"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Full Buddha Moon Tonight in Scorpio

  Welcome to this awesome Full Moon energy day of connecting with others to create your projects and fulfill dreams!  Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign, exhibiting a persistent, intense and passionate nature, whose concerns are primarily about sharing and utilizing the talents, resources and passions of those significant relationships, whether personal or business. The Full Moon will highlight how well you are proceeding in the area of your life where you have Scorpio and any planetary energies involved there.

   The Sabian Symbols are a descriptive tool of symbols for each of the 360 degrees of a circle, primarily used in astrology with reference to the cycle of a year. In Dane Rudhyar's words, his book  An Astrological Mandala, ought to serve as " a symbolic catalyst to deepen thinking about individual experiences and their essential meaning. A life without meaning is hardly worth living." I occasionally share the Sabian symbols in this Blog, both from Rudhyar's book and Lynda Hill's Sabian Symbols, because I find they add another deeper layer of understanding to the interface between the human experience and a cosmic philosophy of existence.

   So, the Sabian symbol for tonight's Full Moon at 14 degrees of Scorpio is: Telephone Lineman At Work Installing New Connections. I love this symbol and the meaning behind it and if you can digest it and utilize it's significance in your life, I believe you will find it most helpful! Rudhyar says that the keynote here is to establish new channels of communication. I will now paraphrase his interpretation further. The growth of community requires the development of constantly more complex meanings of interchanging feelings and ideas. It is an essential need for the success of interpersonal relationship. These channels of communication not only need to be built, but to be used significantly and wisely! 

    There is so much that could be reiterated here, but suffice it to say that communication, whether over the phone lines, through the internet or in person, is vital to a thriving society of human beings working together for a more meaningful existence! This is perhaps why I have continued to write my thoughts and share them with you in this Blog for the last several years. Once, when I came home for a weekend from college and stayed up late to talk with my father, who was finishing a shift at his second job, my mother commented on how Dad and I could stay up talking philosophically into the wee hours of the morning, but he wouldn't do that with her... it was during a difficult time in their relationship and shortly before their divorce, and I made this somewhat crass comment back to her... "a man can't talk on the phone when the lines of communication are down!" She has since forgiven me for that truthful soundbite! (love you, mom~)

   In the chart for the Full Moon, we see that both the Sun in Taurus, Fixed Earth, and the Moon in Scorpio, Fixed Water, make a challenging square aspect to expansive Jupiter in Leo, Fixed Fire. That is what we call a T-Square and you can think of the energy as being akin to a three legged table, trying to stay standing with sheer will and stubborn determination. In order to balance out the missing sign/leg in Fixed Air, Aquarius' corner, one needs to use the valuable energy of reaching out and connecting with others in your community, group or partnership. there is much to be gained when joining forces together! In a supportive role here, Jupiter connects harmoniously with ingenious Uranus to avoid restrictions and make new pathways.

   Speaking of communication, there is an opposition from mercurial Mercury in its rulership in Airy Gemini to saturnine Saturn across the chart in truth-seeking and Firery Sagittarius. This aspect demands that you don't allow critical father or authority figures to hold you down and have you questioning your own intelligence! Even if you have trouble expressing yourself, you must believe in yourself and find a way to start talking. With the Moon in co-creative Scorpio making a positive aspect to idealistic and sensitive Neptune, you can trust your intuition as long as you don't idealize others. You both have something of value to bring to the table.

  Remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~




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