"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Full Moon in Virgo

   This Full Moon in Virgo wants you to take care of yourself, to strike a balance between your emotional needs and your physical needs. Yes, life can be overwhelming at times, and you have tools to help you maintain stability. Virgo wants to be decisive and do the right thing, yet with the Sun in Pisces, what that may be, is probably not clear. Piscean compassion is a good thing, but not when it confuses us or simply acts as a distraction.

   Virgo is also good at paying attention, sometimes too much... but the Full Moon illuminates where you need to take care of the details. This often involves health issues, mental or physical, and orderliness in our homes and work spaces. A good use of energy is to actively clean out closets, cupboards or pantrys, places where you store herbs and spices or grains. Another focus could be on your desk or office, wherever clutter has accumulated. Take the focus off what you have no control over, usually situations or other people, and organize your own space!

   In the chart for the Full Moon, set at 10:54am EST, Chiron and Mercury, co-rulers of Virgo are also in Pisces, conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon. If ever there was a clear indicator of the need for self reflection and healing, this is it. It's alright to acknowledge your intuition and emotions as long as you are keeping your thoughts in check.

   Another contributing factor in this planetary array is a square aspect from communicative Mercury in Pisces to responsible Saturn in Sagittarius. There's nothing wrong with focusing on the future, but choices may be too fuzzy for you to be definitive right now. This makes it more difficult to express your ideas clearly to others. You can wait until you've used the Virgo ability to look at all the details, then when you're ready, you can share your plan of action.

   Speaking of action... Mars recently left his own sign of Aries and has taken up residence in earthy Taurus for six weeks; don't push him or he can become very stubborn!  Instead , Mars here encourages us to put some effort into our financial picture or to look at what we truly value and where we are willing to put in the extra effort to make a more solid foundation for ourselves. Mars trining Saturn still, says, go ahead, take the time, especially while Venus is retrograde in Aries and will be until April 15th, making a detour back into Pisces from April 3rd until the 28th.

   I gave a Talk a couple of weeks ago Venus retrograde and I know there is a lot of information out there to read about how this is influencing our lives personally. I would encourage you to use the Virgo Full Moon energy to bring yourself up to speed on what this may mean for you. If I have time tomorrow, I'll try to write another Blog about Venus retrograde.

   In the meantime, remember to keep your head in the star and your feet on the ground. 


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