"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius & The Transit Of Venus

  Well, if your mind hasn't been working overtime this past week, I expect it will kick in to overdrive now that the Moon is in Sagittarius and about to oppose the Sun in Gemini early tomorrow morning, at 7:12 am! The Mutable axis of Airy Gemini (communication and interaction) and Fiery Sagittarius (enthusiasm and inspiration) will be highlighted by a Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees 14 minutes in the sign of the Archer. So many thoughts, ideas and directions to go in... what's a sentient being to do?! Perhaps one could quiet the mind in contemplation and patiently await the answers.

   The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 15 degrees of Sag is "The Ground Hog Looking For Its Shadow On Ground Hog Day". Lynda Hill says of this symbol in her book The Sabian Oracle, that "a lot of projection is happening here as the animal is not consciously doing anything."  there is a need to acknowledge our "shadow" and to see how others see us in order to gain clarity. Don't read too much into things as the answer is closer at hand and easier to perceive! Lynda also cautions "Be careful not to rely on the same solutions without consideration of changes."  Think on this symbol and consider its meaning for yourself.

   The Sun's position at 15 Gemini has the following Sabian Symbol: "Two Dutch Children Talking And Studying Their Lessons Together". This symbolizes "the need for clarity and those of like mind to share and communicate spontaneous and creative ideas". The importance here is of sharing with a like-minded friend for "learning valuable lessons of relating and companionship". The caution is "failing to communicate in depth" or "not hearing the words of others to understand how the world works".

   If I understand this polarity correctly, the connecting link is clarity in order to better see oneself and our choices and the key to that understanding is through communication, not just with others but with the divine. I love that the outgoing Sun is situated on the degree that reaches out and the subconscious Moon is at the more reflective degree! Gemini can become overly identified with disseminating and/or receiving information, as in texting and facebooking, and needs to periodically quiet the mind for true understanding, not just superficial chatter. Going to the other end of the spectrum in this polarity for some peaceful contemplation, can provide you with the clarity you seek.  A good exercise might be asking oneself, "how important is it that I stay in constant contact with so-and-so and how often do I do this with myself",  and when you get the answer, set aside some time to be in contact with your own knowingness. You already have the answer, you just need to listen for it!

   Now consider that this is also a Lunar Eclipse and the results of your efforts will likely be seen in three months time, with either a breakthrough or a new challenge/opportunity to tweak your connections, plans with others, etc. for a greater period of insight in early December. I suggest taking advantage of this eclipse energy to connect to divine wisdom and jump-start your goals!

   So, there's a lot of talk about the Venus transit of the Sun on the 5th... why? Because, it's a big deal, that's why! Venus relates to love and beauty and is a receptive planetary energy that seeks harmony, especially in relationships. While Venus is retrograde in Gemini, we have the opportunity to go over our agreements and relationship habits for letting go of the past and moving forward.  A more balanced communication in all aspects of daily life would be wonderful, wouldn't it? Venus is pleading for a return to meaningful dialogue to restore some sort of harmonious discourse in our world, rather than the bickering we hear in the news and between political and religious factions. Venus retrograde lets us change our thoughts from incendiary words into expressions of love and forgiveness.

    I am reminded of something my mother often said, which I didn't get at the time but understand now, and that was "charity begins at home." In other words, if we talk nice to ourselves and those loved ones, family and friends in our daily lives, we are starting a kind of domino effect of people listening and really hearing each other. Then they go out into the world with this attitude of being heard and they can do it for their co-workers and people they interact with every day. A right relationship of self to Self allows us to go within and then to embody the love and harmony we seek. By intentionally radiating these emotions of acceptance and generosity of spirit, we can potentially restore balance and harmony on the earth as we interact with others.

   June 4th is also World Invocation Day when meditating together can help facilitate this restoration. Here is a link to The Great Invocation, a powerful prayer that has been said over and over  to bring more Light and Love to our planet: http://www.lucistrust.org/en/service_activities/the_great_invocation__1

  Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground~

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