"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dazed and Confused: A Full Leo Moon, Sun in Pisces & The Neptunian Influence

  I wanted to write this Blog last weekend, but being on the road all last week seeing clients and in Boston for a workshop, then home to a new part-time job, made it tough to find a couple of hours of quiet time to do so. Now I am focusing on two celestial events that will profoundly and subtly affect today and beyond - the Full Moon that occurred early this morning at the last degree of  the zodiac sign Leo and the Sun's entry in Pisces later this evening.

  Sometimes we need to back up to get a proper perspective on why and how we got to where we are in order to understand the way forward. Let's take a quick peek at last night's gregarious Leo Moon in opposition to first Mercury in intellectual Aquarius, then opposing Mars, also in this same fixed Air sign. Both Leo and Aquarius are "fixed" signs; that means they store energy and tend toward stubbornness, not easily releasing their Leonine love or their Aquarian knowledge. I remind you that they are opposite sides of the same coin of loving concern. Fiery Leo happens to express itself dramatically, requiring your adoration, while Airy Aquarius prefers being immersed in the group energy, calling attention to their progressive and far-ranging ideas.

  The dazed and confused part of this entry starts with Mercury, the planet of communication and interaction, and Mars, the action planet, both being on the airy side of the coin last night while the very nearly Full Moon was getting ready to burst it's warm-hearted generosity in a dazzling display of reflected light from the Aquarian Sun! All this took place in the last couple of degrees of these signs, making it even harder to know what to do with recent communication, or lack thereof, and your enthusiasm for where you have chosen to shine your light lately. Maybe Valentine's Day put some focus on your heart this week and you felt warm and fuzzy one minute and insignificant the next. Or that project you just put so much energy into was received warmly by the boss, then seemingly cast aside for that heap of  "more important concerns". What's a sentient being to do...?!

  Today's Full Moon, happening in the wee hours way before dawn, will continue to have a disseminating affect even as the Moon itself has already traveled into Virgo territory. All that pent-up energy waiting to be dispelled calls for strength and wisdom to know when and what to share. Getting some attention from a Venus/Saturn square today, these two feminine energies in mutual reception, (in each others' signs - Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra), press the discerning need for looking at your own resources, emotional and physical, before jumping to conclusions or trying to effect changes that aren't yet happening. That's a mouthful... to be re-read and digested slowly! When I  said feminine energy, I was speaking of the receptive nature of these two planets,  as opposed to the out-going masculine nature of  Mars and Jupiter.

  The Sun's entry in to the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, signals a month ahead of tuning in to our divine nature, the part of us connected to spirit which can be accessed in quiet contemplation or meditation. Pisces is a mutable Water sign, flowing as it does around and between all beings on this planet where water makes up most of our physical structure as well as our home, Mother Earth. Knowing no boundaries, Pisces brings compassion and emotional connection to us. As much as we need to be aware of our "oneness", it can often feel overwhelming if we don't visit the Virgo polarity of this coin to set good boundaries for ourselves and ask in quiet solitude, is this my issue... can I do something about it... and if so, what can I do?

  Mercury and Mars both move into Pisces next week calling for tuning into our higher selves and putting our efforts into compassionate understanding of all being in the same boat so-to-speak. However, the drifting part of Pisces can cause problems if we aren't trying to be clear in setting personal guidelines for ourselves. Definitely tune in to your intuition as opposed to tuning out in escapist behaviors, (ie: too much alcohol or drugs or one novel after another...) especially when it counts for finding your way through the fog. Sometimes in the weeks ahead, you may be tempted to just throw your hands up and retreat in a surrendering fashion - know when you need to do this for clarity or when you're just pulling down the veil of denial or burying your head in the sand.

  We're beginning to learn how to better experience the Neptunian vibration without burning out and in preparation for Neptune's entry into Pisces, it's home territory, on April 4th. Practice listening to yourself and trusting your intuition now while Mercury, the "messenger of the Gods" is making this direct hook-up to the divine. Be careful not to delude your self with messages that are coming from your ego mind or some dis-enchanted entity that came through your meditation because you didn't remember to first set good boundaries around your etheric body. Some poor souls who are already dealing with mental illness or lack guidance may experience greater confusion ahead; only give what you can and remember to keep your own sanity intact. Ask for guidance through prayer and meditation and let go of that which you cannot control.

  PS/ It is a great time to relax on vacation, especially by the ocean, as Pisces rules oceans. Knowing when and how to retreat are the hallmarks of a spiritual warrior! 

  As always, remember to keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground.




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