"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hold Onto Your Hats - It's Going To Get Even Colder & More Blustery!!

 Welcome to the middle of January and a week of change blowing in!  Here are the major things going on in the cosmos that will be affecting us on planet Earth in the days ahead: Mars  just entered Aquarius; The Sun enters Aquarius; there's a Full Moon in Cancer, and Jupiter leaves Pisces for Aries.

  Alright, we'll begin with Mars - besides liking to go first, he did make a big move out of  Capricorn last night, where he felt quite at home, thank you very much... into cold and electric Aquarius. Imagine this: the energetic impulse of action and aggression penetrating the disseminating and awakening energy of the intellect. Now, doesn't that just bring up all kinds of images in your minds' eye?!  That's what is supposed to happen when the planet of action ingresses into the zodiacal sign of groups, communication and detached connections.

   Now, due to Mars' forceful and sometimes, aggressive, nature, there's a caution to watch where you're directing all this energy so you make the connections you want, rather than being too rash and ending up getting the cold shoulder, or even a big shock! If you want to reach out and touch someone, could you do it in more of an exploratory manner, instead of forcefully, remembering that Aquarian energy is all about the intellect and logic. Think about Star Trek... appealing to Spock's reasoning always worked better than trying to browbeat him into action and while he was Mr. Aloof, he usually had the best interests of all involved at the forefront of his actions. So, use this combined energy of action and innovation for brainstorming with others and achieving those aha! moments while Mars is in Aquarius until February 22nd.

  The Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday afternoon reflects our progress this month with the things we chose to begin at the New Moon, back on the 4th, concerning business or career. Expect feelings of contentment to arise if you are happy with your efforts to date. On the other hand, you may find emotions running rampant, especially on the home front, if you haven't been seeing improvements. A nurturing thing to do is have friends or family in for a pot-luck to remind yourself how lucky you are to have the comforts of home; if you are feeling vulnerable be careful to pick people who truly care for you to be around at this time. Also, expressing caring by supporting food shelves, homeless shelters or efforts to feed children is a grand way to work with this Cancerian energy.

  Early on Thursday morning, the Sun moves out of the practical earth sign of Capricorn for it's monthly foray into the fixed air element of Aquarius. While the life-giving vitality of the Sun is strongest in its' own sign of Leo, it is weaker in its' polar opposite sign, Aquarius. Here, the urge to create is expressed through the mind, rather than the warmth of enduring fire and so, we get the coolness of the intellect and the detachment of personal concern being expressed for the good of the group. Don't get me wrong, Aquarians are very caring and great humanitarians who can put personal needs aside and act in the best interests of the whole community.

  You may be thinking of some people you know born under this fixed Air sign who are very independent or even rebellious and wonder at their concern. There seems to be two kinds of Aquarians, those who value the rights of the individual  to express themselves in any purple-haired way they want... or the emotionally detached committee leader who cares about the individual rights of whomever their organization is working for. Both types are necessary to understanding, enlightenment and innovative ways of dealing with old problems. Without new ways of connecting and looking at things, progress would definitely stall before the meeting was called to order! At any rate, we all have Aquarian energy somewhere in our birthcharts, which means we all get to experiment with our individual  talents and gifts for uniqueness when the Sun traverses this area of our horoscope.

  Oh, that reminds me of one of my all-time favorite jokes... please pardon my aside here...! 
Q: "How do you catch a unique rabbit....?"  
A: "You 'neak up on him!!"    OK, I know some of you probably don't appreciate my sense of humor, however, it's a prelude to the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit... and that's a blog for next month!

  Ah yes, back to this coming week... talk about endings - giant Jupiter is leaving watery Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, and entering fiery Aries on Saturday, the 22nd. You may think, 'finally, less issues with water and instability...'  While I have to say there is some merit to that reasoning, when Jupiter's expansiveness is focused on the fire of new creations in the take-charge fashion of Aries, you may long for the sensitivity just experienced in Pisces... especially if egos become unbearably huge and forceful as they try to impress their agenda onto the rest of us. Take the boldness you need to begin new projects while jovial Jupiter fills his bag with new toys until June 4th, but remember, play nice and follow through so you can finish one or two of the projects you start this winter! After all, Saturn is in the opposite sign of Libra and we ought to be learning how to compromise as we bring some balance into our lives through our relationships.

  Remember, keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!

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  1. My 4th house cusp is 29 Pisces so I saw this coming: last week our garage door broke, our computer monitor died, my clothes dryer died and a tile in the shower floor came up. We're buying a new dryer, are looking at new computers (waiting for Aquarius) and have had repairmen come for the garage door and tile. Phew!! Thanks for the great blog, Suzanne!