"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cosmic Soup Anyone?!

  There is so much going on in the sky and down here on the Earth that it's a veritable smorgasbord of what to write about - so much pick from and not a lot of time to write lately. I am going to focus on Mars and Venus today, the inner planets that affect us so much on a personal level and are so busy these days!

  Let's start with Mars, that fiery energy of aggression and action. As you may recall, Mars went retrograde in Virgo on January 24th and has been backtracking through territory he already scouted out last December. He'll go all the way back to 3 degrees of Virgo, where he started this leg of the journey last November 17th.  Think about what was going on back then that you were trying to sort out or sort through, you're probably revisiting that again now.

  With Mars energy expressing itself through the mental sign of Virgo, people are apt to act or speak irrationally if they aren't taking the time to filter their thoughts. Being mindful of others as well as yourself, has it all over being nit-picky and obsessive during this retrograde cycle. This is an important time to be aware of how fast you are moving and where you are going, just take it slow and do not jump to conclusions, especially if you or someone close to you are irritated, as angry words and accidents can happen. Mars will turn direct on April 13th, so practice patience while doing your mental, emotional or physical sorting. A good rule of thumb is to do what you need to take care of today and deal with tomorrow when it arrives.

   I hope you have been noticing the lovely arrangement of Venus and Jupiter in the early evening sky since shortly after the New Moon. At first they appeared close to the crescent Moon and as the Moon rose later and later, Venus, closer and brighter, led the march to the horizon, followed by Jupiter, then the Moon. Seeing Venus so brilliant reminds me of her affinity with beauty and her placid peace-loving nature. Venus will move into Taurus tomorrow, one of the signs she rules over, where she teaches us about values and appreciation, as well as love.

   From her throne in earthy Taurus, Venus will seek to maintain harmony as she draws attention to all manner of things having to do with pleasure, festive occasions, music and the arts for the next month. The affection and warmth associated with Venus is her better side, while her more self-indulgent, vain or lazy side speaks to her weakness. For the next several weeks, look at how you can be more gentle or graceful when interacting with others, especially in matters of the heart or financial concerns. Venus' power comes from attraction, not ensnaring, so go easy on the pleas for having it your way... 

   Artistic endeavors and beautification projects get a boost on Tuesday when Venus will be harmonizing with Neptune. This is the best collaboration for anything having to do with beauty and the arts as well as envisioning dreams coming true. Even if you don't normally notice such things, take another look at how you can make something tired look fresh again. Perhaps a coat of paint will change the mood in a room or maybe a compassionate attitude will turn around a relationship that has just gotten stale.

   I'm going to sneak in a brief bit of information here about the Full Moon at 4:39am on Thursday, which  takes place at 19 degrees of Virgo. The Moon doesn't interact with any of the other planets after it opposes the Sun, until it enters Libra at 11:50pm, thus creating a day-long VOC (void-of-course) Moon period. As a reminder, void moon periods are best spent in a kind of meditative frame of mind, not seeking a lot of outside stimulus, and following through on things already started rather than beginning new projects.

   The Virgo influence of the Full Moon highlights diet and nutrition, organization and planning and setting limits. The Sabian Symbol for 19 Virgo is A Swimming Race, a rather interesting and yet confusing symbol - who are you swimming against and what are you swimming toward? Are your efforts to achieve an individual accolade or are you seeking deeper meaning that can come from the water element? Pay attention to your feelings and let them be the gauge that you measure success by.  Full Moons are notorious for increasing feelings, and as Mars is the last planet contacted by the Moon before opposing the Sun, know that people will be feeling very full of thoughts they want to get clear on, so there's a caution not to push too hard for one's own agenda or to be pushed to act before you feel ready! Please re-read the above paragraphs on Mars in Virgo.

   Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.



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