"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Adjusting & Filtering Thoughts and Energy

  For now, this Blog is serving two purposes - as a place to share my thoughts on astrological topics and a weekly forecast of the current celestial weather. Soon I will be letting you know that my website is up, and from there you will be able to access both a Weekly Forecast and my Blog, as well as other topics for your enjoyment and use.

   Looking at this second week of the new year and the increase of  soli-lunar energies, (the build-up from New to Full Moon), we find Sunday's Moon in easy-going and compassionate Pisces harmonizing with the Sun in practical, earthy Capricorn. Pisces is just right for movies, classical music or art and/or baking, so pick your favorite way to spend the evening and enjoy yourself!

  Mercury takes center stage this week as the planet of communication, movement and planning interacts with Uranus and Jupiter before it leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on Thursday. We do need to take time to pause and consider our thoughts before speaking, as words have a way of pouring freely out of our mouths in Sagittarius. A better use of our energy would be to take our ideas and decide how to make them work for us in the future.

 We start off the work-week on Monday under a void-of-course moon until it enters fiery and active Aries at 10:24am. Resolve to start new projects after this time, while aligning what you hope to achieve with career or business energy in a positive, forward-looking direction. Mercury in truth-seeking Sagittarius and Uranus in sensitive Pisces on Monday evening could bring ingenious ideas that you will want to write down. Also under this influence, you'll want to practice strong filtering so you don't blurt out the one thing that could end a friendship.

   Over-indulgence in sharing every thought or trying to act on every new idea is a no-no Tuesday as Mercury squares off with expansive Jupiter; instead, think about how you can affect change for yourself in one area of your life and take a step in that direction. Adding to the need for restraint on Tuesday night, is the Aries Moon pushing against serious Saturn, putting the focus clearly on using your best innovative ideas for the greater good and cautioning you not to get caught up in self-importance. Hard work pays off in the long run!

  The First Quarter Moon early on Wednesday may bring up doubt or frustration about where you're headed. This is a good time to tweak your plans if you feel the need, or to push through and keep on keeping on - in other words, don't get discouraged by the hard work this new phase is taking as the Moon enters practical  Taurus tonight.

  Thursday and Friday find a glut of earth energy as Mercury moves into Capricorn and the Taurus Moon combines with Pluto in this cardinal earth sign. Also, with Mars still in this practical sign, where it thrives on building... ideas, foundations and/or actual structures, get out the graph paper or notebook and make a few notes for actual steps to take going forward. Be pragmatic, work hard and take action to reach your goals over these two days. It will feel easier going with the flow on Friday.

  Expect to be busy Saturday, interacting with co-workers, neighbors or siblings under a Gemini Moon. Everyone wants to talk... go... or do... as energy-driven Mars gets in on the act later in the day when he moves into community-oriented Aquarius. Joint projects benefit from sharing innovative ideas this evening. Mars remains in this cool and airy sign until February 23rd, bringing level heads to the conference table, so long as personal egos take a back seat for the next month and a half and we remember we do not have to act on every idea we have!

As always, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.


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