"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Solar Eclipse Scorpio New Moon Starts The Cycle Of Rebirth!

   Tuesday, November 13th will bring the next New Moon and it's a doozey! First of all, when the Sun (outer) and Moon (inner) come together in the intense and Fixed Water sign, Scorpio, we can expect deep emotions to surface. These emotions can be hiding wounds, secrets, desires or needs which we fear won't be discussed, acknowledged or met. Scorpio deals with joint and shared resources and our desire natures. What are you willing to give up to be in the relationship(s) that you're in?  The positive side of Scorpio is the ability and tenacity to rebuild and co-create, but it takes brutal honesty and willingness to get there. If both partners are willing and able, a new life can unfold; if not, one may decide to move forward, reclaiming their power.

   The good news is that it is all right! Whatever it took to get you to this point is in the past and you now have the resources to examine, acknowledge and release what's been holding you back. Yes, it takes a lot of determination, stamina and some humble-pie to deal with the ties that bind, and this Scorpio New Moon is the time to plant seeds for your release. The added boost of the Solar Eclipse can bring healing, release and a rebirth anytime over the next six months. I say why wait, bless it and release it now! Please know that I only suggest tools and processes that have worked for me and that I am sharing them here because I know they work.

   First, you have to go into your heart center and sit with the beauty of your own divinity, the spark of life within that is always there to remind you that you are safe and connected at all times to your Higher Self. Then, invite in any of the Higher Selves of anyone you have given your power away to or who has taken it and still has power over you - just their Higher self, not their Ego, nothing to fear here! Hold them in the Light and tell them how you feel and that you forgive them for their part in whatever you felt held you back; forgive yourself while you're at it... no matter how stupid or scared you feel. Tell them you're moving forward and releasing them of any power they, or you, thought they had over you. I don't care if it was mental, emotional or physical, the important thing is is to decide to let it go.

   Just in case anyone reading this is struggling with an actual safety issue in the present, please get help now! There are plenty of resources available when you want to stop struggling. The hardest thing is making the decision to do it because change is scary. But change is inevitable and necessary for you to reclaim your power and move into your brighter future! The current planetary energies support you.

   The double whammy here, just to put the icing on the pity-party, is Mercury Retrograde!! The "Messenger of The Gods" goes so fast most of the time, that he/she needs to slow down in order to process all the information coming in and to deal with all the machinery, cars, etc. that need repair or replacement. It seems that right when you make up your mind to replace that printer or cell phone, it breaks before you've done all your research and you get the most convenient replacement. Well, fingers crossed, let's hope you don't have to get another one during the next Mercury retrograde cycle in about three and a half months. Be patient, do the research and read the fine print!

   Another consideration on Tuesday is Mercury interacting with Neptune, impressionable ruler of the seas. Neptune can enhance spiritual guidance or escapist tendencies, depending on whether you are willing to take the high road or just go with the path of least resistance and escapism. Bringing traits of idealism, intuition, artistic creativity, deceit, compassion, sentimentality or impracticality together with Mercury's own tendencies of adaptability, cleverness and indecision cautions one to examine one's motives and chose wisely which traits will guide you through the stormy seas. It's your choice~

   Remember, navigating by the stars requires keeping one's head in the stars and one's feet on the ground.

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