"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Solar Eclipse New Moon September 1st

   The Virgo New Moon is also, barely, an Annular Eclipse of the Sun, which means that a narrow band of the Sun will be visible beyond the dark mask of the Moon in areas where it can be seen, not North America. To me, this is an opportunity to look beyond what we think our choices are to the little sliver of Light that appears when we emerge from darkness, in order to begin the process of self-healing. Two weeks later, there will be a Lunar Eclipse at the Pisces Full Moon, accentuating our connections with the rest of the world and showing us where we need to allow healing to take place.

   I know that sounds very esoteric to some of you... "what does she mean..."  I can practically hear you acclaim!? Let's start with looking at the Virgo/Pisces polarity: these are Mutable, meaning adaptable or changing, Signs involved in the process of becoming whole, or healing. Virgo is the Earth sign that digests things and breaks them down to be categorized, organized and assimilated. Pisces is the Water sign that cleanses our emotional wounds and allows us to connect and become one. A Solar Eclipse in Virgo shows us what needs to be healed individually and a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces how to flow into wholeness or unity.

   September 1st eclipses the Virgo New Moon, while also creating a cosmic T-Square between the Sun/Moon alignment, Neptune and Saturn. This means that while the powers that be (Saturn) may be trying to force us into choices (Virgo), we really don't have enough clarity to know what is real and what is not (Neptune) in order to make an informed decision. Now, you may think I am referring strictly to politics here, however, that's not the only situation I am referring to. If you can't make up your mind about which path to take, it just means you're not ready to make a clear-cut decision. With an opposition from the New Moon to Neptune, this is the case for many.

   Individually, we need to cleanse any dark corners of doubt, fear, hurt, resentment or any other negative emotions that can hold us back. Each of us has our own work to do and while it may be easier to point the finger at others, that won't help anyone. We need to take responsibility (Saturn) for our own path to wholeness; no one can do that for anyone else! As much as we sometimes want to direct others on their healing path, we can only be there for support or to set an example by becoming whole ourselves.

   The Pisces side of this healing coin, with Neptune's ruler-ship, will be shown more clearly when we are committed to our own process as we move toward the Full Moon on the 16th. For those of you with a lot of Virgo in your birth charts, you may be experiencing too much self-scrutiny or be sick of self-improvement and need to visit the Pisces side of things by getting creative, listening to soothing music, taking a time out by the ocean or retreating from all the activity around you. Anything you can do to quiet the mind chatter will be helpful. However, if that little voice within tells you that you are merely sticking your head in the sand to avoid a necessary change, you need to take steps to clean up your act. You know what you need to do... and this Solar Eclipse can help you take great strides forward!

   Roll up your sleeves and remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.



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