"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Gustav Jung

Monday, August 8, 2011

Behind The Eight-ball... Temperatures Rising... Looking For A Break...!?

  Hello again - I have to tell you that before Mercury went retrograde on the second, I had already experienced a couple of communication snafus and mechanical breakdowns as well as finding little to no time to write down my thoughts on the upcoming transits, Leo New Moon or Mercury retrograde. Sooo, now that Mercury IS backtracking and just in time for he/she to re-enter Leo, I'm getting this Blog written!

  A little reminder about Mercury retrograde: Mercury is the energetic "messenger of the gods" bringing communication from on-high, out there, whatever you choose to think of as the source of information. The ability to reason, be logical and gather information is from Mercury. How things fit together and how we interpret communication is also a Mercury function, therefore, when this 'first rock from the Sun' appears to be moving backwards, from our perspective on the 'third rock from the Sun', it is common to have misunderstandings and misinterpretations with others. Mercury retrograde periods occur three or four times a year and allow our brains to slow down and take a second look for re-examination, re-search, or re-view.

As Mercury is re-tracing its' steps and just now re-entering Leo, the fun-loving fiery sign of summer, it also opposes Neptune, symbolizing creativity, spiritual impressions and escapist tendencies. When communication (Mercury) and nebulousness (Neptune) are in direct opposition to one another, thoughts and words can become very alluring or really confusing! I suggest sitting down in meditation today and getting in touch with your inner knowing-ness. The insights you gain could be very valuable, especially as they relate to your associations with others and how engaging or stubborn you can be when it comes to interacting for a common purpose. Remember that you are looking for insight and don't allow yourself to become locked into any one way because you may have to change your mind in early September when Mercury has already been direct for awhile and moved back into Virgo. Virgo is the sign of exquisite detection and you'll know your answer by then!

  The work week starts with a buoyant Sagittarian moon, in effect until Tuesday at 4:25p.m. Seeing the bigger picture and staying optimistic is easier under this adaptable Fire sign. This week is the lead-up to the Full Moon so some things have to be begun or decided, even if it is preliminary and involves a fact-finding committee who agree to put off the BIGGER decisions until early September. Try to keep your spirits up the rest of the week as the cosmos is about to serve up some walloping doses of  "how's that working for you now"?!

  On Tuesday, aggressive Mars squares off with unstable Uranus. This energy has been in effect for several days already so you may have some hint of where things feel like they are about to erupt as this becomes exact at 12:34p.m. Do your level best to avoid angry, violent people and situations, including driving too fast or working with potentially explosive materials, sharp knives and/or electric devices. If you are feeling like you need to blow off some steam, try going to the beach and screaming into the wind, or stand in an empty field like a scarecrow suddenly come to life and swing your arms around yelling whatever wants to come out!  BTW... I would not be surprised if Mt. Etna or any other active volcano blew their top between now and the Full Moon on Saturday.

  The Capricorn Moon comes in to take care of business for a mere 24 hours - between 4:38pm Tuesday and 4:34pm Wednesday, and oh, the things that need to be dealt with... One problem may be that whomever is in charge is not able to handle everything and meets "beaucoup" resistance on Wednesday. The best thing I can think of to say is remember what's important to you and don't compromise your values or be pressed into hasty action by outside pressures, which you can be sure there will be plenty of this week! If you're the boss, try not to issue edicts or serve up ultimatums, unless you're ready to work alone. This is not the time for button-pushing!

  That impulsive planet Mars, pushing his way through watery Cancer, representing home and emotional well-being, jumps into action again on Thursday as he opposes transformational Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, ruling big business and government. Pluto is so far out in the solar system and has such an unusual orbit around the Sun, it's like a visitor from another galaxy whose intentions are to eliminate the old decaying structures so new growth can occur; the energy is always a process of disintegration, death and rebirth. Pluto is said to be the "higher octave" of Mars and I think that when these two planetary energies engage each other it's like the fiesty little kid on the playground standing up to the bully, knowing full-well he'll probably get his ass kicked but if he doesn't stand up to this threat nothing changes. Guess who throws the first punch?! We have already seen an example of this energy pattern in No. London in the last couple of days as the aspect becomes exact.

  I'd like to think that Friday's Aquarius Moon brings a more reasonable approach to events of the past week and gives people new insight into how to break through old issues. Aquarian symbolism is inventive, intellectual and humanitarian, often best expressing itself through groups, rather than personally. When the Moon moves through this freedom-loving territory, individual rights and innovative ideas get the green light. The Full Moon on Saturday is in this Fixed Air sign of the zodiac, highlighting awareness and what is in the  the best interest of the community. How well we have done letting our little lights shine since the Leo New Moon on July 30th, will be reflected during this Full Moon. Look to read or hear about innovative ways of dealing with collective issues or new technologies that benefit communication at the week's end.

  While you're keeping an open mind, remember to also keep your head in the stars and your feet on the ground1


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  1. Suzanne, you are amazing. Your writing is so helpful and easy to understand. We are beginning a negotiation for a house sale tomorrow--a FSBO no less. I know it's going to be dicey but we'll try to be smart about it and not hasty. Wish us luck!