn in a supportive aspect now, wherever you apply your perceptive mental powers, you can learn a great deal about whatever you want! Focus on your goal and work towards it and you will see success. The thing is, if you don't take advantage of this opportunity to apply yourself, you may miss out on something very favorable in your relationship future.

In the meantime, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!



Sunday, September 27, 2015

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries

   Welcome to an amazing day of possibility! Tonight's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries is like a beacon for seeing your way forward. The Moon is concerned with emotional comfort and in the first sign of the zodiac - Aries, and riding the wave of a Total Eclipse (2 minutes earlier...), it acts as a rocket booster for illumination and realization of your personal ambitions!

  On top of that, the "super" charged energy makes everything feel and appear bigger. The reason the Moon appears larger is that it is at Perigee, the closest to the Earth in its cycle. This Moon is also called the "Blood Moon" and is the last in a tetrad of four Eclipses that appear tinged with red. Try to think of this supercharged, Blood Moon as imbuing you with the strength and energy to take action as you move forward in your life.

   The emotional nature of a Full Moon will have positive or negative effects on you depending on where you have 5 degrees of Aries in your chart. For instance, if in the 11th House of goals, aspirations, groups and friendships, you will have energy for seeking new friends and developing or starting projects that are in sync with your current inspirations. Share your ideas with people who can relate to your vision and support your aims.

   In the Full Moon chart for tonight, the Moon in Aries is in a harmonious aspect to Saturn, recently moved into Sagittarius. The inner self-confidence you are feeling can boost your ability to move forward as you explore new horizons. These two Fire signs provide the impetus to achieve you ambitions through inspiration and seeking. Make sure you take advantage of this auspicious time to gain headway in your search for inner security!

   Playing a supporting role in this chart is a conjunction of Mars (energy and action) and Jupiter (enthusiasm and expansion), both in practical Virgo. The emphasis here is on seeking meaningful work and instituting healthy habits in a thoughtful and pragmatic manner as you begin to embrace change on a daily basis. What do you want to do with your time every day? Are you spending too much time picking up after yourself, when a few small changes in your housekeeping habits could make a big difference each day...?!

   Two more planetary alignments add weight to this Full Moon chart. the first is the Sun joining with Mercury, yes Retrograde... providing intellectual stimulation and efficiency in communication, especially as it involves partnerships and significant relationships. Don't promise more than you can provide, but do make the effort to talk about what needs to be spoken. and lastly, Mercury is also squaring off with Pluto, so watch our for bumping into others, knocking heads or hitting your head up against a brick wall. This can be a very productive time, which can bring about solutions to long-standing problems, if we all compromise!

   The last thing I'll leave you with is an image of the Sabian Symbol for 5 degrees of Aries, (courtesy of Lynda Hill) and the Full Moon point: "A White Triangle is Seen. It has Golden Wings."  http://sabiansymbols.com/oracle/ Imagine being able to lift yourself above the mundane and ordinary to gain a new perspective on your purpose in life. The spiritual integration possible can lead to self-transcendance. Use your creative imagination to elevate and inspire yourself and those around you.
And remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pathways Astrology: New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo

Pathways Astrology: New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo:    The Moon joined the Sun at 20 degrees and 10 minutes of Virgo in the wee hours of the morning, 2:41 a.m. to be precise. This is a Partial...

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo

   The Moon joined the Sun at 20 degrees and 10 minutes of Virgo in the wee hours of the morning, 2:41 a.m. to be precise. This is a Partial Solar Eclipse and while only visible over southern Africa and Antarctica, it's affects are still felt around the globe. With the lunar and solar energies combined in Virgo, we have the opportunity to focus on making sense of our lives, being productive and taking care of ourselves.

   The Sabian Symbol for 21 degrees of Virgo is A Girls Basketball Team. This image implies cooperation, team efforts to achieve a desired outcome and the fun of doing things with others. Yes, you have to work on yourself, but you cannot get much done without the assistance of others. Undertake the game joyfully to reap rewards later from your joint efforts!

   It's interesting to note that at the exact time of the New Moon, both Lights are interacting minimally with the other planets. Except for an inconjunct from the Sun and Moon to Uranus, making adjustments necessary, the only other aspect of significance is an opposition to Chiron in Pisces. This highlights the adaptable nature of the Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer and his talents include the process or experience of the healing path. Today's New Moon helps point out where we are on this part of our journey to wholeness and what we need to change as we strive for growth.

   Virgo teaches us about adaptation through analysis, skill building and service. What we digest mentally or physically is of concern to this Mutable Earth sign. In our quest for perfection, we often need to clean out and rid ourselves of waste, whether that means changing our diets to more healthy foods or ridding ourselves of negative thinking. Closer inspection of what you are putting into your digestive system (Virgo rules the intestines), and an honest look at how your attitudes are affected by negative thought patterns, ("nothing ever goes right for me" ) is what this New Moon wants you to focus on. Along with knowing how you can best serve the whole, Virgo reminds us that it's about the details and getting "it" right, whatever that may be in your daily life. Use this New Moon energy to make better habits for yourself.

   A few words of caution here to those Virgos, Virgo rising or Virgo Moon people out there... you already tend to overthink things, be a perfectionist or worry about, oh, nearly everything... so go easy on yourselves! Baby steps... and don't criticize yourselves so sharply. It's not about being perfect, it's about the daily routine and maintaining healthy attitudes and nutrition! When it comes to criticism of self and others, I know what I'm talking about, as I have a Virgo Moon, Mars and Saturn and know all about self esteem issues and judgement. I've been working on this part of my personality for years: I'm a work in progress! If this New Moon opposes or squares your natal Sun, Moon, or other personal planets, you will be aware of where you need to make healthier choices and affect change in your life.

   In the New Moon chart, giant Jupiter is opposing nebulous Neptune which affects how we see the world and our place in it. Remember to nurture and care for yourself first before trying to fix anyone or anything else. Jupiter is newly in Virgo, accentuating the ability to polish our skills, take care of ourselves and feed the world. Do what you can as part of a group effort and watch out for delusional thinking with Neptune's ability to put on the rose-colored glasses. Both these planets have to do with our spiritual connections and the unseen threads connecting us to the greater good. Do what you can and be patient with yourself and others. You're moving in the right direction!

   In the meantime, ask yourself, what team do I want to be on and where can I be of service the most. While doing that, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pisces Full Moon Wraps Up August

   The chart for this afternoon's Full Moon shows a conjunction of the Moon to Neptune in Pisces, opposed by a conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter in Virgo. This polarity at the Full Moon brings added weight to our need for moderation, practicality and discernment. The Pisces theme of self-sacrifice and impressionability is enhanced by the Moon/Neptune union. This is good for creativity and spiritual pursuits, but doesn't bode well for the tendency toward self-sacrifice and being unrealistic, especially when it comes to dealing with others. Opportunities abound for disappointment or expansion depending on your outlook.

   On the other hand, the Full Moon can illuminate where you can best be of service to your fellow man or community. Ask yourself what your particular skills are and what concerns you most in the current environment. Then, using moderation of course, step into the flow of using your abilities to make a difference in the world around you. Avoid self-indulgence, unrealistic expectations of yourself and others and any feelings of not-being-good-enough.

   The power of the Sun riding with giant Jupiter in Virgo increases the possibility for criticism and judgement as well as promoting attention to detail and good discernment, it's your choice which way you choose to go! There are certainly difficulties all around us and as our compassion grows and we realize more and more that we are all in the same boat here, it's crucial that we maintain some emotional stability and be as practical as we can be. How important is it? Can I change this? What can I change...? In other words, don't jump ship or let anyone else pull you down while trying to keep things on an even keel.

    While Venus has been retrograde, (she'll go Direct Sept. 6th), I hope you've been identifying what and who really matters to you. Getting your values aligned while Venus is also aligned with Mars in Leo can help move things forward, both in personal relationships and financial concerns. Know yourself and what is important to you and keep working towards that. There's a lot that can be accomplished with this Leo boost of creative energy.

    With the Virgo/Pisces polarity strong, it's important to focus on what you want to have come into your life, not what you don't want! In other words, no pity parties just because you feel let down or frustrated. Everyone is trying to take care of themselves right now and while the boundaries are blurred you need to set your limits and have realistic expectations. Keep the faith and do what you can to overcome sadness or loss, while not impinging on others. Look forward, not back and keep applying your skills and abilities to achieving positive growth. Energy follows thought.... what do you want to manifest?!
   Remember to keep the faith, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~

Friday, August 14, 2015

Leo New Moon

   Today's new Moon at 22 degrees of the Fixed Fire sign Leo, has a lot of hopefulness attached to it for creating a fun-filled month ahead that is filled with self-expression and a bit of risk-taking! The positive influences here are feeling brave and being who you are, as well as recognizing that playfulness can be the breeding ground for creative new projects. This is a good time for relaxation, but not letting down one's guard. Breakthroughs are possible as we evolve with new insights and associations!

   The New Moon chart shows this morning's harmonizing trine to independent Uranus, good for thinking outside the box and helping us break through limiting habits or past patterns. Let your intuitive side surface as you use your original ideas and allow spontaneity to help move you forward. Pay attention to supportive new acquaintances as they may be a strong catalyst now.

   The drama and limelight associated with this regal sign also has to deal with the shadowy side of things that may be lurking within our hearts, bank accounts or in the people and situations surrounding us. I can hear you thinking... Oh, why do you have to be such a party pooper, Suzanne?!  Well, that may have to do with the very close conjunction of Venus to the Sun and Moon... which is a great thing, right? Yes, usually... however, this ruler of love, money and beauty is moving in Retrograde motion, back over territory already covered in the recent weeks past!

   So, how do we deal with this snafu? Pay attention, don't put all your eggs in one basket and tie up loose ends from the past which may be holding you back. Remember that Venus was riding with expansive Jupiter just a short time ago and both were square to restrictive Saturn? Well, that is the territory being revisited for three more weeks, until Venus goes Direct again. Even after she gets  moving forward, it'll take another month to move out of her shadow phase.

   Cautious optimism and taking baby steps to remove obstacles will put you in good stead in a few weeks time. Mars' recent entry into Leo helped to shake things up and add to the excitement of summer fun, drama and creativity. As you adjust to the energies of this New Moon chart, remain cautious, know your options and don't jump into any new commitments of the heart or finances just yet. Circumstances become clearer and situations for moving forward will appear in a month's time.

   In the meantime, enjoy the summer and remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!


Friday, July 31, 2015

Full Moon/Blue Moon in Aquarius

   The Sun is brightly shining in Leo and most powerful in its rulership. As a Fixed, Fire sign Leo brings courage and strength to wherever it it is found. The individual will is enhanced with determination and creativity and needs to watch out for an underlying sense of entitlement. The reflective Moon in Leo's polar opposite sign, Aquarius, brings a friendly sense of caring about the social welfare of the community, not from an emotional place, but rather the intellect.

   This lunar phase in Aquarius highlights the rights and freedoms of all individuals and shows a path of response-ability that each person can tread in coming together to create important changes. These two Fixed signs of Fire - Leo and Air - Aquarius, are like batteries of enthusiasm and innovation. Where are you storing your personal supplies of these necessary energies and to what groups or social concerns can you direct your efforts at maintaining the rights and freedoms of the individual?

    The chart for the Full Moon shows a primary concern for using your talents, gifts and skills to make a difference in your personal relationships. With Venus retrograding back into Leo, rejoining Jupiter in this expressive sign, we're given a second chance to expand our hearts and look at what, or whom, we truly value in our lives. What matters...? what doesn't...? how important is it to you...? where can you make a difference for yourself without forcing your values onto another? If it's really important, then express your love! Don't be afraid to let loved ones know how much they matter. Venus is retrograde until September 6th when she once again moves ahead and then back into Virgo on October 8th.

   Saturn is also still retrograde in Scorpio, but goes Direct on Sunday morning, August 2nd, spending all of August and half of September moving forward in this intensely co-creative Water sign.  By now, you ought to have identified your priorities and who you need to align with for the next leg of the journey. Saturn squares off with Venus and Jupiter in this chart just to press the issue of your values and most important goals. However, action-oriented and aggressive Mars is leading up to a very helpful and harmonious alignment with responsible Saturn later next week. Roll up your sleeves and do the work you know you need to do!

   The balance of this Lunar cycle sees Mercury first, then Jupiter, moving into adaptable and skillful Virgo , a week away. Get your ducks in a row so that you can utilize these organizing skills to express yourself more productively and in-line with the values you are identifying as vital to your relationship needs. However... while Venus and Jupiter are still dancing around each other in Leo, please take some time to play, dance or express your love!

   Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground, while you dance and swirl and appreciate the blessings in your life~

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pathways Astrology: Cancer New Moon

Pathways Astrology: Cancer New Moon:    The monthly conjunction of the Sun and Moon takes place tonight at 9:24pm EST in the 24th degree of Cancer. As you know, Cancer is the Ca...

Cancer New Moon

   The monthly conjunction of the Sun and Moon takes place tonight at 9:24pm EST in the 24th degree of Cancer. As you know, Cancer is the Cardinal Water sign ruled by the Moon, which relates to emotional tides as well as the pull of the ocean on our earthly planet. The undercurrents of this New Moon chart are apt to increase the emotional affects felt personally and around the world during this new lunar cycle.

   First, the Soli/Lunar aspect... when the inner (Moon) and outer (Sun) come together, there is a heightened awareness of the Sun's energy in thOther chart influences at the start of this monthly cycle are e sign it's in, in this cycle, it's in the Moon's rulership, Cancer. The personality, instinctual behavior and the subconscious are all realms the flowing and unstable Moon is comfortable in. This is when the emotions have sway over reason and reactions are based on feelings, not logic. It's wise to avoid overreacting so as not to add to the vulnerability of humanity at the present time.

   Major concerns of Cancer are home and family life and the nurturing of loved ones. this can include securing a safe home that provides the family with their needs. In that vein, real estate gets attention here, especially as seeds are planted at the New Moon which may grow during the subsequent lunar cycle. Sometimes, the very fertile and nurturing energy of the Moon in it's own sign increases the size of the family or expresses itself through cooking and feeding self or others, even to an extreme. People are tender now, go easy.

   Interesting aspects occur from restrictive and responsible Saturn making a harmonious trine to the Sun and Moon, as well as revolutionary Uranus squaring both celestial bodies. The need to take care of business may feel like it is at odds with the desire for autonomy or freedom. Do what you know needs to be done, then take the time to socialize, meet new people or pursue metaphysical studies. Security and stability first, then gathering with others to share ideas, etc...

   Pluto, that troublemaker and purveyor of transformation, has been in the news lately, thanks to the flyby of the New Horizons spacecraft. I was looking at photos from the NASA site yesterday and thought about the mysteriousness of this very-far-away planet on the outskirts of our Solar System and deduced that the further out we go in space, the deeper the understanding of our selves. Mercury (questions and answers) and Mars (action) are still traveling along together in Cancer, opposing Pluto which is exposing your subconscious to your consciousness, more and more! Feelings of insecurity or inadequacy may be surfacing to spur you on to your next great adventure, whether it's getting to know your self better or stepping out into the world with renewed confidence.

    What pressing need do you feel is surfacing in your life and where do you need to start planting seeds of changes, especially around your home life? The Sun and Moon in watery Cancer are connecting harmoniously with Neptune in Pisces, also a water sign, enhancing the intuition and inspiring you to go with the flow of your own personal undercurrents!

   Remember, while riding the rapids or quietly paddling along the edge of shore, the need to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Capricorn Full Moon & A Gift From Venus & Jupiter

   Tonight's Full Moon at 9 degrees of Capricorn, offsetting the Sun at 9 Cancer, points out where your present security lies. This is especially true around home and real estate concerns and/or your career path. Whatever your focus has been during the past two weeks of this lunar cycle, it's becoming clearer what your actions need to be. Cancer and Capricorn, besides being polar opposites, are Cardinal signs, that need to take a leadership position to secure stability.

   The Full Moon chart shows some strong and interesting alignments that you need to be aware of and use to your advantage. First, Venus, purveyor of love and beauty, joined optimistic and expansive Jupiter in Leo very early this morning. This positive union has been building over the last week and its affects will still be felt for a couple more days. Efforts to improve your appearance or your surroundings can bring positive results. Spread your loving feelings around to family and friends and if a new romance is blossoming, well, it could be really nice!

    Another feature of this chart is an opposition from Capricorn Moon to action-oriented and aggressive Mars. Watch out for arguments or provoking words that can set someone off. If you are trying to assert yourself, it may not go well. Put your passionate energy into actively cleaning your house, exercising or working on a creative project! You may feel like you need to defend your family in some way and that would be a natural response to any aggression directed at you.

   Let's look at the communication skills of Mercury, harmonizing with both the Venus/Jupiter conjunction and the Great Awakener, Uranus. The sextile between Mercury and Venus/Jupiter can bring opportunities to be sociable and meet new people. This same aspect from the Messenger of the Gods to out-of-the-box Uranus can shake up our perspective on the past, allowing us to let go of the outmoded while waking us up to new possibilities. These very positive energies will facilitate growth and change where it is needed, as long as we don't go back to sleep.

   Lastly, I want to mention that the Sun and Moon are square to the Moon's nodes at this time. With the North Node in Libra, relationships and harmony are the issue and where we ought to be striving for balance. The South Node in Aries reminds us that going it alone won't help here. Won't you let the Full Moon illuminate your path to wholeness?

   Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Solstice 2015

   Welcome to the official start of summer, the day when the Sun enters the Cardinal Water sign Cancer!! From where I am, the rain is pouring down and thunder is rolling across the island, reminding us that Mother Nature is in control and many will stay at home today, another attribute of Cancer, the Crab. Too bad for the last day of the Plein Air Festival at the Artists Association of Nantucket... guess I'll finish the two paintings I started outdoors in the last couple of days, in the studio today!

   Back to the astrology of today... as you know, the Moon is the ruler of this watery sign Cancer and as such has a big role in the emotional nature of both individuals and the people. Think of the ebb and flow of the tides, whether at the shore or in the public arena, both are changed by what is coming in and going out around them. Cancer is very much about trying to hold on to stability and the need for nurturing, whether from food, mother or home.

  Wherever you have Cancer ruling in your chart is where you seek emotional security. It's a personal issue if your needs are getting met or not. No matter how much you try to deny it, until you let go of past hurts and become the master of your ego, your emotions will rule you. We usually bury our feelings with smiles, food, drink or drugs, when all they want is to be expressed and released so you can experience new and better feelings!

  So, identify, who, what and where you have allowed yourself to be tied to the past - those things that don't serve you... feed you... acknowledge them and let them go. Then, you can strengthen the positive ties that allow you to grow. Invite that new friend to dinner or say yes to that cookout invitation next week. Whatever makes you feel nurtured and supported in a healthy way is what the Sun's mission in Cancer is all about for the next month.

   Another aspect having a big impact today is expansive Jupiter in a harmonious relationship to the ingenious and revolutionary planet Uranus, both in Fire signs. Enthusiasm and inspiration come together with exploration and philosophy to explore the bigger picture and share with groups and nations of like-minded people the knowledge gleaned for the greater good!

   Remember, while you're off tilting at windmills, to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gemini New Moon

   The Moon joins the Sun in the 25th degree of Gemini at 10:06 am, but not before meeting up with active Mars in Gemini at 9:06am this morning. The Moon is hardly ready to jump into all the activity that Mars has plans for, just coming out of her most inactive time, the Balsamic phase. It's like a puppy jumping on the bed to wake you and you're still groggy in dreamland... but you get moving and there's the Sun to pull you out of bed! Then the Moon becomes inactive again... that's right, void-of-course until 6:51pm when she enters her own watery realm of Cancer.

   It's like a strange yo-yo affect, or a game of push-me, pull-me today. Gemini sets the stage for ideas, plans and negotiations, but the timing is a bit off for finalizing anything. Take the information you glean and set it aside until later tonight or even later in the week. Yes, you still have unfinished business to take care of as seen by an opposition from Mercury to Saturn in the New Moon chart. Mercury rules Gemini and having come out of a recent retrograde period, is retracing familiar degrees until the 27th when he/she leaves the shadow phase behind and can move forward unencumbered, for the most part.

   Saturn is the other half of that opposition and he is retrograde, and only yesterday moved backwards into the last degree of Scorpio. This is the other thing holding you back until August 3rd when Saturn turns Direct again. It isn't until Saturn moves forward over those last two degrees of Scorpio to enter Sagittarius again that we get the independence and freedom to move forward with our plans. Use the opposition of what you are planning to have happen (Mercury) and what needs to be finished in a joint partnership (Saturn in Scorpio) to get all your ducks in a row over the next two months.

   Patience (Saturn), keeping the puppy (Mars) on a leash and gathering information (Mercury) are the highlights of this New Moon phase. Venus, representing, love, money and beauty, is coming up to join Jupiter for an opportunity later this week - Saturday actually. You need to prepare mentally to be in an optimistic frame of mind when your chance to improve your love life, bank balance or overall situation appears! Venus is in fun-loving Leo until July 18th and Jupiter is there until August 10th. Let the good times roll, banish worry and when your work day is done, enjoy yourselves!!

   The Sun moves into Cancer on June 21st, at the Summer Solstice, the official start of summer. It's also Father's Day in America, so honor your father in whatever way he'd appreciate. I think I'll find a BBQ and cook some linguica on the grill... Dad would have loved that! Maybe I'll paint a duck for him, or tell my favorite stories about him... no matter, he'll be happy if I just enjoy myself.

   Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Full Moon In Sagittarius & Gemini's Rocking And Rolling Affects

   The Moon in Sagittarius opposes the Sun in Gemini at 12:19pm today at 12 degrees of these polar opposite signs. Big ideas, outgoing personalities and expansive horizons are keynotes of a Sag Full Moon. Spontaneity is another trait of this mutable Fire sign, but I would caution you not to suddenly run off in a new direction while Mercury is retrograde in Gemini and opposing this Full Moon!

   There is so much going on around us and it is all competing for space in our heads as we try to deal with daily information and snafus that have to be taken care of. It seems like the details of everyday life are crowding us even as the bigger picture of what's happening out there in the world hits us with new food for thought. My advice is not to overreact and to take things as they come... forget about "one day at a time"... how about one hour at a time?! That's what this energy feels like to me.

   Can you research and take stock of where you are, given where you started at the New Moon two weeks ago - yes! Keep moving in the direction you want to go, without making sudden unpredictable detours that can sabotage your progress. Very importantly, practice patience and keep reminding yourself that you're in this for the long haul, not instant gratification. There is a Grand Fire trine between Jupiter in Leo (luck and opportunity), Uranus in Aries (revolutionary new directions) and the Sagittarius Moon today, bringing harmony and added enthusiasm to your long range goals. As we used to say in the 70's, "keep on trucking", or "keep the faith baby"!

   We get a challenging aspect from foggy Neptune to this Full Moon, which cautions us to be mindful of our instincts and be wary of the information coming to us that just doesn't feel right. Hang on, don't worry about all the doom and gloom possible... and visit the empty Virgo side of the Pisces/Virgo coin to ask yourself if there's anything you need to take care of  that could help stabilize your plans, thoughts or feelings. Meditation, a walk on the beach and/or yoga are all helpful tools to engage now.

   In the meantime, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Taurus New Moon & The Month ahead

  This is coming to you a day after the New Moon and it will still be relevant for the time we're in! I spent the weekend with family during the Balsamic phase, the darkest time at the end of the lunar cycle, just before the New Moon. We were celebrating the earthly walk of our brother Michael who passed away in March and sharing memories of our lives with him before we released him to the Divine. I had no time to think about writing a Blog then.

   The chart for the New Moon at 12:13 a.m. shows an approaching opposition to Saturn, keeper of time and an upcoming conjunction to energetic Mars. Given the Fixed Earth nature of Taurus, it seems apropos that its' path becomes void-of-course before it can move into Gemini and oppose Saturn or join run-away Mars! This, to me, indicates the need for slowing down and reconsidering the direction we want to move in - no pushing our agenda ahead.

   Even as the Moon entered Gemini early yesterday morning, the ruler of this fast-thinking sign, Mercury, was slowing way down to turn retrograde last night. This is supportive of reconsideration of all plans, arrangements and any agreements you are about to make. Your mind may be racing with ideas and Mars may be burning his way through the ethers, but there is a real need to take things slowly right now and be more cautious of where you are stepping, who you are talking to or what your true motivation may be.

   The Taurean energy is about conserving and using resources that we already have. This could be money, things or tools that you use to get you what you need for your comfort and care. Are you keeping more than your fair share and refusing to share the wealth, or are you working on building up a nest egg? Take the time today and tomorrow, while the Sun is still in Taurus, to ask yourself how you are doing with your relationship to finances, nature and things, because the solar energy shifts into Gemini on Thursday, May 21st and you'll want to feel more stable by then. There is a mixed bag of feelings and emotions on Thursday, which turns out to be the challenging day this week.

   Once the Sun enters airy and sociable Gemini, we shift gears into mental realms, away from the earth. Planning and researching are a wise use of your energy then, even with Mercury retrograde. As long as you don't sign on the dotted line before you have all the necessary information, you ought to learn a lot about your options for making a more informed choice in about a month, if you can wait that long. That would be the advice for major purchases, like cars and computers or important agreements like leases and contracts. If you can't wait, get all your facts first and ask every question!

   Go with the flow on Friday, finishing up your work week and not starting anything new until next week. The Moon is inactive all day, entering fun-loving Leo at 5:42 pm for what looks like a most pleasant weekend. Endeavor to enjoy yourself, especially with kids and/or loved ones and know that the Moon in Leo is also VOC all day Sunday, a great day to kick back and enjoy whatever delightful surprises come your way!

  In the meantime, and at all times, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!




Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pathways Astrology: Full Buddha Moon Tonight in Scorpio

Pathways Astrology: Full Buddha Moon Tonight in Scorpio:   Welcome to this awesome Full Moon energy day of connecting with others to create your projects and fulfill dreams!  Scorpio is a Fixed Wat...

Full Buddha Moon Tonight in Scorpio

  Welcome to this awesome Full Moon energy day of connecting with others to create your projects and fulfill dreams!  Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign, exhibiting a persistent, intense and passionate nature, whose concerns are primarily about sharing and utilizing the talents, resources and passions of those significant relationships, whether personal or business. The Full Moon will highlight how well you are proceeding in the area of your life where you have Scorpio and any planetary energies involved there.

   The Sabian Symbols are a descriptive tool of symbols for each of the 360 degrees of a circle, primarily used in astrology with reference to the cycle of a year. In Dane Rudhyar's words, his book  An Astrological Mandala, ought to serve as " a symbolic catalyst to deepen thinking about individual experiences and their essential meaning. A life without meaning is hardly worth living." I occasionally share the Sabian symbols in this Blog, both from Rudhyar's book and Lynda Hill's Sabian Symbols, because I find they add another deeper layer of understanding to the interface between the human experience and a cosmic philosophy of existence.

   So, the Sabian symbol for tonight's Full Moon at 14 degrees of Scorpio is: Telephone Lineman At Work Installing New Connections. I love this symbol and the meaning behind it and if you can digest it and utilize it's significance in your life, I believe you will find it most helpful! Rudhyar says that the keynote here is to establish new channels of communication. I will now paraphrase his interpretation further. The growth of community requires the development of constantly more complex meanings of interchanging feelings and ideas. It is an essential need for the success of interpersonal relationship. These channels of communication not only need to be built, but to be used significantly and wisely! 

    There is so much that could be reiterated here, but suffice it to say that communication, whether over the phone lines, through the internet or in person, is vital to a thriving society of human beings working together for a more meaningful existence! This is perhaps why I have continued to write my thoughts and share them with you in this Blog for the last several years. Once, when I came home for a weekend from college and stayed up late to talk with my father, who was finishing a shift at his second job, my mother commented on how Dad and I could stay up talking philosophically into the wee hours of the morning, but he wouldn't do that with her... it was during a difficult time in their relationship and shortly before their divorce, and I made this somewhat crass comment back to her... "a man can't talk on the phone when the lines of communication are down!" She has since forgiven me for that truthful soundbite! (love you, mom~)

   In the chart for the Full Moon, we see that both the Sun in Taurus, Fixed Earth, and the Moon in Scorpio, Fixed Water, make a challenging square aspect to expansive Jupiter in Leo, Fixed Fire. That is what we call a T-Square and you can think of the energy as being akin to a three legged table, trying to stay standing with sheer will and stubborn determination. In order to balance out the missing sign/leg in Fixed Air, Aquarius' corner, one needs to use the valuable energy of reaching out and connecting with others in your community, group or partnership. there is much to be gained when joining forces together! In a supportive role here, Jupiter connects harmoniously with ingenious Uranus to avoid restrictions and make new pathways.

   Speaking of communication, there is an opposition from mercurial Mercury in its rulership in Airy Gemini to saturnine Saturn across the chart in truth-seeking and Firery Sagittarius. This aspect demands that you don't allow critical father or authority figures to hold you down and have you questioning your own intelligence! Even if you have trouble expressing yourself, you must believe in yourself and find a way to start talking. With the Moon in co-creative Scorpio making a positive aspect to idealistic and sensitive Neptune, you can trust your intuition as long as you don't idealize others. You both have something of value to bring to the table.

  Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~




Saturday, April 18, 2015

Aries New Moon & The Sun In Taurus Spring 2015

   Happy Spring and Happy New Moon everyone!! The Moon joins the Sun today at 2:57pm in the 28th degree of Aries. This is a highly energetic time, not just for Aries but for all, and the propensity to jump into something new is really strong right now. Make sure you look before you leap, as Aries rules the head and this kind of energy is rather impulsive, which could create problems with head injuries, or with others if you're too egocentric. Pushing your own agenda without considering others could be problematic. If you are an Aries, this is an auspicious time for you to make headway for new beginnings!

   A sense of excitement, enthusiasm and/or promise fills the air, just as the New Moon alignment takes place. However, this also begins a nearly two and a half hour void-of-course Moon phase that ends at 5:31pm when the Moon enters stable, earthy Taurus. In other words, get your ducks in a row prior to the New Moon, make your list of things to do, then settle in tonight, or tomorrow morning as the Moon and Mercury come together, to organize your plans and begin to put them in motion. Aries likes fast movement, Taurus is more slow and steady... find the right balance of moving forward with foresight.

   In the chart for the New Moon, we see a couple of challenges that have just culminated that we may still be dealing with in the form of fallout. They are Pluto's retrograde station on the 16th at 15 degrees/33 minutes of business-like Capricorn, and last night's square from Mars in Fixed Taurus to Jupiter in Fixed Leo for a possible battle of wills... First, let's look at powerful Pluto, which will be slowly moving back to 12 degrees/58 minutes of Capricorn before it turns Direct on September 25th, This is familiar territory that was covered since late last November. Where have you been trying to take back control of your career or business and what needs to be finished in order to make the transition final? You've experienced the aha's and now need to finish cleaning up the debris in order to make headway later on this Fall.

   As for the stress or obstacles caused by Friday's challenge from Mars (aggresiveness) to Jupiter (excessiveness), stick a fork in it and call it "done"! It's over, apologize where needed, do what needs to be done and move on with the knowledge of how to prevent this kind of snafu from upsetting your life in the future. The good news here is that Mars will provide the energy and enthusiasm you need to make bigger changes in your life as he makes an exact harmonious aspect with life-changing Pluto on Tuesday. Identify and begin to work with all those great ideas that you've been mulling over for some time now, and take action to affect change in your life for the better!

   Neptune (dreams and impressions) gets attention from both Mercury (link between spirit and matter) and Venus (power of attraction) early Sunday morning. Pay attention to your dreams and your feelings as you may come out of a fog with an understanding of what path to take and whom to take it with in order to acheive some harmony in your life. The Sun moves into solid, sensual and earthy Taurus on Monday morning, beginning a month of practical steps to financial stability and emotional security. Remember that Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign, very loyal and very stubborn, with tendencies toward possessiveness and don't try to pull the bull by the horns! If dealing with these natives, you must be patient and coax them with the promise of good food and comfort.

   We have a couple of long void-of-course Moon periods this week; the first is Sunday night at 7:06 pm when the Moon makes his last aspect in Taurus, a positive trine to Pluto in Capricorn, until it moves willy-nilly into thought provoking Gemini and becoming active at 7:28pm on Monday. It's always tricky starting a work week after the Aries New Moon feeling like your hands are tied from starting something new. The next VOC period is Wednesday, the 22nd from 1:38 am until Thursday at 12:25 am. The Moon's last aspect is a sextile (harmonious opportunity) in communicative Gemini to inventive Uranus, that will carry you through until the Moon enters watery Cancer in the wee hours Thursday morning. 

   Wednesday is however, a day filled with positive conversations for possibility, enthusiasm and opportunities to mull over as there are several great aspects between the other planets that will require attention beginning on Thursday when you take action to make the changes you want to see in your life!
As you travel along, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~


Friday, April 3, 2015

Leading Up To And Including The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon In Libra

  I'm writing and posting this on April 3rd, the day before the Full Moon. Yesterday's Sun/Jupiter trine in Fire signs added a much needed dose of optimism and enthusiasm to the current Solar cycle. The increase in confidence and an abundance of new ideas brought by these planetary giants into our lives ought to have been more than enough for you to regain your positive outlook on where you want to go!

   Add to that, Mercury's ingress into Aries on Monday and you have a virtual jump start for new ideas and keen awareness combined with quick thinking. Grab hold of your ingenious revelations, write them down and take a step or two to make them happen. It may seem that Mars having slowed down Tuesday, by leaving his Aries habitat and entering the stable Earth sign Taurus, would make you cool your jets a bit, but that's not a practical way of looking at the opportunity Mars is bringing here. Use his fervent energy to concentrate and grow your desires into self-expressive initiatives as you nurture them in this very business-friendly sign.

   The Moon in Libra moves in between the Earth and Sun in Aries tomorrow morning at 8:05 am creating a Total Lunar Eclipse of great potentiality! The awareness, enlightenment and "wave of revelations" possible at this Blood Moon, so-called because of the pink tinge cast by the Earth's shadow on the Moon, can mean a breakthrough in consciousness for mankind. Stay away from negative, fear-based thoughts, unless you want to manifest the worst for yourself. Instead, direct your intentions toward creating harmony in your key relationships... think negative thoughts, reap negative outcomes... think the best of others, create opportunities for breakthroughs! 

   The Earth is a school for our soul's growth... we come here over and over to learn what our higher selves intend to experience and grow from. We do it until we get it right and we have the choice to do it the hard way, ie. stepping out of our comfort zones, or the easy way, ie. taking the habitual path of least resistance, or what we know... Ask yourself, which one offers me the most growth and moves me forward, not backwards? Eclipse times can fast forward our goals and help us move in the direction we want to go, if we are honest with ourselves and others and do the work.

   May you know peace, joy and harmony at this propitious point! Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Solar Eclipse New Moon & The Vernal Equinox

   Today's New Moon is exact at 5:36a.m. when the Moon joins the Sun at the last degree of Pisces, in the last sign of the Zodiac. The  Moon then quickly enters Aries less than an hour later, with the Sun following twelve hours later. This is indeed an auspicious day for understanding the end of one cycle and planting the seeds of a new cycle - welcome to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy International Astrology Day!

   New Moons are seed times and Eclipses add further, stronger punctuation to the possibilities and potentiality for the growth of new ideas and endeavors that will reap some rewards in six months time if we are diligent with our care and nurturence during that cycle. First, let us look at the last degree of Pisces and it's implication in this Soli/Lunar phase.

   The last degree of any sign speaks to the culmination of that sign's expression and as Pisces, the Fish, Mutable Water, winds down his swim through this area of compassionate and heightened sensitivity, we need to ask ourselves how we're doing synthesizing the spiritual and humanitarian insights gleaned over the last thirty days of the Sun's passage through Neptune's territory. Did dreams, impressions or fleeting memories add to your understanding of why you are where you are and why you are here now? Did you do your service to humanity without self-sacrifice, or did you overly identify with being a victim? Get right with yourself on what you need to let go of before jumping into the next cycle of new beginnings. 

   It might be a good idea to spend a half hour sometime today in reflective meditation of what you have gleaned of your spiritual path during the phase fading away, before jumping into new activity after the Sun enters Aries, fiery first sign of the zodiac tonight. Impulses are strong and lurking below the surface for setting off on a new journey, and the need for restraint today and tomorrow is evident as the Moon moving through Mars-ruled Aries until early Sunday, makes some challenging contacts with Pluto, Uranus and Mars Saturday. Sunday and Monday morning, before 10:30 a.m. are better times to start new endeavors.

   Spring starts as the Sun moves into fiery Aries tonight, with all the energy of youthful exploration and risk-taking! Like the Fool in the Tarot we are setting off on an exciting new journey. This day is celebrated as International Astrology Day and considered to be the start of the new year!  Make sure you are ready by getting your thoughts and intentions aligned with your best interests and what is in the higher good for all involved. Avoid running off with only your enthusiasm in your kit bag... pack some insights, intentions and tools in there too!

   Remember to keep your your head in the stars and your feet on the ground as this new phase begins!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Virgo Full Moon

   Today's Full Moon in Virgo highlights the need for discernment, setting healthy boundaries and taking care of our physical bodies. Some of you will recognize the need for eating more beneficial foods so as to get better nutrients in your system, while others will need to acknowledge they've done all they can and now have to retreat to regroup physically and emotionally. The caution here is not to be in denial and let helplessness overtake you. If you've been honest with yourself and have worked hard to set your house in order, then it's time for a rest. Otherwise, you can start the process by taking steps to clean out emotional clutter as well as your pantry!

   The Virgo/Pisces axis is a challenging place because of feelings that may bind you to others which can then have you doubting yourself.  After all is said and done, Virgo is the sign of integrity which is a necessary ingredient in any process of self analysis. If you're honest with yourself and not being overly self-critical in your quest for perfection, you will know which limits to set and which ones to let go of. One thing that has helped me through the years with my own Virgo Moon... is the Serenity prayer; here it is: God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; and the Wisdom to know the difference.

    In the chart of the Full Moon, for the Northeast, I see several planets at or very near the 14 degree mark of the Sun/Moon opposition. They are expansive Jupiter at 14 Leo, innovative Uranus at 14 Aries and harmony-seeking Venus at 15 Aries, as well as powerful Pluto at 15 Capricorn. These planetary energies form aspects called Inconjuncts, which translate to the need for adjustment and patience.

   Let's take a closer look at the relationships between the particular planetary forces. The Moon in Virgo is sitting in the 3rd House of communication, inconjunct both Uranus and Venus in Aries in the 10th House of career and reputation. This is a tentative position for the Moon while waiting to see what transpires from the sudden influence of Uranus. It's like saying, "and now for something completely different... " ! You know you're ready for a change but the manner in which it appears may be very surprising. Venus has already moved ahead, by one degree, to find a way to keep balance and fairness in the mix.

   Optimistic Jupiter in Leo is hoping that the Sun in Pisces finds an intuitive way to adjust to the coming changes, while at the same time dealing with issues of  who's got the power over your daily life... are you the boss of yourself or have you abdicated your right to transform your life in the way you envision it going?! These are not sudden thoughts or situations that you aren't aware of and ready for. The patience and waiting comes from having to adapt to outside forces and conditions over which you have no control. Remember the Serenity prayer in the paragraph above...? Reread it. Then, decide what you can and cannot do about what is being brought to light in your life, especially as it involves your career, business and happiness!

  Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~




Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pathways Astrology: New Moon in Aquarius... For A Minute... Then Moon ...

Pathways Astrology: New Moon in Aquarius... For A Minute... Then Moon ...:    As if the weather in the Northeast wasn't challenging enough, with winter storms named Juno and Neptune, we find the last few days of...

New Moon in Aquarius... For A Minute... Then Moon & Sun in Pisces; Venus & Mars In Aries

   As if the weather in the Northeast wasn't challenging enough, with winter storms named Juno and Neptune, we find the last few days of this current Lunar phase, winding down with some interesting shifts of energy. The upcoming New Moon occurs at the last degree and minute of Aquarius, 29 degrees and 59 minutes, that's extremely unusual! When astrologers look at planetary placements, they count the next degree as the important one to understand and interpret - for this New Moon, that would be 30 degrees of Aquarius. Please read Lynda Hill's entire take on this through the Sabian Symbols at: http://sabiansymbols.com/

   Here's what happens tomorrow, first the Moon joins the Sun at 29 degrees, 59 minutes of Aquarius (Fixed Air) at 6:47pm, then one minute later, the Moon moves into Pisces (Mutable Water) and two minutes later, the Sun also enters Pisces. So, is this an Aquarius New Moon, or a Pisces New Moon?! I say it's really a Pisces New Moon because the Moon was exiting Aquarius when it caught up to the Sun, went by it and Sol followed a minute later! New Moons are about beginnings, not endings and I feel one shouldn't look back, just ahead. This is a very unusual set of circumstances and isn't that the way of Aquarius, hitting us with something different to put us in touch with our own intuition.

    Let's look at the two Lights coming together at 30 degrees of Aquarius, symbolizing a Spiritual Brotherhood where many minds merge into the glowing Light of a unanimous consciousness, as Dane Rudhyar outlines in his Astrological Mandala, a reinterpretation of the Sabian Symbols. Rudhyar feels that each unit is a recognizable form, yet, when seen from a unified spiritual vision, or from a distance, the Whole appears to be One single area of radiant Light. The Keyword here is Metamorphosis, which implies for the person with an open mind and a feeling of self-transcendence, the ability to come into contact with higher forms of existence. Phew, that's a mouthful to meditate on!

   I feel that this final degree of Aquarius acts as a transition point for the beginning of a new phase when the Moon, (Inner) and Sun, (Outer) both move into Watery Pisces tonight, starting Lunar and Solar cycles that gently ask us to listen, be compassionate and understand that we are all connected! The heightened sensitivity of this flowing Water sign can help you be more in touch with your intuition, music and art. People are more impressionable when the Sun (life force) travels through last sign of the Zodiac. Try to avoid wanting to run away, except from the snow... (go for it, especially if it involves a beach as Pisces/Neptune rules the ocean)! Do avoid pity parties or self deception and try not to add to the burdens of others. Instead, let your intuition guide you toward what feels right for you at this time, especially as it involves letting your divine nature manifest.

  Mars moves into his Rulership, Aries, also the first sign of the Zodiac on Thursday night for a little over 5 weeks. This is like a booster shot. Wherever you have this Cardinal Fire sign, energy comes back and you want to get something rolling. Try not to take on more than you can handle as you may find yourself unable to finish all that you start. Mars is a go-getter and can be a bit abrasive if you do not heed cues from co-workers, family and friends that you may be pushing too hard. Put your energy into your own projects and let others do the same.

   Following closely on Mars heels, is Venus, moving into Aries on the 20th. This receptive planetary energy is better able to deal with Mars through attraction, rather than repelling. On Sunday, the 22nd, Venus and Mars conjoin briefly before the Moon moves into Taurus, where both Luna and Venus are more at home. In the meantime, Venus spends three weeks in martian territory, attempting to bring a new sense of refinement or beauty to areas needing a fresh start. As Venus also rules money and values, you may find yourself having to put your resources into practical purposes that you hadn't foreseen. Avoid investing in anything that promises a quick return on your money, especially if it seems to be too good to be true.

   Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground, while checking beneath your feet for slippery conditions~

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Sun and New Moon In Aquarius

   Are you ready for some excitement in your life... how about making new connections... or thinking outside the box for answers to your biggest questions...?! A change of mind, a new way of looking at things, or making some new friends, will change the situation. The Sun left Capricorn and moved into Aquarius early this morning,  followed a few hours later by the Moon and the subsequent New Moon at 8:13 a.m.,  prompting new outlooks toward shared goals. The caution here is that Mercury is going retrograde in two days, so starting BIG new ventures is taboo until early March.

    Aquarius is the outgoing sign of progressive ideas that will benefit the whole group or community. The chart for this New Moon shows the Sun and Moon together at 00 degrees of Aquarius in the 12th house. Opportunities abound during the coming month to connect with others in humanitarian and community projects that benefit the whole. The individual self may seek expression while experiencing a lack of boundaries, both emotionally and mundanely, making it challenging to take care of your own needs. However, once you join with others in meeting the needs of the greater good, your own will be met. There is an opportunity here to make a difference through your sense of duty, thanks to a flowing aspect to Saturn, the master of response-ability.

   The inventive and friendly nature of native Aquarians allows them to bring intellectual or unconventional plans to the table without emotional attachment. The difficulty lies in their need for personal freedom which others may take as aloofness. Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign and can  occasionally get stuck in thinking that their way of thinking is the only way to think. So, if you are an Aquarian, it's a good thing you're a people person with groups and friends for sharing those original ideas and receiving beneficial feedback!

   I mentioned Mercury above, slowing down to go in retrograde motion tomorrow, January 21st through February 11th. The shadow phase (points between which Mercury travels back and forth), lasts from January 5th until March 4th and encompasses 1 degree of Aquarius to 17 degrees of Aquarius. In other words, while Mercury is only retrograde for a little over three weeks, the affect it has goes back to where it already was over 2 weeks ago. Look back at the agreements, conversations and interactions you had in the last couple of weeks and see where you may need to rethink some of your plans. This is the time frame for reviewing and researching, so that once the communication planet is direct, you will have a clearer plan of action.

   In the meantime, meditate for clarity and ask for guidance to know what the best course of action is for having the most beneficial outcome in all your group and humanitarian endeavors. And remember that we all have the same needs no matter what shape they take in out individual lives. So while you keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground, remember also to keep all of humanity in your thoughts and prayers!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pathways Astrology: Cancer Full Moon Packs A Punch

Pathways Astrology: Cancer Full Moon Packs A Punch:   Tonight's Full Moon is exact at 11:58pm, starting a long void-of-course Moon period that ends on Tuesday when Luna enters Leo at  6:03...

Cancer Full Moon Packs A Punch

  Tonight's Full Moon is exact at 11:58pm, starting a long void-of-course Moon period that ends on Tuesday when Luna enters Leo at  6:03am. Full Moons enlighten and inform us, while bringing added tension via challenges into our lives; they are also powerful opportunities for breakthroughs and release from past confinement. That energy has been reinforced this weekend by the Sun's annual alignment with Pluto and a square to Uranus.  If we've been paying attention the last couple of years, to what doesn't feel right and where we need to make changes for ourselves, we ought to know a bit more about where we are headed and to how to get there! While situations may not dissolve overnight, the renewed clarity you ought to have about your life's purpose is showing you a way to unblock the path forward.

   The Sun and Moon are involved in a Grand Cross with the Nodes of the Moon and Uranus and Pluto. If there was ever a time to step up to the plate and make a difference in your life or your world, that time is now! I don't mean today necessarily, but going forward. For some, you are ready to take action, for others you still need to let new insights percolate as the Full Moon continues to distribute and inform you over the next couple of days. Just remember that the last aspect the Moon makes in Cancer also begins a long VOC period, lasting until it enters Leo Tuesday morning. So don't start anything new between now and then. As a matter of fact, it would be wise to continue removing obstacles in your path over the next two weeks and make new starts after the Aquarius New Moon later this month.
   Playing supportive roles in today's Full Moon play, are Venus (love, values and beauty) and Saturn (necessity) bringing opportunities for positive growth. You must take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself now for this aspect to benefit you. The Sun in practical Capricorn is also in a harmonious relationship to the asteroid Chiron (the "wounded healer"/ rainbow bridge) for healing and growth. Efforts at taking care of one's body and supportive structures, ie: skeletal system, job or career, can pay off in the long run. Patience, perseverance and forward action will move you ahead harmoniously. If you don't get off the couch, you won't go anywhere... so don't sit around waiting for your goodness to come to you, you have to make it happen!

   I am excited about the possibilities of this time period, not only for individuals, but society in general. What has the past two years of six Uranus/Pluto squares shown us? Is the world still experiencing power struggles, inequality and suffering... yes, it is. Are people more aware now than they were forty years ago about the needs of our planet to survive and what we can do to help stop the destruction of global resources, such as clean air and water...? Yes, we are! Are the BIG corporations and world governments trying to control all the resources and keep people in the dark... why yes, they are. However, we are a global society now, and we realize that the old "us/them" paradigm is on the way out. Therefore, individual efforts to preserve our rights to information and connecting is growing and that's why I'm hopeful!

Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~