"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pisces Full Moon Wraps Up August

   The chart for this afternoon's Full Moon shows a conjunction of the Moon to Neptune in Pisces, opposed by a conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter in Virgo. This polarity at the Full Moon brings added weight to our need for moderation, practicality and discernment. The Pisces theme of self-sacrifice and impressionability is enhanced by the Moon/Neptune union. This is good for creativity and spiritual pursuits, but doesn't bode well for the tendency toward self-sacrifice and being unrealistic, especially when it comes to dealing with others. Opportunities abound for disappointment or expansion depending on your outlook.

   On the other hand, the Full Moon can illuminate where you can best be of service to your fellow man or community. Ask yourself what your particular skills are and what concerns you most in the current environment. Then, using moderation of course, step into the flow of using your abilities to make a difference in the world around you. Avoid self-indulgence, unrealistic expectations of yourself and others and any feelings of not-being-good-enough.

   The power of the Sun riding with giant Jupiter in Virgo increases the possibility for criticism and judgement as well as promoting attention to detail and good discernment, it's your choice which way you choose to go! There are certainly difficulties all around us and as our compassion grows and we realize more and more that we are all in the same boat here, it's crucial that we maintain some emotional stability and be as practical as we can be. How important is it? Can I change this? What can I change...? In other words, don't jump ship or let anyone else pull you down while trying to keep things on an even keel.

    While Venus has been retrograde, (she'll go Direct Sept. 6th), I hope you've been identifying what and who really matters to you. Getting your values aligned while Venus is also aligned with Mars in Leo can help move things forward, both in personal relationships and financial concerns. Know yourself and what is important to you and keep working towards that. There's a lot that can be accomplished with this Leo boost of creative energy.

    With the Virgo/Pisces polarity strong, it's important to focus on what you want to have come into your life, not what you don't want! In other words, no pity parties just because you feel let down or frustrated. Everyone is trying to take care of themselves right now and while the boundaries are blurred you need to set your limits and have realistic expectations. Keep the faith and do what you can to overcome sadness or loss, while not impinging on others. Look forward, not back and keep applying your skills and abilities to achieving positive growth. Energy follows thought.... what do you want to manifest?!
   Remember to keep the faith, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~

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