"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Transitions from Pisces to Aries and the Week... Month... Year... Ahead

  The New Moon in Pisces on Friday had me a bit nostalgic and enjoying some down-time and while I did get  to see my hair stylist and grocery shop during the day, later I met friends  for a bite to eat at the Skunk Hollow Tavern where I got to enjoy listening and dancing to the Willie Edwards Blues Band, the best Blues in Vermont! As someone with a Pisces-ruled third house natally, music, especially the Blues, speaks to me. Check out the area of your life/house in your natal chart, that Pisces rules for some insight into what I'm talking about today.

  From now until the next New Moon in Aries on April 3rd, we are under the influence of Friday's Pisces New Moon. The free-flowing energy of this watery, last sign of the zodiac, connects us with our inner world, our dreams and our intuition. Think of the Pisces people that you know... aren't they sensitive, caring, perhaps a bit unstable in the physical world, helping you adapt to your feelings and be in touch with your emotional
needs? This is the time of year, the ending of winter, for winding down and resting up... so that we can feel a sense of renewal with the coming of spring and the Sun's entry into Aries at the Vernal equinox, on March 20th, the day after the Full Moon. Once the Moon and Sun come together at the Aries New Moon, on April 3rd, we'll barely have time to catch our collective breaths!

  Pisces relates to that dream-like stage just before awakening when what seemed so real on 'coming to' gives way to the harsher reality of day-break. Whether you remember your dreams or not, your subconscious has been busy sending and processing the symbols of your life and connections and is always storing what you need to know, just below the surface. Painting, music, photography and meditation are some of the ways to cross this threshold and push back the veil to be in touch with the unseen and flowing nature of your rich inner life. You are not separate from your divinity and Pisces helps you forge the links you need for wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

  The reason it is so important to understand the flowing, winding-down energy of Pisces and the out-of-the-gate fiery energy of Aries is that there are several transitions happening from this mutable water sign to the cardinal fire of Aries this Spring. Jupiter, cosmic bringer of opportunities that he is, started the ball rolling in late January and is now moving so fast, like a giant snowball, about to pick up Mercury/planet of communications, Uranus/ innovations and the Sun/life-force, pulling them all along into Aries, making this season truly a year for new beginnings. If you've been waiting for something to motivate you, you won't have to wait much longer!

  Social interactions, agreements and mental energy all fall under Mercury's ruler-ship and Mercury is about to leave the nostalgic waters of Pisces this Wednesday, where s/he cruised through at about two degrees a day... fast(!)... to continue streaking ahead in Aries for the rest of March, until turning retrograde on the 31st and doing an about-face... wait a minute, did I miss something...?!... and going back over this recently explored territory, staying in Aries until May 16th! Now that could be a whole lot of second-guessing,  taking back your words, re-negotiating, re-writing of contracts, etc., etc. ...more on Mercury retrograde in a couple of weeks; we'll have plenty of time to reflect on the art of  "opening mouth/inserting foot"...

  After Wednesday, you have an opportunity, while the moon is waxing (building up in strength) and Mercury is in Aries, the sign of beginnings, to speak up and start something new. Whatever you've been waiting for, this will be the time to begin it! Initiate, put it out there or take the first step... what are you waiting for?! Just remember to temper your impulses with a dose of proper restraint so that you don't burn up your bridge behind you - you may need to go back over it when Mercury is retrograde in April!!

  The REALLY BIG news of the week is Uranus's entry into Aries on Friday, where this unconventional planet will remain for the next seven years! Here are some keywords associated with Uranian energy: innovative, electric, revolutionary, surprising, tumultuous, inventive, eclectic and impersonal. Here are some keywords for Aries: enthusiastic, energetic, impulsive, headstrong, self-absorbed, fiery and daring. You can combine any two words from these lists and get a strong indication of the kind of energy we will see expressed when Uranus moves into Aries. The Moon on Friday is in talkative Gemini, so if you miss something, you'll still hear about it later on!! Besides, we'll be living in uncertain times (Uranus in Aries) for quite awhile, so you'll have plenty of opportunity (Jupiter in Aries) between now and June 4th to see how this affects you and how you chose to respond.

  Please remember... all of the Arian and Uranian energy is fast, sudden and potentially volatile, especially when combined. So, while you may be getting the kind of boost you need to jump-start a project or new beginning for yourself, so are a lot of other people. This is when you have to recall the Piscean understanding that we are all connected and while we have the right to express ourselves as individuals, there needs to be sensitivity for our fellow wo/man.

  We are in the adjusting phase of awakening to the light of a new day and we need to get up gently, aligning ourselves on all levels of mind, body and spirit. Just as the dream-world seems real, so too does this dimension we call "reality". Be gentle with yourself and others and take time out to tune into your inner life in order to maintain the equilibrium needed to go through these uncertain times. I appreciate this opportunity to share with you and want you to know how important each and every one of you is to me on this journey.

  Remember... keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground!




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