"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Preparing for The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

  Leading up to the next New Moon Solar Eclipse on Friday, July 1st, we have a number of  planetary placements and interactions that make for an interesting week ahead.  Recapping... the Sun is in watery Cancer for the next few weeks, highlighting emotions, home and hearth and nurturing - often expressing itself in an indirect manner. We are also in the waning Moon phase between Last Quarter and New Moon, a time for following through on projects and preparing for the next new cycle.

  OK, let's look at the energy of planet Mars pushing his way through airy Gemini for the next several weeks. Keep in mind that Gemini is a Mutable sign and is considered the only dualistic sign of the Zodiac. Geminis are versatile and inquisitive, and can be plastic and inconsistent without enough earth or fixed energy for ballast. Mars is a fire planet that jumps into action like the leader of the pack, waiting for no-one and taking no prisoners. The aggressiveness of Mars speaks to man's animal nature as well as the rashness of youth.

  Now let's insert Mars energy into inquisitive Gemini and what do we get... there are many possibilities - most of them short-lived so let's get moving! Walking through your neighborhood and greeting your neighbors is one use of this energetic combination and putting some real effort into getting your ideas out of your head and onto paper is another. A Gemini I know just called, while I'm writing this... and wanted to share some ideas for a tattoo - having just discovered a tattoo parlor in their new neighborhood! Now that is also Mars (pointed, sharp objects...) in Gemini (expressions in ink...)!! Not my idea, but theirs and it's another possibility that combines a bit of pain and blood with self-expression... also Mars in Gemini.

  The cautions here are blurting out words in anger or haste that you may have to take back later. Best to keep some kind of filter on so not every stray thought is spoken aloud. Perhaps a personal journal in which to record one's frustrations would work and that saves loads of apologies later and can also be discarded when you no longer need the outlet. Another thing to watch out for is jumping into too many projects or social engagements at once, saying 'yes' to this one and 'yes' to that one and having to back out of a commitment at the last moment. It's just as easy to say, "I'm sorry, I'm busy then." or "I have too much going on right now to take on one more thing, maybe another time."

  Today's Taurus Moon is active until 12:24 p. m. Monday, giving us a great time to relax and enjoy nature. The only difficulty is after that when the Moon becomes inactive on the first workday of the week. As long as you can say you need some more time to work on it, think about it, polish it up... you'll end up with less frustration from trying to make something happen when the time isn't right. Tuesday brings the annual Sun/Pluto opposition from Cancer to Capricorn, perhaps bringing hidden feelings about safety or security to the surface to be discussed or dealt with. Go easy with each other, especially family members who may need your emotional support now. If something has been breaking down for awhile, it may reach it's breaking point this week. Issues of safety, power, control and change will be on the table.

  The New Moon Solar Eclipse takes place just before dawn on Friday, July 1st, with both the Sun and Moon coming together in Cancer for a month's focus on your home, emotions and how you care for and nurture yourself and others. This is definitely the time to feel your feelings and allow your imagination free reign within the safe confines of your mind, your home or your family. Like it's symbol, the crab, Cancer is a self-protective sign and Cancerians are often evasive about their emotional needs.  Realize that the energy going out for the next six months, due to the eclipse, will be profoundly affected by whatever feelings have come to the surface around the time of the eclipse, and whatever you begin while the Sun is in Cancer, (until the next new Moon in Leo), needs to focus on the security of your home and your emotional well-being.

  Until next time, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!



Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Solstice and The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

   Welcome to summer, or at least New England's version of it - hot and dry one minute, overcast and raining with a chance of thundershowers the next. I'm no astrometeorologist, but I do follow Carolyn Egan's work with the weather and if you're interested in astrometeorology, click here to be directed  to her site. I have had the pleasure of attending several of Carolyn's lectures and find her to be very astute at what she does.

  The Summer Solstice occurred on the 21st, when the Sun entered the cardinal water sign of Cancer. This nurturing sign begins the summer season which is followed by fixed Leo, when the Sun really shines and everyone wants to go on vacation, until mutable Virgo winds up the summer by harvesting herbs and vegetables from our gardens. Every season starts with a Cardinal sign that likes to be in charge of something, followed by a Fixed sign that wants to maintain it's status quo and ends up with a Mutable sign for adaptation before the next season arrives.

  The mothering energy of Cancer and the emotions evoked when the Sun is in this sign can be both nurturing and unsettling due to dealing with life emotionally rather than intellectually. Cancerian people want to be in charge of their nest and can feel wounded if they feel their security is being challenged. This is a good time to consider the feelings of your nearest and dearest so as not to cause them to retreat to their inner sanctums where they may feel more secure. Cookouts are in full-swing when the emphasis is on the stomach as it is in this sign ruling the stomach and breasts.

  Tomorrow's installment will be on the New Moon occurring July 1st as the Moon joins the Sun in Cancer, bringing us yet another Eclipse.

Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Quarter To Full Moon And Everything Inbetween!

   Apropos of a First Quarter Moon, which happened on Wednesday, I've been busy this week working on better methods of communicating, beginning with a new cell phone and switching all my email contacts from one provider to another. This month's solar eclipse in Gemini, the sign of communication, which happens to rule my seventh house of others, planted the seed for increased connections with people. However, if I was out of touch with you, when you thought I ought not to be... we can chalk it up to the demise of my cell phone and having to switch to a new email provider.

  The First Quarter Moon in Virgo brought up the challenge of how to organize our thoughts and our lives with our out-going energies. Was it difficult getting things moving in the direction you wanted them to go since the New Moon... did you have to face facts and make a necessary change in order to move along without the encumbrances of the past? Good for you if you made the necessary adjustments! If you didn't overcome your obstacle(s), expect to be dealing with them throughout the remainder of this lunar phase and be kind to yourself as you deal with the increasing energy leading up to the Full Moon next week.

  Venus, Goddess of love, beauty and gentle persuasion, entered sociable Gemini Thursday where she'll stay for the next month. The power to create cohesive bonds is possible through art, inspiring words and the enjoyment of music and other festivities. Harmony, balance, friendship and appreciation are all keynotes of Venus' planetary attributes which can be expressed with friends, siblings or co-workers. Feminine energy is highlighted and whether a man or a woman, you can get more in touch with your own needs for pleasure, harmony and an aesthetic environment. Just watch out for Venus' tendency to overindulge, especially if it's bending a friend's ear with all of your needs and not listening to theirs'.

  The planet Saturn, storing the energies of discipline, responsibility and limitation, is about to turn stationary direct late Sunday night. If you've been feeling held-back from career or business goals in the last several months, now is the time to re-focus your resources and call up the reserves to begin to manifest what you are seeking. In other words, where you direct your time and attention is where you will begin to see results probably mid to late September. So roll up those sleeves and apply yourself to what you want! Another thing to remember about Saturnine energy is that things take time... so, patience, diligence and discipline while keeping your eyes on the goal!

  Sunday and Monday are under the sway of a Scorpio Moon, which is about passion and secrets, tending to bring out suspicions and jealousy. People feel quite intense with these energies and often wonder, if I give a little bit of myself or my resources, will they try to take more?!  There may be a lot of discussing of shared values Sunday night between siblings or friends, in person or over the phone. Whatever the topic, you can be fairly certain it'll be a deep discussion and someone may be feeling moody. Try to avoid getting sucked into negativity and aim for what will work, not what hasn't!

  The Moon becomes VOC (void-of-course) on Monday at 1:43 p.m. and doesn't enter upbeat Sagittarius until 10:38 p.m. where it will stay for the next two days. This is Jupiter's territory... optimistic, out-going, storytelling and hard to pin down! Sagittarius sees the bigger picture and wants to move forward not backwards, making this a perfect time for long-range goal setting, vacation planning or looking at ways to expand both your spiritual and physical horizons.

  While Luna is still in fiery Sagittarius Tuesday, you can accomplish a lot toward the goals you set for the month at the New Moon. Be careful not to fritter away your time talking about inconsequential topics that morning or you may be playing catch-up all day! This forward-thinking energy works brilliantly with Saturn's about-face in Libra, making it possible to work well in tandem, particularly in the late afternoon on Tuesday. All this expansiveness bodes well for Wednesday's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4:14 p.m. when the Sagittarius/Gemini polarity is illuminated and eclipsed at the same time!

  The Full Moon phase of the lunar cycle highlights our out-going efforts since the New Moon two weeks earlier. The affect of a full moon on us humans, is that of an opposition between the inner self and the outer world. In this case, the polarity is between Gemini and Sagittarius, bringing our interaction with our smaller circle(s) into focus with the larger world. You might say it illuminates what we say and how we interact with those closest to us in our everyday life by projecting it onto the larger world stage.

   A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Full Moon is behind the Earth as it lines up with the Sun, preventing the Sun's light from reaching the Moon. I like to think of Lunar Eclipses as having an effect on us personally through our feelings about ourselves and our relationships. When the light goes out, so-to-speak, we have an opportunity to reflect on our progress with self-growth, change, whatever... as we get ready to let our light shine out in the world. Meditations, alone or in small groups, are desirable for focusing one's intentions for moving forward. It's a great time to be honest with ourselves about where we are headed!

  As always, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

  The dark side of this last moon phase has seemed to be especially trying for some and relaxing for others who took advantage of the Taurean energy Sunday and Monday to just enjoy themselves! Today's Gemini Moon harmonized early this morning with Uranus to perhaps bring insight to a difficult communication issue, so pay attention to your hunches and thoughts that seemed to appear out of the blue.

  The Sun, also being in Gemini, interacts with saturnine Saturn pressing us to be versatile and succinct with any necessary verbal or written interactions today. Just make sure you take care of business and get things accomplished - what do you need to write, say or do to tie up some loose end? Later this afternoon, the Moon makes this same aspect to Saturn before joining with the Sun at 5:03 p.m. for the New Moon, beginning a new lunar cycle for the month ahead.

  The Moon coming together with the Sun in Gemini heralds a month of sociability, adaptability and versatility, possibly making it hard to be pinned down to one point of view. A little of this... a little of that...what's a rational, thinking person to do...?! Well, one thing is to try something new when you're feeling restless, something that challenges your mind and gets you thinking. Try writing your ideas or goals, insights or dreams in a journal. Gemini not only rules the lungs, but the shoulders, arms and hands as well and the simple act of writing can help solidify your thoughts. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and as the "messenger of the gods", he may be bringing you an important piece of information... if you're listening.

  Today's Solar Eclipse is the first of three eclipses within a month... June 1st, June 15th and July 1st! Wow... that's a lot of energy to grab hold of and put to good use for the next several months. If an eclipse degree aspects a personal point in your natal chart, it can have a significant affect on your life for the next six months; certainly wherever it occurs in your natal chart will see some activity. But, one eclipse at a time and this first one is a Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees of Gemini, emphasizing communication and interacting with your higher self, then others. Eclipses don't always seem to have a personal affect, but expect to hear a lot in the media, on the news, and in your social networking platforms in the month ahead.

  Tomorrow brings Mercury's move into the sign it rules - Gemini, where he will reside for only two weeks, cruising through here at about two degrees a day! The waxing Moon phase is going to be quite busy as invitations, offers and choices swirl about us for the next two weeks... ponder, meditate and write it down for clarity. This is a great time to use your intellect and express your thoughts or figure out something that has been puzzling you. When Mercury leaves it's home territory for the emotional waters of Cancer the day after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in two weeks, you may not feel like talking about it.

  Friday is an interesting mix of the moody Cancer Moon at first harmonizing with Jupiter and Neptune in the morning for  compassionate understanding and meditative insight, but then something throws us for a loop at noon. Try to be flexible and go with the flow. Later, the Moon makes challenging aspects with both Pluto and Saturn causing you to wonder who is holding all the cards and what did you do to tick them off...?! The evening may be better spent alone, getting some things accomplished, as your emotional reserves will probably be low. If you have to work or engage with others, be gentle with yourself and everyone you encounter. The Course in Miracles reminds me that "an attack is a cry for love".

  The weekend has Cancer Moon in effect until Sunday at 11:03 a.m. when it enters sunny Leo territory. Spend Saturday getting things done around the house and maybe having a barbecue that afternoon or evening. Plan to have fun with children or remember what it was like to be a kid on Sunday afternoon. People are warm, dramatic and creative under the Leo influence; just avoid being dogmatic or snobby to get things to go your way.

  As always, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!